What is Indiana Known for?

Its capital city is Indianapolis, located centrally in the seat of Marion County

A population of nearly one million makes it the fifteenth-most populous city in the United States (and a very underrated city to visit).

Indiana Dunes is one of the most popular natural attractions in the state.

Indiana Dunes

If you’re looking for luxury in Indiana, head to the French Lick Springs Hotels.

French Lick

There’s more to Brown County than its secluded paths and panoramic views.

Brown County’s Scenery 

It's also a great place to shop at boutiques and get the latest artsy finds.

Brown County’s Scenery 

Indiana is proud of its Amish heritage and has many different sites in LaGrange and Elkhart counties that give a flavour of Amish life.

Amish Country

This museum opened its doors in 1941 and houses an impressive 40,000 items in its collection.

Eskenazi Museum of Art