Interesting things to know about Vermont

Interesting things to know about Vermont

Vermont is somewhat of a hidden gem.

Its stunning countryside, clean air, and friendly neighborhoods are all hallmarks of this underrated location.

Vermont has the lowest crime rate in the country

Vermont is also renowned for its production of maple syrup. Producing half a million gallons a year, it has established pole position as America’s top producer of the sweet condiment.

President Calvin Coolidge, who was office between 1923 and 1929, is perhaps Vermont’s most famous resident.

The current flag of Vermont was introduced in 1923 and features the state’s coat of arms in front of an azure blue backdrop.

Burlington, Vermont is rich in culture, food, and sightseeing attractions.

Montpelier, on the other hand, is rich with beautiful scenery and historic tourist attractions

Lake Champlain is a serene freshwater lake that is perfect for a day in the hot sunshine.