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Top 8 best luxury hotels in Macau

Macau, situated on the South-East coast of China, is one of the most beautiful and attractive places in all of Asia. The city is densely packed and there is so much to do there. From all sorts of activities to visiting the historic landmarks and sites, Macau is a place where you are unlikely to get bored. 

Macau receives millions of tourists each year and for the accommodation of these visitors, there are several 5-star hotels located in the city. Each of these hotels has its own speciality and each of these hotels comfortably leaves behind its competitors. Here, we will look at the Top 8 Best Luxurious Hotels in Macau and the key reasons why these are classified as the front runners. 

1. Four Seasons Hotel Macau, Cotai Strip

Four Seasons Hotel Macau, Cotai Strip - Top 8 best luxury hotels in MacauLocation

We have ranked this hotel as number 1 on our Top 8 Best Luxurious Hotels in Macau list. This beautiful hotel is located minutes away from the centre of the city, where you can go and enjoy yourself. One of the good qualities of hotels is how conveniently placed it is. Once you are exhausted from your day’s entertainment, you can easily return to your room in the Four Seasons Hotel. Located on the Cotai Strip, you can just step out and get engulfed in the fun and entertainment the city has to offer. You don’t have to worry about long rides or weary travelling if you choose Four Seasons for your stay.


This hotel boasts of beautiful rooms and suites, swimming pools, spas and fitness centres. The rooms are elegantly made and the services that are provided to you just make all your worries go away. You can stay in  your room and enjoy the amenities. You can stand on the balconies and enjoy the beautiful view of the gorgeous city. If you feel like it, you can go down, grab a cool drink and sip in one of the multiple poolside cabanas. Take a dip in one of the 5 amazing swimming pools located in the hotel. 

The hotel offers different package deals concerning the amount of visitors it receives. If you are a sole businessman looking to stay for a single night, they will set you up with a small yet stunningly made room and make sure that you are at all times relaxed. If you are with your family, they will offer you a suite or a larger room, where you can come back at the end of each day and rest amidst the luxuries and facilities provided to you tirelessly by the hotel staff.


2. JW Marriott Hotel Macau

JW Marriott Hotel Macau - Top 8 best luxury hotels in MacauOverview

JW Marriott Hotel Macau is ranked 2nd on our Top 8 best luxury hotels in Macau list. When it comes to the competition that is there between the resorts and hotels in Macau, whichever connotation for magnitude we use would be an understatement. Take for example, the JW Marriott Hotel.

 This hotel is so eloquently and pristinely made, that the moment you step inside, you step in a world of sleekness, fluidity, beauty and unparalleled charisma. This hotel boasts of extremely magnificent rooms, available for all kinds of visitors. From the simple yet splendid deluxe offer to the mind-blowing Presidential Suite, this hotel is a barrage of luxury and comfort. 

Rooms, Suites and Facilities

Each room has an adequate space for the visitors. There is Wi-Fi, T.V screens and all sorts of amenities one can ever need. Each room even offers a writing desk where you can sit down to attend to some business. Another thing the visitors praise unanimously is the state of the bathrooms. Each and every customer has something good to say about the magnificently made, marble-surfaced, sleek and shiny bathrooms. 

The hotel is located inside the Galaxy Macau™ and the visitors can have a constant view of the deck. The hotel is known for its on-site swimming pool and the numerous services provided alongside it. 


3. Banyan Tree Macau

Banyan Tree Macau - Top 8 best luxury hotels in MacauWhy have we included Hotel Banyan in our Top 8 best luxury hotels in Macau list?

Another glorious participant and a remarkable addition to the existing resorts in Macau, this hotel consists of enough features that can make it one-of-a-kind. One of these features is the fact that this is the only and first high-rise resort located in Macau and possibly in an even wider radius. This hotel provides only the finest facilities and services when it comes to luxury. 

Banyan Tree Macau relies on big quarters and suites when it comes to accommodating its visitors. One fact that will make your jaw drop is that each suite has its own private pool, where you can relax without having to worry about the prying eyes of the public. 

Services and Views

The hotel also offers multiple business related services. You can arrange a nice and lush business meeting with the hotel. The hotel can provide you with spacious rooms where you can conduct your business while enjoying the amenities of the hotel.

