Where is Washington, WA Located? Where is Washington on a US map?

Tacoma, Washington, USA skyline at night.
Tacoma, Washington, USA skyline at night.





Washington State is home to fantastic scenery, tons of history, and an abundance of other things that make it a must-visit focal point on the US map.

However, some may not know where it is located, making it a little challenging to get there. So, where is Washington?

Washington is located in the top left-hand corner of the U.S. It’s beaches meet the Pacific Ocean while the North shares an international border with Canada. 

The location of Washington is one of the biggest reasons there are so many amazing things to see, do, and learn about this state.

For more information on Washington, and some detailed directions, continue reading this article.

Where is Washington Located?

Where is Washington, WA Located - US Map showing Washington State and nearby states
Where is Washington, WA Located – US Map showing Washington State and nearby states

Washington is located in the Northwest region in America. South of Washington is the state of Oregon and Idaho is to the East.

Directly West of Washington in the Pacific Ocean, where the beautiful beaches connect perfectly to the sandy shores. 

If you were to travel North of Washington, you would end up crossing into a whole new country, with Canada sitting right at the international border.

What is the Capital of Washington?

The Capital of Washington is Olympia, and it is located about 60 miles SouthWest from the city of Seattle which is home to around 60% of the residents of the entire state.

The coordinates for Olympia are 47°2′33″N 122°53′35″W / 47.04250°N 122.89306°W (47.042418, −122.893077).

Olympia is a port-city, as it connects directly to the Pacific Ocean and is located in the West Central portion of the state.

Where is Washington on a US map?

Where is Washington on a US map
Where is Washington on a US map

If you are trying to find the state of Washington on a US map, you can easily spot it in the top left-hand corner of the US. 

It is the first state in a long line bordering Canada and directly below Vancouver.

On the US map, you can see where the top left-hand corner of Washington looks like it has broken off, and Vancouver Island is slowly moving in.

If you are interested in the detailed information regarding the location of Washington state, you can find it with its specific coordinates of 47.751076 latitudes and -120.740135 longitude. 

Or, you can stick it into your GPS with GPS coordinates of 47° 45’ 3.8736” N and 120° 44’ 24.4860” W.

Great Places to Visit In Washington State

While Olympia is a beautiful place to see, it isn’t the only attraction to visit in this great state. Actually, Washington is full of fantastic locations that should be on everyone’s lists of places to see someday. 

Here are a few places you should consider visiting if you are planning a trip to Washington.

1. Olympic National Park

The Olympic National Park runs along the Pacific Coast and through the Alpines, with rainforests to the West and dry forests to the East, giving visitors a chance to engage with diverse wilderness, beautiful natural scenery, and the chance at an adventure of a lifetime.

2. Puget Sound

If you enjoy spending time on the water, Puget Sound would be the ideal spot for you.

Here you will discover inlets and islands that provide tons of opportunities for sight-seeing, kayaking, and island hopping experiences that will make memories to last a lifetime.

3. Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument

Everyone should take the time to visit the Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument at least once in their lifetime.

This unique volcano has so much history and science surrounding it you can be drawn in for days.

What makes this volcano so astonishing is that when it blew in 1980, it exploded outwards instead of upwards.

This destroyed a huge chunk at the top of the volcano and became the deadliest eruption in the US.

4. Vancouver

For all the history buffs out there, Vancouver is located in the southern region of Washington and is home to the Fort Vancouver National Historic Site, where education becomes entertaining as you learn about the past.

5. Washington State Capitol Building

We couldn’t leave out the quiet and quaint state capitol building.

This beautiful dome-shaped building is located in the center of town, making it very hard to miss.

For anyone interested, free tours are offered often.

You can go inside the building and learn about the structure, statues, and other interesting facts about the location.

Interesting Facts about Washington State

Now that you have located the state of Washington let us discuss some of the most interesting facts that make this state stand out from the rest.

Volcano Haven: Washington has ten volcanoes lining the state, one being Mount St. Helen.

Island Overload: The Washington State Ferry is one of the only routes to San Juan Island, which is made up of 450 Islands visible at low tide.

Rain Forests solo: Washington is the only state in the US with a temperate rainforest.

Deepest Darkest Canyons: Hells Canyon is shared by Washington, Oregon, and Idaho and is the deepest canyon in the US, dropping down to 8,000 feet.

Glaciers Glaciers Glaciers: Washington has the most glaciers out of any state in the US, with more than 3000 accounted for to date.

Presidential connections: Washington is the only state to be named after a president. President George Washington.

The state bug: The Green Darner Dragonfly is the Washington state insect.

Popular Place to Live: Washington state is home to around 5.9 million residents.

Trailing behind: On Nov, 11th 1889, Washington was the 42nd state added in the United States.

Sideways explosions: Oddly enough,  In 1980, Mount St. Helens exploded outward instead of upward and destroyed a large chunk of the top of the volcano. 

Summing Things Up

Washington State is located in one of the most amazing areas globally, giving it the ability to have so many diverse ecosystems, land formations, and fantastic attractions for people to visit.

It is easy to locate on a map in the corner of the Pacific Ocean and the Canadian Border.

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