Where is Mississippi Located? What is Special about Mississippi?

Beauvoir House
Beauvoir House. Editorial credit: Kurtis Stephan Vargo / Shutterstock.com





Mississippi, MS, is a state located in the southeastern region of the United States. Mississippi’s state capital and largest city is Jackson. Mississippi is bordered by Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Alabama. It is a heavily forested state with half of its land covered in wild or cultivated trees.

The rest of this article will detail the location of Mississippi, provide information about the area, and help you decide what to do when visiting.

Where is Mississippi Located on a US map
Where is Mississippi Located on a US map

Where is Mississippi?

Where is Mississippi Located
Where is Mississippi Located

Mississippi is a southern state bordered on the north by Tennessee, on the east by Alabama, on the south by the Gulf of Mexico and Louisiana, and on the west by Louisiana and Arkansas. The Mississippi River forms its western border.

How Did Mississippi Get Its Name?

The Chippewa Indians originally named Mississippi because ‘Mississippi’ translates as a large river in their language. 

What Is Mississippi’s Nickname?

Mississippi’s state name is The Magnolia State. The Magnolia is also Mississippi’s state tree and flower, and its image features on the Mississippi quarter.

What Is The State Motto Of Mississippi?

Mississippi’s state motto is Virtute et Armis, which means “by valor and arms.” Their coat of arms contains the state motto, which they adopted in 1894. The coat of arms depicts an eagle holding a palm branch in one set of claws and arrows in the other.

How Big Is Mississippi?

Mississippi is 125,433 square kilometers. According to the United States Census Bureau, the current population is 6,910,840, with over half living in rural areas (though not necessarily farmland).

What Are The Major Cities Of Mississippi?

The most populous cities of Mississippi are Jackson, Gulfport, and Southaven, which all have a population greater than 50,000.

What Is The Geology Of Mississippi?

Mississippi’s geology contains Precambrian deep igneous and metamorphic crystalline basement rocks, as well as Paleozoic sediments. Coastal plain deposits accumulated up to 45,000 feet thick, including limestone, dolomite, marl, anhydrite, and sandstone.

What Is The Climate Of Mississippi?

Mississippi has a humid subtropical climate with mild winters, long, hot summers, and fairly spread rainfall throughout the year. The state, however, is prone to drought and flooding. 

Light cotton and linens are sufficient for the winter, with humidity that can reach 90%. However, you will require heavier clothing for the winter months, especially in the north, where temperatures are cooler compared to the warmer south coasts.

What Foods Is Mississippi Famous For?

Mississippi may conjure images of mud pie, synonymous with this state’s name. The title of this famous dessert comes from the denseness of the mud pie that resembles the banks of the river Mississippi. 

If you travel to Mississippi, there are an array of popular foods that you’re likely to come across, including fried chicken, biscuits and gravy, catfish, cornbread, fried okra, and collard greens. These are staples of Mississippi cuisine.

What Is So Special About The Mississippi River?

The Mississippi River is one of the largest rivers globally and has one of the most significant ranges of habitat diversity.

Historically, people used the river for transportation and sustenance. Today, the Mississippi is still an essential source of transportation, along with a popular recreation spot for boaters, anglers, and birdwatchers.

What Are The Best Things To Do In Mississippi?

The Institute For Marine Mammal Studies

The Institute For Marine Mammal Studies
The Institute For Marine Mammal Studies

The Institute for Marine Mammal Studies offers an interactive museum where visitors can learn about ocean life. The center is used for research and rehabilitation and is one of the only dolphin rescue sites on the gulf coast.

Dolphin presentations teach visitors about these intelligent mammals, while the facility offers up-close encounters with stingrays, sea stars, sharks, and an array of sea life.


Beauvoir House
Beauvoir House. Editorial credit: Kurtis Stephan Vargo / Shutterstock.com

The large homestead of Beauvoir was home to Jefferson Davis, the former and only president of the confederate states of America. Davis served in various other government positions, and the museum showcases a host of Davis’ belongings and civil war artifacts.

The Birthplace Of Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley birthplace museum in the city of Tupelo
Elvis Presley birthplace museum in the city of Tupelo. Editorial credit: Michael Gordon / Shutterstock.com

Elvis Presley was born in 1935 and lived in the house built by his father in Tupelo. The house has been preserved and is now open for fans to visit alongside an Elvis Presley museum and gift store.

Grammy Museum

Grammy Museum Mississippi
Grammy Museum Mississippi

For any music lover, the Grammy Museum is a must-visit attraction. It offers a range of exhibits, from musical instruments used by B.B. King and Bruno Mars to the actual outfits worn by stars who have graced the Grammy red carpet.

The museum includes a host of interactive exhibits, such as a surround-sound theatre that allows you to experience some of the greatest musical performances of the past.

Ocean Springs

Gulf coast beach in Ocean Springs, Mississippi.
Gulf coast beach in Ocean Springs, Mississippi.

Ocean Springs is a quaint coastal town bathed in culture and history. Popular with residents and tourists alike, the area is full of art shops and studios and is a haven for people who love arts and culture.

The town hosts numerous festivals and showcases the work of over 300 independent artists. With white-sand beaches and an abundance of eateries and bars, this destination is the perfect place for a visit at any time of the year.

Mississippi Petrified Forest

Mississippi Petrified Forest
Mississippi Petrified Forest

The Mississippi Petrified Forest is a calm and fascinating environment, where you can journey back in time with petrified logs that existed as 100-foot tall trees over 1000 years ago!

The forest has since turned to stone, which preserves its history. Visitors can also learn the cause of this phenomenon during their trip.

Additionally, a visit to the petrified forest offers the chance to learn about the evolution of plants over time and an opportunity to examine fossils. 

What Are Some Fun Facts About Mississippi?

  • Famous people from Mississippi include Elvis Presley, Oprah Winfrey, and Britney Spears.
  • Around 63% of Mississippi is covered in forests, equating to roughly 19.5 million acres of woodland.
  • The city of Belzoni is known as the ‘catfish capital of the world.’ The state of Mississippi contains more than 100,000 acres of catfish farms.
  • Jackson county houses the rarest crane in North America – the Mississippi Sandhill Crane – which has a wingspan of around eight feet!
  • The official beverage of Mississippi is milk.
  • The white-tailed deer is the State Animal of Mississippi.

Final Thoughts

Mississippi offers a wealth of culture, food, and entertainment experiences in a welcome environment suitable for residents and tourists alike.

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