The high-rise hotel provides a magnificent view from wherever you wish to look. The rooms and suites either look on at the beautiful skyline of Macau or the Grand Resort Deck. Located inside the Galaxy Macau, all the entertainment falls quite near to the hotel. Furthermore, the hotel is quite a short distance from the airport. This way, you can get off your plane, get into a car and reach your hotel in no time at all. 


4. MGM Cotai

MGM Cotai - Top 8 best luxury hotels in MacauLocation

When we cast our gaze at the beautiful and colossal resorts standing magnificently in the Macau Skyline, we can be expected to overlook quite a few of them. But when it comes to MGM Cotai, it is extremely hard to miss it. The vaulted building towering above the stunning landscape of the city strikes awe in the unexpecting eyes of the tourists.  This hotel is located on the Cotai Strip and is therefore quite close to the main entertainment the city has to provide. Furthermore, there are quite a few activities to do inside the hotel itself. 

As we said before, the major plus point of any hotel or resort is its location. When it comes to the MGM Cotai, there are tourist attractions quite near to it. This provides the visitors an exceptional ease and comfort in visiting the local sites. If you are in the MGM Cotai and you don’t know where to start, you can do so by going to the Macau Fisherman’s Wharf which can be reached by 16 minute car drive. 

Dining and Facilities 

If you are a food enthusiast, you will be delighted to know that there are multiple 5 star restaurants located inside the MGM Cotai. Here you can enjoy all sorts of cuisines made with the most pristine delicateness and cooked to the pinnacle of perfection. You can relax afterwards in the spas and fitness centres provided and facilitated inside the hotel. If you want to experience the joy of shopping, you do not have to go out into the city. Instead you can make use of the provided stores located inside the hotel. 


When it comes to the accommodations, the hotel provides all sorts of rooms, suites, sitting spaces and meeting rooms. You can leave it to this hotel to take care of your every need. If you are alone, the hotel will set you up with a nice and cosy room, rich with amenities. You can watch some television on the top-notch state-of-the-art screens put up in your rooms. Take a relaxing shower in the amazingly made bathrooms. After that, before going to bed, take a moment to stand in front of the window and take in the immersive and beautiful view of the city. 

This hotel has received exceptional praise and approval from couples. The visitors have often said in their feedback that this hotel is especially nice for two people. 


5. Grand Hyatt Macau

Grand Hyatt MacauJust missing out on the first half of the top 8 best luxury hotels in Macau is Grand Hyatt Macau. Located in the City of Dreams, this beautiful hotel is one of the most  amazing and diverse resorts there is. The hotel provides top-of-the-line accommodations as well as other services and facilities that can make your whole stay fun and entertaining. The rooms are luxuriously large, adorned with beautiful decorations and appliances. 


The rooms offer a considerable amount of space for your comfort. Depending on which your room is located, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the city. The towering hotels, the beautifully made resorts, the awe-striking skyscrapers and the charismatic layout of the whole place are all enough to take your breath away. If not all this, then you can enjoy a view of the river and calming naturalistic features of the city. 


This hotel can be reached in merely five minutes from the international airport. The Hotel Grand Hyatt provides spas, fitness centres, swimming pools and closely located restaurants. No matter what time of the day it is, you can enjoy all of these facilities.  It features 791 rooms that visitors can use for accommodation. It also offers meeting spaces for the type of clientele that require it. The concierge can help you with everything you need during the stay. The hotel also has a business centre. 

With free parking and free Wi-Fi, visitors are usually satisfied with the amenities and complementary elements of the hotel. The hotel is situated quite close to the entertainment centre of the city and you can enjoy the place with the peaceful knowledge that your hotel is close by. 


6. The St. Regis Macao, Cotai Strip

The St. Regis Macao, Cotai StripOverview

We can see all sorts of beautiful resorts and hotels in Macau. All of them exhibit stunning glamour and grandeur. We can never say for sure that one is definitely better than the other. But when it comes to elegance, all of them fall far behind the St. Regis Resort.

