Interesting things to know about the United States (USA)

The United States of America is a huge country that is widely spread. It consists of a total of 50 states along with a federal district and a total of five self-governing territories.mountain ranges.

Population of The United States of America

The estimated population residing in the country is around 328 million which makes the United States the third most populated country in the world. The capital of the United States is Washington D.C while the most populated city is New York.

The total area that the country comprises is approximately 3.8 million square miles and this makes it the fourth-largest country in the world where the largest is Russia and the second largest being Canada.

The small stars are approximately 50 in number and they are five-pointed stars that are arranged in nine horizontal rows. These fifty stars that are in the blue rectangle represent the 50 states of the United States

the flag of the country can not be embroidered or imprinted on any such item that has to be discarded after temporary use. Such items can be cushions, curtains or napkins that are used temporarily.

Wildlife in USA

Just like the landscape, the wildlife in the country is also very diverse and varied. Some of the common animals that were found roaming freely in the plains were buffaloes however, now they can only be found in some of the protected areas.

The national animal of the United States of America is the bald eagle which is a protected species today.

One of the exciting places to visit in the United States of America is the Bryce canyon national park which is located in Utah. This place is known for the hoodoos in the area that stand like an army.

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