Map of Georgia State and Flag | Georgia Outline, Road, Cities and Counties Map

Illustrated map of Georgia, USA. Travel and attractions
Illustrated map of Georgia, USA. Travel and attractions

Map of Georgia State and Flag | Georgia Outline, Road, Cities and Counties Map


The state of Georgia is waiting eagerly for your presence. From breathtaking views in the mountains of North Georgia to untouched beaches on the shore. You can also replicate your favorite moments from movies and TV shows shot in Georgia. There’s plenty to do and see in Georgia and it should be high up on your priority list. 

What are the 5 major cities in Georgia? 

  • Atalanta, Population 488,800
  • Augusta-Richmond County, Population 201,852
  • Columbus, Population 195,739
  • Macon-Bibb County, Population 153,200
  • Savannah, Population 145,403


What are the 5 major counties in Georgia? 

  • Fulton County, Population 1,036,200
  • Gwinnett County, Population 915,046
  • Cobb County, Population 751,218
  • DeKalb County, Population 749,323
  • Chatham County, Population 288,496


Why is Georgia called the peach state?

There are approximately seventy-one streets in Georgia that are named after peaches but ironically the state doesn’t even harvest the most peaches in North America. So, one must ask why Georgia is called the peach state? Well, the story originates from about 450 years ago when the first peach was imported from India into the United States. When the plantation of Peach began, the land of Georgia proved highly fertile and led to the introduction of a new strain of peaches. Hence, Georgia became the Peach State.

When did Georgia become a royal colony?

Royal Georgia refers to the time between the removal of Georgia’s Trustee Governance and the declaration of independence of the colony at the outbreak of the American Revolution (1775-83). The province was governed by the King of England in principle during that period, but in practice by a member of his cabinet known at different times as Secretary of State for the Southern Department and Secretary for America

What is Georgia’s State bird?

The brown-thrasher (Toxostoma rufum) was established as the official state bird in 1935. It was officially recognized as the state bird by the Georgian legislature in 1970. A huge bird (almost a foot in length) with a long, angled bill and a very long tail is the brown thrasher. It has two prominent white wing bars, the top side of it features a rich brown hue, and the creamy white breast is deeply streaked with brown.

Georgia State Flag

Georgia State Flag
Georgia State Flag

In 1861, a flag which had a white star in the center of a blue field was flown in Georgia. But the first official flag was recognized in October of 1879. It looked eerily similar to the Confederate flag and had three equal red, white and red horizontal stripes in order. Instead of a canton it had a vertical blue line along the winch. That design was in use until 1905, then the state seal was added. The pattern of this flag, with its three-broad red-white-red stripes and a blue canton, recalls the Confederate Stars and Bars. 

In the canton, the state coat of arms (from the seal) and the motto “In God we trust” written below it in yellow, and these are surrounded by a circle of 13 white stars, symbolizing the position of Georgia as one of the original 13 states of the United States.

Georgia State Flag Meaning

There are different features of the Georgian flag and each feature has its own meaning. The overall design represents the values and the laws of the state. The coat of arms has an arch that represents the constitution. The pillars represent the three branches of the Government. The emblem has the motto of the state “Wisdom, Justice and Moderation”. The thirteen stars in the flag are a recognition to Georgia being one of the original thirteen colonies of the United States of America. 

Georgia State Population

The total population of the state of Georgia is approximately 10,617,423 people. Of this total population 60.2% are white alone, 32.6% are Black or African American alone, while the remaining population are from other ethnicities. 

Languages spoken in Georgia State

In 1996 Georgia recognized English as the official state Language. However, some other languages that are pretty common in Georgia include:

  • French
  • German
  • Vietnamese
  • Korean
  • Spanish 

Interesting Facts about Georgia

  • The location of the bloodiest war in American history is Chickamauga National Park.
  • Fort Benning is home to the world’s largest Infantry training centre.
  • Wesleyan College in Macon was the world’s first college chartered to provide women with degrees.
  • The length of Georgia is run by United States Highway 27 and is known as Martha Berry Highway, named after a pioneer educator.
  • Coca-Cola was developed in Atlanta, Georgia, by Dr. John S. Pemberton in May 1886. Dr. Pemberton’s accountant, Frank Robinson, suggested the name ‘Coca-Cola’. In the stream of research that is popular today, he penned the word Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola was first marketed by Willis Venable at a soda fountain in Jacob’s Pharmacy, Atlanta.
  • The annual Masters Golf Tournament is held every first week of April at Augusta National in Augusta.
  • The Vidalia onion, known as the world’s sweetest onion, can only be grown in the fields around Vidalia and Glennville.

Best Places to Visit in Georgia

There are numerous locations in Georgia that one has to check out to experience something beyond their imaginations. Some of the best places are listed below:

Savannah- The city is located about a hundred miles to the South. Did you know, the movie Forrest Gump was filmed in Savannah? Savannah knows how to treat tourists with a fantastic experience whether you’re in town to indulge yourself in history, see the sights, taste the delicious Southern food or spend a few nights clubbing.

Golden Isles– The Golden Isles acquired their name from the lush Golden beaches that are located on these Isles. The Golden Isles basically consist of various islands located along the Atlantic Coast. Tiny islands offer private, world-class resorts, such as Little St. Simons and Sea Island. Do not forget to take a snapshot of the beautiful sunsets over the ocean’s horizon, no matter which island you select.

Atlanta– Atlanta is the capital city of the state. It offers a variety of different things for the visitors. It is also known as the Empire City of the South, mainly due to it being home to some of the largest organizations in the world such as Coca-Cola. There are also several impressive historical sites in the area, including Martin Luther King, Jr. Historical National Park


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