Canvey Island beach | Full Guide with Pictures

Panoramic view of Canvey Island Seafront
Panoramic view of Canvey Island Seafront

Canvey Island beach photos

Due to diverse beautiful and picturesque places in the United Kingdom, it is unique from many other countries in the world. This is one of the reasons that make the United Kingdom one of the most visited places in the world. These attractive as well as pleasing locations attract a huge number of people to the lively towns of the United Kingdom and make it ideal spots for a vacation with family and friends. The picturesque views along with the exciting activities and adventures that these beautiful places have to offer to its valuable visitors are not to be missed. One such location in England is Essex which is a county in South East England and it is situated between London and the North Sea. 

Beaches in Essex 

Essex is one of those counties of England that is known for the quality as well as the beauty of its beaches. This is why people visit the beaches of Essex in huge bunches. These large stretches of sand along with aesthetic ambiance and the excellent surfing conditions are the highlight of the beaches of Essex. There are a variety of beaches in Essex and many surrounding the premises of the town.

Canvey Island beach

Canvey Island is located on the coast of Essex. It is one of the popular beaches in the county. It is a very old attraction in Essex. Previously, it was a seaside resort in the early 20th century after that it was renovated in a beachfront in 1990. One of the prominent features of the Canvey Island beach is that there is a tidal swimming pool which is only for children. Make sure you bring your children along with you when you visit Canvey Island so that they can enjoy it to the fullest. Along with that, there are some shops and restaurants on the beach as well to provide snacks and refreshments to the tourists in the middle of an exhausting day. 

The beach is a long stretch of sand. There is no lifeguard service available at the beach. The beach is dog friendly as the visitors are allowed to bring their dogs along with them and to walk them around from September to March however, there are seasonal restrictions applied from May to September. Make sure you follow these guidelines so that you do not have to face any inconvenience. Some of the common activities that are carried out at the beach include amusement arcade as well as windsurfing. 

Isle of Grain beach

Another popular beach in Essex is the Isle of Grain. The beach is a long stretch of sand and shingle. There is no lifeguard service available at the beach. Other than this, the beach is dog friendly therefore, the visitors are free to bring their pets along with them and enjoy an ideal day at the beach. Although the beach is only 30 miles away from the center of London, the beach is completely different from the city. It is a remote area and is very peaceful as compared to the busy beaches. If you are looking for a place which is peaceful and where you can spend quality time with your family which is far away from the hustle and bustle of the city then this is the best place for you to visit. 

Three Shells beach

Another beautiful and interesting place to visit in Essex is Three Shells Beach. It is a perfect spot for adventurous sports. There are restaurants and cafes at the beach to provide snacks and refreshments to the visitors to provide relief on an exhausting day. It is a long stretch of sand. Lifeguard service is available at the beach. It is a dog-friendly beach but certain restrictions are applied. The quality of water at the beach is excellent and the beach has also received awards from the marine conservation society. 

Places to visit in Essex

Other than the beaches, there is a range of other places as well in Essex that is the highlight of the area and is capable of attracting a huge number of visitors. One such place is Colchester which is the oldest town in Essex. Do not forget to visit the Colchester castle if you even visit Essex. This is because of the beauty of the castle that can not be resisted. The architecture of the castle is worth looking at and also worth praising.

Essex is rich in historical locations and attractions that enhance the significance of the place. If you are a history lover, then Essex is the ideal place for you to visit as there is so much to explore. The museums and gardens in Essex are also prominent places to visit in the county. All of these places are rich which enhances the beauty of these places and attracts a huge number of tourists. 

Essex Weather

The climate of Essex is the mildest and driest of all the counties of the United Kingdom. During the summer months, the temperature is hot and sunny. There are several attractions in Essex that can be accessed throughout the year. On average, the temperature at day time is usually higher than the temperature at night time. The level of temperature is highest in August which makes it the hottest month while the level of temperature is lowest in February which makes it the coldest month. It is primarily because of the difference in the days of summer and winter, that there is great variation in the duration of sunshine. 

The month that observes the longest hours of sunshine is June while the month that observes the shortest hours of sunshine in December. Snowfall is only restricted from November to April and it is very rare to observe snowfall in other months. Make sure you check the weather forecast before planning your trip so that you can visit the place when there is pleasant weather and the temperature and rainfall are controlled. This way, you will be able to enjoy your trip to the fullest. 


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