What is Texas known for?

Texas, or the Lone Star State as it’s commonly referred to, is one of the Southern states within the U.S.

Six different nations have laid claim to Texas at one point or another; if you’ve ever heard the slogan “six flags over Texas” before, this is what it’s  referring to.

Texas is the origin of several well-known food-related items. The classic frozen margarita was invented by a Texan in 1971.

Other things that come from Texas are the word “maverick”, meaning an unorthodox or free-thinking person.

What else is interesting about Texas? How about the fact that with an area of almost 269,000 square miles, it’s larger than literally every country in Europe (except Russia).

The road with the fastest speed limit in all of the U.S. is in Texas.

The state is also home to the largest bat colony in North America

You can probably guess that English is the most commonly spoken language in the state, and you probably won't be surprised to learn that Spanish is the second most common language. But did you know that Vietnamese is the third?

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