Things to  do in Indianapolis with Kids

All of these locations have amazing family-friendly entertainment that you can enjoy in the warm summer air or the cool wintery breeze, and there are several great indoor options to beat the heat.

The rest of this story will dive into each of these items to discuss why they’re a perfect fit for your weekend adventure.

The canal also offers access to shopping districts and restaurants galore along the walk, offering plenty of midday activities and novelties that are fun for the whole family.

Central Canal

This scenic location not only boasts world-class experiences for guests, but it’s outfitted with trails and waterways for your family to explore.

White River State Park

Kids will enjoy having a close-up encounter with live dolphins, and the zoo plays host to a plethora of animals―elephants, orangutans, tigers, and giraffes― you name it.

Indianapolis Zoo

Give your kids hands-on experiences in a real naturalist’s lab, explore the ancient ocean gallery, and marvel at the detailed natural dioramas of the Indiana landscape.

Indiana State Museum

Offering a hectic and wonderful splash park experience, Freedom Springs Aquatic Park is a great place to take your kids for some family fun.

Freedom Springs Aquatic Park

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