What are the Best Georgia Beaches for Families?

A view of the old fishing pier on St Simons Island, Georgia
A view of the old fishing pier on St Simons Island, Georgia

Breathtaking beaches, delicious food⁠, thrilling events—Georgia’s shores have it all! The Peach State’s blend of scenic beauty and southern hospitality makes it the perfect place for family beach vacations. The only question is: where should you plan to visit first?

Here are our picks for the absolute best Georgia beaches for families:

  1. Lake Lanier
  2. Tybee Island
  3. Cumberland Island National Seashore
  4. St. Simons Island
  5. Lake Rabun Recreational Area
  6. Jekyll Island
  7. Lake Acworth Beach at Cauble Park

Below, this article explores what makes these beaches great for all ages. That way, you can ensure everyone in your family has a blast on your next trip.

Lake Lanier

Aerial view water sports and boating in Lake Lanier
Aerial view water sports and boating in Lake Lanier

Who said beaches have to be on the ocean? Because Georgia’s Lake Lanier gives even the prettiest seaside shores a run for their money. Located just northeast of Atlanta, this beautiful beach is a popular retreat from the city’s bustle. 

The lake’s shore offers plenty of thrilling recreational activities, such as jet skis and volleyball courts. Not to mention Lanier Island Water Park, which features a massive wave pool that kids love.

Visitors can choose to stay at Lake Lanier Resort, which spans several small islands. Or camp at one of several excellent campgrounds. Either way, you’ll have easy access to the water and breathtaking views.

And the fun doesn’t stop in winter! 

Lake Lanier’s Margaritaville has thrilling attractions that open during the colder months. Your family can ice skate, snow tube, or even enjoy a ride on the Ferris wheel.

Tybee Island

Tybee Island Pier Aerial
Tybee Island Pier Aerial

Tybee Island is perfect if you want a tranquil beach vacation that your family will never forget.

This quaint shoreline provides an excellent escape from life’s worries. It features several scenic beaches that rarely get too crowded. Plus, the mellow atmosphere makes it easy to kick back and relax.

History lovers will adore Tybee Island Light Station, the tallest and oldest lighthouse in Georgia. Visitors can climb 145 feet to the top for a breathtaking panoramic vista. And there’s also an intriguing museum you could spend hours in afterward.

Want to spend a night in the town? If so, the excitement of Savannah is only a short drive away. 

The city holds memorable family-friendly attractions such as the Children’s Museum—a fun-filled adventure park featuring everything from arts ; crafts to a giant maze.

Cumberland Island National Seashore

Aerial of coast at Cumberland Island National Seashore, Georgia.
Aerial of coast at Cumberland Island National Seashore, Georgia.

Cumberland Island is the ultimate destination for a family that loves the outdoors.

Found near the Florida-Georgia border, this island is famous for pristine and undeveloped beaches. The National Park Service runs it and goes to great lengths to preserve the shore’s natural beauty.

Camping is the way to go on Cumberland Island. The tent sites are well-kept and secluded in lush nature. Plus, they have all the amenities you need, such as drinking water and showers.

Cumberland Island’s beaches are perfect for soaking up the sun and enjoying the sea breeze. While you lay on the sand, you might get lucky and see a herd of majestic wild horses.

The island is only accessible via ferry. So if your kids have never ridden on one, it’s a great way to kick off your vacation adventure! 

St. Simons Island

A view of the old fishing pier on St Simons Island, Georgia
A view of the old fishing pier on St Simons Island, Georgia

Looking for unspoiled beaches and fun-filled family adventures? Then look no further than St. Simons Island. With everything from historic landmarks to a cruise ship casino, this destination has something for everyone.

St. Simons is part of Georgia’s Golden Isles—renowned for their dazzling maritime forests and lovely weather. It’s also known as a hub for outdoor activities, such as fishing and bird watching. 

If your family is interested in American history, St. Simons Island is a must-see. The region is known as the Land of Five Flags due to how many times it changed hands between empires. And as such, there are numerous landmarks and museums to explore.

The island also offers serene golf courses surrounded by nature. Not to mention mouth-watering restaurants that have waterfront views perfect for family selfies.

Lake Rabun Recreational Area

Lake Rabun in North Georgia, USA
Lake Rabun in North Georgia, USA

You might not expect to find a beach in the mountains of northern Georgia. However, Lake Rabun is a thrill-filled getaway that your family won’t soon forget.

With 25 miles of scenic shoreline, Lake Rabun offers tons of fun in the sun. You can go water skiing or kayaking across the beautiful waters. And afterward, grill up burgers and enjoy some family time at a picnic table.

There are hikes to the nearby Minnehaha and Angel Falls for the adventurous. Not to mention plenty of other trails scattered around the lake waiting to be found.

The clear and cool waters are reinvigorating, especially on hot summer days. And the pristine sand along the shore is perfect for soaking up the sun.

If you don’t want to camp, you could also stay at the nearby Lake Rabun Hotel ; Restaurant. It features waterfront dining and delightfully rustic aesthetics.

Jekyll Island

Aerial view sunset beach in Jekyll Island
Aerial view sunset beach in Jekyll Island

Jekyll Island is one of Georgia’s renowned Golden Isles. The beaches alone are spectacular, but this island also holds thrilling attractions for the whole family.

The real show–stopper is the Georgia Sea Turtle Center, a turtle rehabilitation center open to the public. Children and animal lovers will remember seeing these majestic creatures up close for years to come. And there’s also a gift shop full of cute plushies and educational books.

But that’s far from all this Golden Isle has to offer!

Jekyll Island’s most beloved stretch of sand is Driftwood Beach. As the name implies, this picturesque shoreline is famous for its striking and dramatic driftwood trees. It’s the perfect place to capture family photos and watch the sunset.

Lake Acworth Beach at Cauble Park

Lake Acworth Beach at Cauble Park
Lake Acworth Beach at Cauble Park

Lake Acworth offers an unforgettable blend of relaxation and recreation. 

Around the gorgeous waters, families can find picnic tables, playgrounds, and a serene boardwalk. You can also rent a gazebo, pavilions, or even a beach house on the lake’s shore. 

Lake Acworth offers several excellent fishing spots along the beach. Since motorized boats aren’t allowed on the water, it’s the perfect place to cast your line in peace. Not to mention you could kayak without worrying about the wake of speedboats.

The town of Acworth holds plenty of shopping and delectable food for the family. And the nearby Red Top Mountain State Park offers rustic cabins perfect for bonding with the family. 

Considering everything it offers, Lake Acworth is undoubtedly one of the best Georgia beaches for families.

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