The moment you enter the hotel, you are enveloped in a beautiful atmosphere of unique charisma and graceful charm. From the smallest element to the largest component of the entire resort, everything you look at will speak of a charm and beauty not known anywhere else. The accommodation provided by the hotel is made up by 400 stunning rooms and suites, each providing an archetypal comfort to its patrons.  The convivial provision of amenities and services has made sure that  the St. Regis Resort stands out as the sole keeper of class and glamour. 


The resorts of Macau often lack in some things. The St. Regis Resort has concocted an eclectic array of services which consist of everything the others have to offer, and more. Some of these lavish and multifarious facilities include swimming pools, poolside cabanas, restaurants and beautifully constructed rooms. 


The resort offers two types of views from its rooms. If you are on the side of the hotel that faces the deck, you can have a nice view of the swimming pool and the front part of the hotel. On the other hand you can also look at the sights the city itself has to offer. The skyline, the other resorts, the historical sites and much more.


Speaking of historical sites, the city has a quick and easy travelling route to the city’s tourist attractions which are historical and more natural. Furthermore, the resort provides easy passage to more than 600 retail outlets, more than 100 dining options and multiple places for entertainment. As this resort is located on the Cotai Strip, the entertainment and fun of the city lies quite close. 


7. Hotel Okura Macau

Hotel Okura MacauJapanese Style

Ranked 7th on the top 8 best luxury hotels in Macau list, this accommodation is a branch of the chain Hotel Okura, centred in Japan. The Japanese style and characteristics can be seen in this hotel through the abject magnificence of its facilities and construction. Hotel Okura provides multiple services and amenities to its visitors. One can even conclude that the diversity of their services sets them apart from the rest. 

Facilities and Services 

Almost all the resorts offer basic services like swimming pools and spas. The Okura Hotel, however, offers all these services along with some others that make it one-of-a-kind. Let us look at some of these unique features. 


First of all comes the beauty salon. Although the same thing is available in most resorts by the names of spas and fitness centres, the Hotel Okura provides a specific set of services and amenities to meet the cosmetic needs of its visitors. Here the hotel provides various treatments and physical therapies. You can also get various massages, scalp treatments, reflexology and the like. Being located on the 29th floor, the whole area offers a stunning view of the city. You can relax with the various treatments and feel calm and serene by the beautiful display.


Next comes the UA Cinema. This is something that none of the hotels we previously learned about provide. Although it is fairly close to the hotels located in the Galaxy Macau, the resort it has anchored itself in is the Hotel Okura. After a long tiring day you can relax in the cinema, while being entertained by a motion picture. For the people staying in Hotel Okura it is merely a short elevator ride away.


Then comes the Promenade. Although this is not something characteristic to the Hotel Okura, it is conveniently close and the visitors can visit it while knowing that their abode is close by. In the Promenade, there are more than 200 retail stores providing branded products and  other stores where you can purchase certain souvenirs. There is good news for culinary enthusiasts as well, there are numerous restaurants and dining spaces where you can enjoy Chinese and international cuisines cooked to perfection by the adroit chefs and cooks.

Suitable for Business

For businessmen looking to conduct their affairs, the Hotel Okura provides business centres and meeting rooms where the businessmen can take care of their dealings just as they would do from the comfort of their homes. Stepping into this slightly executive nature of provisions let us not leave out the executive lounge. For the clientele that prefer this type of thing the executive lounge offers some privileges and VIP treatment.


8. Broadway Hotel

Broadway HotelDining

We have been talking about dining options throughout this whole article, but the real king of the culinary world in Macau is the Broadway Hotel. The Broadway Food Street is located in this hotel and this place makes every other restaurant in the city look bleak. You can try out a lot of local food as well as high-standard cuisines in this hotel. 


Being loyal to its name, the Broadway Hotel also has a Broadway theatre, which hosts various performances and events throughout the year. All sorts of traditional Chinese acts and performances can be seen in this theatre.  But the provision of these exemplary services does not mean that the rest of the services are neglected. The hotel provides luxurious accommodation for its visitors. Swimming pools, gymnasiums and spas are also available. The hotel is quite close to the airport and the tourists can reach it quite easily. 



So these were all the properties on our top 8 best luxury hotels in Macau list. All these hotels provide the most top-notch services and facilities and they are all located quite close to the international airport. Each of them have something special that will make it quite difficult for you to choose. But whichever one you choose will provide you with a memorable experience.

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