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Map of Montana | Montana Outline, Counties, Cities and Road Map







Montana is a perfect getaway from your usual city life. It is the ideal place for people who like controlled and curated nature. 

Regardless of the time of the year of your visit, you will get to enjoy the best of outdoor sports with their festivals and planned activities, great food and equally good indoors activities comprising a great mixture of architecture, innovative themes and museums displaying local history.

Is Montana an open carry state?

Gun laws in the US have always been a hot topic with some states being in the spotlight for allowing it while other states greatly oppose it. 

Montana is one of the few states that allow open carry. Open carry refers to the citizens being able to carry a firearm openly in public. 

This culture has emerged from the past practice of their ancestors in which carrying a gun was considered to be normal. 

Other than that, several of these states became independent after wars which resulted in firearms becoming really common. It might not be as common anymore but do not get alarmed. It is completely normal here!

Why is Montana called the Treasure State and the Big Sky State?

Montana is quite famous for everything that nature has gifted to this state. It is enriched with several mineral reserves in abundance. 

Montana’s state motto is Oro y Plata which means gold and silver referring to the large amounts of gold and silver that the mountains in Montana have yielded after being discovered in the mid-1800s.

As for the big sky state, Montana obtained that name not too long ago in 1962. The name originated from a book by Alfred Bertram Jr. and later he gave the Highway Department the permission to use the title. 

It refers to the unobstructed skyline which with the mountainous landscape further overwhelms it into a beautiful, unique scenery.

What is Montana state named after?

Since Montana is famous for its treasure yielding mountains that are enriched with precious minerals, the word Montana is derived from a Spanish word, montaña which means Mountain and the word ended up meaning mountainous country. 

At first, Montana was known as Montaña del Norte by Spanish explorers. Later the state’s name was often criticized upon for not really having a great meaning and suggesting a Native American name instead of a Spanish one but eventually, Montana was finalized by the Committee on Territories.

Montana Flag 

Montana Flag
Montana Flag

Back in 1898, Montana remained a state with no flag but the Ninth Legislative Assembly of Montana in 1905 voted in favor of adopting a flag with a blue field consisting of the Great Seal of the State of Montana. 

The design of the flag was initiated by Colonel Kessler during the war against Spain. The flag that was adopted in 1905 went through two minor text additions and font changes in 1981 and 1985. According to NAVA, Montana’s flag is ranked third when it comes to the worst state flags.

Colors and Meaning of Flag of Montana

The design of the flag is probably nothing that you have not seen before. It is a blue field with the Great Seal in the middle consisting of a ribbon at the bottom with Montana’s motto, a pick, a shovel and a plow right over it symbolizing the common mining and farming occupations that have been a vital part of Montana’s history as well. 

The rest of the seal contains a sunrise shining over snowy mountains, the Missouri river, hills, trees and cliffs representing the nature that Montana is blessed with.

Population of Montana

Despite the large area, Montana’s population is surprisingly low with only a million people. 

The state has comparatively a bigger number of Native American residents. Other than them, German, Hutterites from Switzerland, Chinese and Hispanic people are also common residents of Montana.

Languages spoken in Montana 

English is commonly spoken in the entire State but other than that, there are some other languages that you might find someone people speak every now and then if not commonly. Here are some of the languages spoken by smaller percentage of people:

  • Spanish
  • Assiniboine
  • Blackfoot
  • Cheyenne
  • Crow
  • French
  • Scandinavian languages
  • Pacific Islander languages

Interesting Facts About Montana

  • Butte is known as the richest hill in the world for the riches that have been mined through the hill.
  • Their population in terms of people might be low but when it comes to grizzly bears, Montana has the crown which is why Montana’s state animal is also a grizzly bear.
  • Jeanette Rankin, a Montana native was the first woman elected in Congress. She was the only one that opposed the attack on Pearl Harbor and she was greatly criticized for that. 
  • Moose was once believed to be extinct but Montana is home to several thousands of them.
  • Are you a huge Jurassic Park fan? Montana might just be the place for you, having the world’s largest collection of dinosaur fossils.

Best Places to Visit in Montana

Montana is the ideal place for people that love experiencing well-preserved nature with a good balance of the cities. Here are a few places that you must visit on your trip to Montana:

  • Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument – This is one of the most important historical landmarks of US history. The place has a museum, a cemetery, a visitor center and it acknowledges the native Indians who lost their lives for the cause. 
  • Museum of Rocks – You cannot complete your trip to Montana without visiting one of the most famous places in the US. The place contains the world’s biggest Tyrannosaurus skull and several other realistically crafted models and eggs of dinosaurs. 
  • Gates of the Mountains Wilderness – With 28,000 acres to explore, this place is ideal for adrenaline junkies who love a good hike.


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