Detailed Map of Virginia and Flag | Outline, Counties, Cities and Road Map

Interesting Facts about Virginia and Best places to visit

Tourist map of Virginia with travel and attractions
Tourist map of Virginia with travel and attractions

Detailed Map of Virginia and Flag | Outline, Counties, Cities and Road Map







Known for warm-hearted people who have a knack for history, Virginia, situated in the southeastern side of the US, is one of the 13 original colonies. 

Here, you will find the apple dishes of your dreams from apple butter to pies, cakes, fritters, sauces, you name it and they’ll have it in apple flavor. However, there is more to this state than just the history and apple obsession.

What gave Virginia the title of the Birthplace of a Nation?

Virginia was firstly colonized by the British in 1607 by the London Company, it was the first English colony in the New World. 

Virginia was the first ever site of an English settlement, which is why the state is known as “the birthplace of a nation.” In the old days, it was called the “Old Dominion” that signified the ownership of the land.

What is Virginia known for?

Virginia is famous for its unique flavors in cuisine. Local dishes are known to incorporate oysters, peanuts, country ham, blue crabs, trout, BBQ and the best of all, Brunswick stew. 

Many of these dishes are recognized throughout the US but very few know about its origin. Virginia has many natural resources including forests, fish, and agricultural land offering vital resources and even better views. 

Ever since the Colony started, the settlers established their business by becoming the leading traders of tobacco in the region. They also exported livestock, cotton, vegetables, grain, fruits etc.

Why is Virginia often associated with history?

History is everywhere in Virginia. Virginia is also known as ‘Mother of Presidents’ because 8 presidents of the US were from Virginia and out of the very first five presidents; four of them were born here. 

Two of its top tourist attractions are Mount Vernon and Monticello. Virginia also claims the most Civil War battlefields of any state and the places where both the Revolution and the Civil War ended. 

The colonial capital of Williamsburg, now restored to its 18th-century appearance, was among the hotbeds of the Revolution.

Virginia Flag Facts

Virginia’s flag was adopted in 1861 but it all started in 1776 when Virginia declared independence from Great Britain. 

This led to the formation of a committee that was made responsible for the seal of the state. The makers did not want the seal to have any sort of resemblance to the coat of arms of Great Britain. 

By 1912, there were so many different variants of the seal that it became confusing to identify the official one which led to the standardization of the design to avoid this chaos.

Colors and Meanings of Virginia Flag

The flag has a blue field with a white seal in the middle. In the flag, the Virtue symbolizes Virginia and the tyrant symbolizes Britain, while the crown symbolizes the end of Britain’s sovereignty. 

In the space below, the Latin motto of Virginia ‘Sic Semper Tyrannis’ meaning “Thus Always to Tyrants” is written.

Population of Virginia 

Virginia has a population of about 8.5 million. The people are known for their love for history and American football. 

The people here are proud of their state and they make sure that they display their love through their license plates with Virginia having the highest percentage of vanity places out of all states. 

When it comes to diversity, Virginia is on the track with having large communities of African Americans, Germans, Irish, English, Asians etc.

Languages spoken in Virginia

In a country like the United States, language diversity is appreciated even in smaller percentages because the masses speak English. 

Similarly, Virginia also has its big chunk of monolingual people but a good fraction of the people also speak another language. Following are some of the languages that are commonly spoken in Virginia:

  • Spanish
  • Korean
  • German
  • Vietnamese
  • Chinese
  • Tagalog

Interesting Facts About Virginia

  • We all love states and countries that work towards creating more environmentally friendly products; Virginia is one of the leading regions when it comes to that with their well-preserved ever-growing nature and awareness programs.
  • Pocahontas Island has one of the oldest black communities of the country that it is listed on the National Historic Register of Historic Places.
  • Initially, Virginia aimed towards being the leaders in silk trade but a fungus destroyed the trees which led to the traders in switching to tobacco.

Best Places to Visit in Virginia

Virginia has hospitable people but also beautiful places to offer with a rich culture and history related to every other place there is. 

However, the place is not just a heaven for the history lovers out there, be it outdoor hiking or indoor dining and clubbing, there is a place for everyone with finger-licking good food.

  • Colonial Williamsburg: Williamsburg was the capital of Virginia from 1705 and throughout the Revolution, and the final battle of the war was fought nearby. The place is now a significant historical landmark and is cherished by the history-loving locals.
  • Virginia Beach: We all love vacations but places with beaches, clean ones especially just amp-up your entire stay. Virginia Beach with its golden sand offers nothing less of a view that seems right out of a painting.
  • Luray Caverns: Words do not do justice to the beauty of this place. The underground caves have calcite formations resulting in limestone crystals. Due to the right perseverance, the place has managed to maintain its breathtaking beauty over the centuries and is now a really famous spot for tourists and even locals.
  • Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center: The Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center provides a wide range of exhibits and activities for the entire family and is one of the most popular family attractions in Virginia Beach. Aquarium residents include several varieties of turtle, including Loggerhead Sea Turtles and Green Sea Turtles, water-dwelling reptiles like Komodo dragons and Tomistoma, predators including sandbar sharks, and entertaining mammals including harbor seals and otters.


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