A detailed guide on Formby beach

Formby beach on the north west coast of England,
Formby beach on the north west coast of England,
Formby beach on the north west coast of England,
Formby beach on the north west coast of England,
Formby beach on a windswept December day
Formby beach on a windswept December day
Formby Beach, North West coast of England
Formby Beach, North West coast of England





In this post we are going to explore the beauty of the coastal gems in Merseyside. Many travel buffs have already guessed the place. Yes! We are talking about Formby beach. This stunning coastal area has witnessed much erosion. You may have already seen many footprints of animals as well as humans because the tides still reveal multiple prehistoric layers of mud. 

This high sand dune will give you heart-melting fun. Visitors usually fall in love with the breathtaking view of the Irish Sea. When we are talking about beautiful sight, how can we forget the Cumbria mountains scene? There are a lot of things that you can explore, including footprints on the path of this beach, along with the beauty of woods. National Trust Coast sites are usually lonely places, while Formby beach is an extraordinary part of Liverpool.

This is one of the best picnic spots in England. Now the question is if you want to reach this home of red squirrels to spend some time with your family on a busy day, how can you reach this place on time safely? Let’s get into the details.

The route guidance

If you prefer the train journey more than the bus or air, you may feel you are not in the exact place. That’s because the local station projects a different view from this exhilarating seaside.

Freshfield, the local station gives you an urban look and feel while you have to go to the west to explore the tranquillity of this coastal landscape. After reaching Freshfield station, you have to walk for 1.6 kilometres to arrive at Formby beach. Alternatively, if you want to get there on foot, taking the path of Sefton Coastal will be ideal for you. 

Now let’s talk about the car route. From the Formby bypass, you will get multiple tourist signs in brown colour. After reaching this place, you can park your car at the car park centre of National Trust, which is available at Victoria Road. But you have to keep in mind that you may have to pay parking charges if you are not a member of the National Trust. 

The main attractions of Formby beach

Asparagus grows well in sandy soil. That is why the Trust has recruited a farmer for cultivation. This attractive landscape is the house of many captivating animals, including tawny owls, barn owls, rabbits, weasels, and stoats. You may find natter-jacks on the sand dune’s edge. These animals are quite rare. 

Visitors will also enjoy the climate of this place. When you are enjoying sunbathing with someone special, you may observe rain at a distance. If you can reach the highest point, you can perceive the beauty of Snowdonia. As this is also the home of red squirrels, it has faced its biggest challenge in the year 2008. That time these poor red squirrels were affected by the Pox virus. It took a bit of time for their complete recovery.

Tobacco Cliffs and 5000 years’ old footprints

If you walk towards the southern end, you will find the tobacco cliffs. People started dumping waste of tobacco leaves from the year 1956. It continued until 1974. Erosion was one of the biggest problems in this area. Many locals are still trying to relocate the lost car parking sites. 

If you are lucky enough, you will witness the most unusual element of this beach, low tide. The majestic Mesolithic landscape shows its real face when the gigantic sea pulls back waves. Then only you can see the footprints of humans and red deer. Can you believe that these footprints are more than 5000 years old?

This is not the end of this story. You may also find the Aurochs footprints. It has become the culture of this land. They started preserving the footprints of their ancestors. This is the mystery of nature. Erosion not only takes everything from humans but also reveals the real significance of life.

The pine woodlands

You may have seen many movies where the hero and the heroine romance around a pine tree in a delightful landscape. It’s time to witness those pictures in reality. This pine woodland was planted by the family of Weld Bundell in the late 1800s. Before the plantation of these trees, this particular area had fixed sand dunes. These were covered by lush grasslands. If you still look at this place carefully, you can easily figure out the actual shape of these dunes. These trees carry tremendous importance for a windbreak. Along with that, how can we forget that this is the home of rare red squirrels?

Now let’s find out about some of the best nearby places where you can enjoy even more.

Formby Golf club

The gold club is exceptional and not for faint-hearted people. If you are in the centre of Liverpool, you can easily reach the Lancashire coastline. Pine trees protect this course brilliantly. This is not only a golf club but also the residence of wildlife. You can visit this place anytime in a year because it is always in good condition. Not to mention, this clubhouse has a dormy house that is offered to the visitors as well as the members of this club.

Red Squirrel reserve

Formby is already a popular home for red squirrels. You can enjoy a day out in the Red Squirrel Reverse and spend some time with natter-jacks and red squirrels while walking in the coastal area. A bike ride is also allowed in this place. The awe-striking beauty of the sea is an added advantage. When you discover the footprints of animals and humans with your little kid, it will be a great lesson for them. These creatures are quite shy. If you visit this place in spring or autumn, you can enjoy the most as you will confront more active squirrels. Look around the trees and enjoy the moment with your family and kids.

Liverpool Land Rover Adventure

Are you an adventure freak? Then you are in the right place because this activity is also not for the easily frightened people. Land Rover Experience is your exclusive opportunity to be immersed in the all-terrain capability of Land Rover. This is an outstanding opportunity for adventure seekers who want to spend some time in their favourite Land Rover. You can also join a manufacturing tour or even a group event. Apart from that, you will get an exhilarating driving experience that will leave you speechless for some time. They also have qualified and experienced instructors with vast knowledge. So you don’t have to worry about anything at all. Furthermore, you will experience how teamwork and passion mix together to offer excellent manufacturing facilities. 

Liverpool Football club

This one is another entertainment hub for all those visitors who love football. If you want to enjoy the complete football excitement, then don’t forget to visit Anfield Stadium once. It will be a great experience that you will treasure forever. So if you are in this place take some selfies so that you can show your friends later on.

Liverpool museum

This place is also very near to Formby beach. You will be amazed to know that this museum is the first national museum in the world. They have secured many great things in this national museum. That is why it is granted the honour of the World Heritage site of UNESCO. This particular place has been representing many interesting histories of Liverpool for the last ten years. You will get to know the local culture as well as the social issues in an engaging manner. A beautiful silver screen is presented to explore the history of Liverpool. So if you love to know the history of new places, then you cannot miss this museum.

Formby Hall Spa Resort

If you have spent a lot of time on the beach and other interesting places, then it’s time to relax and take a rejuvenating spa treatment. This is not only a spa but also an excellent resort where you can spend your nights with all comfort. They have a total of 76 luxurious bedrooms with multiple amenities like a flat TV screen and free internet connection. Furthermore, you can enjoy amazing food in the restaurant and special drinks at the bar. 

If you are a nature lover, your heart will never permit you to leave this place because sometimes the beauty of Formby beach makes the beholder speechless.


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