Map of Vermont and Flag | Vermont Outline, Counties, Cities and Road Map

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Map of Vermont and Flag | Vermont Outline, Counties, Cities and Road Map







Thinking of a trip to Vermont?

Whilst not nearly as famous as its contemporaries like California and the nearby New York, Vermont is somewhat of a hidden gem.

Its stunning countryside, clean air, and friendly neighborhoods are all hallmarks of this underrated location.

Where is Vermont? 

Vermont is nestled between New York State and New Hampshire in the north-east of the United States.

Covering an area of 24,957km, Vermont is a lot larger than a lot who are unfamiliar with the region may think. Despite its impressive size, Vermont is one of the least-populated states in the country due to its vast countryside and abundance of freshwater lakes.

Burlington is, by far, the state’s largest city. With a population of over 42,000, Burlington is a bustling, vibrant city rich in culture and identity. Despite Burlington’s fame and prominence, Montpelier is the state’s capital – the least populated capital in the country.

Is Vermont a Good Place to Live?

That is somewhat of a subjective question as there are several factors that influence someone’s personal taste. However, there are a host of objective benefits that Vermont has going for it which all contribute to its desirability.

For example. Vermont has the lowest crime rate in the country with just 118 incidents of violent crime per 100,000 people. This is ideal for families who may be looking for a more tranquil location to raise a household in.

The state of Vermont is rich in stunning countryside that is often depicted in films, TV shows, novels, postcards, and artwork. The flowing green fields and trees of ever-changing color will make you fall in love with the area and will make you wonder if you can ever go back to crowded city life.

If you’re fed up with traffic, Vermont is ideal. The reduced population and absence of a major metropolis will make your journey home so much quicker. It also contributes to Vermont’s clean air which will do wonders for your physical and mental health.

The state also boasts a high employment rate and a healthy economy. This is another reason why Vermont is perfect for up-and-coming families and young professionals.

What Are the Cons of Living in Vermont?

No area of the world is perfect and Vermont is no exception.

For one, the weather is relatively poor and is almost on-par with the United Kingdom with temperatures, rainfall, and lack of sunshine. If you’re expecting California-style weather, you’re going to be disappointed.

Another major drawback facing Vermont residents is the high taxes and property value. Being such a sought-after area, residents have to pay a premium on their homes. If you’re struggling to make ends meet, then Vermont may not be the most suitable option.

What is Vermont Famous For?

One of Vermont’s most enduring icons is Samuel D. Champlain, a French explorer who lived in the 17th-century.

In 1647, Champlain drew a map of the United States and gave the state of Vermont its name, which means ‘green mountain’. Champlain is also the namesake of Lake Champlain, and had a famous encounter when he was there.

The alleged serpent beast who lives in Lake Champlain is known simply as ‘Champ’. The fable is considered to be America’s equivalent of Scotlands’ Loch Ness Monster and brings a surplus of tourists to the lake due to its fame and notoriety.

Vermont is also renowned for its production of maple syrup. Producing half a million gallons a year, it has established pole position as America’s top producer of the sweet condiment.

President Calvin Coolidge, who was office between 1923 and 1929, is perhaps Vermont’s most famous resident. The 21st President, Chester A. Arthur, was also born in Vermont. Other notable residents include Mormonism founder Joseph Smith and pop singer, JoJo.

Vermont Flag Facts

The current flag of Vermont was introduced in 1923 and features the state’s coat of arms in front of an azure blue backdrop.

The coat of arms features the iconic scenery Vermont is known for along with a banner reading ”freedom and unity.” The cow that is depicted represents the state’s long association with the dairy industry and the pine tree in the center represents the lush, flowing countryside.

What is the Best City to Live in Vermont?

That’s probably a toss-up between Burlington and the state capital, Montpelier.

Burlington is rich in culture, food, and sightseeing attractions. Church Street is a famous haven for unique shops, restaurants and cafes and is situated right in front of Burlington bay.

Montpelier, on the other hand, is rich with beautiful scenery and historic tourist attractions such as the Vermont State House, Hubbard Park, and the Vermont Historical Society Museum. Both cities have their respective qualities and deciding which one is best is really a matter of personal opinion.

Woodstock is another one of Vermont’s beautiful towns. With a population of just 2,900, it is ideal for those who dream of escaping the claustrophobia of major towns and cities. Its stunning landscapes are truly postcard-worthy, and Woodstock often serves as the location of the iconic photographs taken of the state’s rural beauty.

What are the Best Places to Visit in Vermont?

Lake Champlain is a serene freshwater lake that is perfect for a day in the hot sunshine. People often flock from around nearby states to spend a day sunbathing, fishing, and even swimming in the cleaner areas. There is also an abundance of fresh seafood available in the vicinity.

The aforementioned cities of Burlingon, Montpelier, and Woodstock are also wonderful places to visit, too, as they all offer different things and bring different qualities to the state’s already rich tapestry.

Stowe is another are of Vermont that perfectly encapsulates the white-topped churches, rolling hills, and gushing lakes that it is so well known for. It has become somewhat of a Mecca for skiing enthusiasts over the years and boasts an array of art galleries, shops, cafes, and rustic hostels.

Vermont is a state booming with beauty and idyllic riches. If you’re set having your next vacation there, you certainly won’t regret it.


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