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Beautiful spring weather was enjoyed by visitors to Birling Gap beach
Beautiful spring weather was enjoyed by visitors to Birling Gap beach

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The United Kingdom is a hub for beautiful coastal resorts and picturesque beaches. They have always been known for the beautiful views and services that they provide to their valuable tourists. The beaches in the United Kingdom are famous around the world as the best kind of beaches are found to be here. One such place is East Sussex in the United Kingdom which has a variety of beaches and coastal resorts located here. The qualities and the views that these beaches offer are worth visiting and appreciating. Not only the beaches but also there are several attractive places to visit in the area which are not to be missed. 

Beaches in East Sussex

There are several beaches located in East Sussex. All of them are known for the beautiful and picturesque views that they offer along with a lot of attractive spots to visit and to take pictures of. These beaches are worth visiting with friends as well as family to spend your vacations at a perfect spot. The following mentioned beaches are some of the best beaches in the United Kingdom.

Birling Gap beach

The name of the Birling Gap beach is usually taken with ‘Seven Sisters’ and both of them are known as Birling Gap beach and the Seven Sisters. This is primarily because the Birling Gap beach is located at the base of the cliffs that are known as the Seven Sisters. These both form a beautiful vacation spot. It is located between two seaside resorts known as Eastbourne and Brighton. Both of them are well-known resorts and in between them, the Birling Gap acquires a huge area of undeveloped coastline which is known to be the longest one on England’s South Coast. 

This beach is a long stretch of pebbles however, occasionally, a patch of sand is also visible. This is only possible when the tide goes out. Along with this, when the tide goes out, there are some small rock pools exposed as well. To visit the beach from the cliff, there is a tower staircase that can be accessed. There is a national trust cafe located at the top of the cliff along with a car park. Not only this, but there are also several cottages at the top that are gradually disappearing in the sea as the cliffs keep on eroding with time. However, the individuals must be careful at the beach and should not stand too close to the cliffs because these unstable cliffs can fall at any time. 

One must be careful about their children and should make sure that they do not stand too close to the cliffs. There is no lifeguard service available at the beach so you should take care of your children yourself. Other than this, some of the other facilities and activities that are common at the beach include kite surfing, rock pooling, windsurfing, and canoeing. Birling Gap beach provides toilet and cafe facilities as well. 

Cuckmere Haven Beach

Another nearby beach is the Cuckmere Haven Beach. It is a long stretch of pebble which is dominated by cliffs of white colour. This place is known to be a popular spot for anglers. Along with this, the beach is popular with wildlife and animals of different species are found here in abundance. There is no lifeguard service available at the beach. Cuckmere Haven beach is a dog-friendly beach, therefore, feel free to bring your pet dogs along with you and spend an ideal day at the beach with friends and family. Fishing is common at the Cuckmere Haven beach. Along with that, there is also a shop located at the beach to facilitate the visitors. 

Places to Visit in East Sussex

East Sussex is a county which is located in South East England. There are numerous counties located around it and all of them provide several beautiful locations and views to the tourists that the visitors wish to visit these places again and again. Although the prominent places to visit in East Sussex are the beaches that the place has to offer, however, there are several other locations as well that attract a huge number of visitors. One of these places is Brighton which is the largest city in the county. 

The city’s history attracts a huge number of people. Another interesting fact about the place is that it is a home for the largest LGBT community outside London. The beautiful architecture of the city is worth seeing and appreciating. The remarkable minarets and onion domes are not to be missed. The primary inspiration of the buildings in the country is Indian and Islamic styles. Some of the other beautiful places that can be visited in East Sussex include Rye which is also a home for remarkable architecture that still retains the old world charm. Other places include Lewes, Hastings, and also Battle which make East Sussex a remarkable place to visit. 

East Sussex Weather

The weather of East Sussex can be considered as oceanic. The highest temperature is 20 degrees Celsius and is observed in July and August while the lowest temperature is 7 degrees Celsius and is observed in January and February. The average temperature of East Sussex is approximately 13 degrees Celsius. The highest level of rainfall is observed in 49 mm which is in November while the lowest level of rainfall that is observed is 20 mm which is in April. 

However, since it has an oceanic climate, there is a significant amount of rainfall in all the months of the year. The average amount of rainfall is 377 mm throughout the year. Out of 365 days, East Sussex observes at least 146 dry days and the level of humidity in the area is 82 percent. The best time to visit the area is from May to October because, during this time, the temperature is soft as well as pleasant. Not only this but also the level of rainfall is limited which will give you perfect vacation to East Sussex. 


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