What is Washington State Known for?

Washington State is home to fantastic scenery, tons of history, and an abundance of other things that make it a must-visit focal point on the US map.

Washington is located in the Northwest region in America. South of Washington is the state of Oregon and Idaho is to the East.

Washington is the only state in the US with a temperate rainforest.

Hells Canyon is shared by Washington, Oregon, and Idaho and is the deepest canyon in the US, dropping down to 8,000 feet.

Washington has the most glaciers out of any state in the US, with more than 3000 accounted for to date.

The Capital of Washington is Olympia, and it is located about 60 miles SouthWest from the city of Seattle which is home to around 60% of the residents of the entire state.

For all the history buffs out there, Vancouver is located in the southern region of Washington and is home to the Fort Vancouver National Historic Site, where education becomes entertaining as you learn about the past.

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