Is Hastings a nice beach?

Overlooking the town of Hastings East Sussex England UK Europe
Overlooking the town of Hastings East Sussex England UK Europe

Hastings Beach Photos

Overlooking the town of Hastings East Sussex England UK Europe
Overlooking the town of Hastings East Sussex England UK Europe
Aerial shot of the Beach at Hastings England
Aerial shot of the Beach at Hastings England
Hastings pier viewed from the promenade
Hastings pier viewed from the promenade
Aerial view of Hastings, UK
Aerial view of Hastings, UK

Hastings Overview

Hastings is an old town in England which is popularly known for the Battle of Hastings was fought here. It is a seaside town located in East Sussex on the south coast of England. It has a population of approximately 92,000. Not only is the place known for its magnificent beaches but it also consists of numerous tourist attractions that are known for different reasons. This British seaside town is full of surprises and offers visitors a variety of things to do that should not be missed if in Hastings.

Hastings Beach

Hastings beach is the main beach in the town which is located in front of the seaside resort town. Since it is connected to the town, the beach is never short of any sort of resources or facilities. The beach is predominantly covered in shingle however when the tide goes out a fine layer of sand is exposed. That is the time when visitors engage themselves in beach games and also spend their time building sandcastles with family and friends.

Usually, visitors bring their food along to enjoy a picnic with the family in the pleasant weather but as an alternative to that, the beach has beautifully built Edwardian hotels. The beach offers a number of services to the visitors. Cafés and restaurants are available for snacks and refreshments, the service of a lifeguard is also available therefore, there is no fear for children as well as for adults. Along with this, the beach is cleaned every day, so there are no complaints regarding the cleanliness of the beach.

Climate of Hastings Beach

The temperature of Hastings Beach is generally warm and mild. The average temperature recorded throughout the year is 14.1 degrees Celsius. The months with the highest temperature are usually June and July which is approximately 21 degrees. On the other hand, the months with the lowest temperatures are October and November. Rainfall is considerably high in Hastings even in the months when the temperature is high. The average precipitation throughout the year is 750 mm. The months with the highest rainfall are between November to March while the months with the lowest rainfall are May to August. It is advised to visit the town between February and May as the temperature in those months is controlled which means neither very high or very low. It would be the ideal time to enjoy the visit to the fullest.

Places to visit near Hastings Beach

Smuggler’s Adventure

Hastings is known for its architecture which is very much different from the other cities and this is what makes it famous. For a perfect day in Hastings, one of the best places to visit is the Smuggler’s Adventure. This is a famous museum that is unique in its kind. It displays underground corridors that were once used by the smugglers. The corridors are all dark and the only way to go about them is through your torch. It is a memory lane of all those individuals who risked their lives to earn a living in the black market. Such places must be paid a visit that has never been experienced before.

Old Roar Gill

Another beautiful place to visit in Hastings is Old Roar Gill. This is a natural reserve made up of wooden blocks with waterfalls. The beauty of the area is enhanced by the fact that there are a variety of flowers and animals found in the wooden enclosure. If you are looking for a calm and quiet place with a beautiful waterfall running by your side then Old roar gill is the perfect place to visit which offers a calm atmosphere along with spectacular views altogether.

Black Market VIP

Black market VIP is another exciting place to visit in Hastings. It is a live music venue along with a bar that sits in the old Hastings town. Hastings is usually perceived as a calm town as compared to its neighbouring towns but there is some action as well presented at the Black market VIP. It holds regular events at the venue which are not to be missed. Before planning a visit to Hastings, if you check the schedule at the Black market VIP, you would enjoy your visit even more by attending a gig at the venue.

Hastings Castle

There are many attractions for history lovers as well such as the Hastings Castle which has the utmost historic significance. Although it does not have the same glory that it had before but the old world charm is still there. The place is worth a visit because of the connection that it had with the history and to view the historical infrastructure. Even if one is not a history lover, even then the place deserves to be visited. If you wish to visit the castle, then do climb to the top of it as the view from the top of the castle is breathtaking.

True Crime Museum

Other than the castle, the True Crime Museum is also an exciting place to visit. It displays the real-life stories of crimes as well as their punishments. This will not only be adventurous for you but will also grip your strangest curiosities.

Beaches close to Hastings Beach

Hastings is a seaside resort that offers traditional beach-based fun to its visitors. There are several beaches in Hastings and in its whereabouts, which offers tons of activities and loads of fun. They are worth visiting when in Hastings..

Bulverhythe Beach

Another popular beach in Hastings is the Bulverhythe Beach. This is predominantly a shingle beach but when the tide goes out, sand is exposed. One prominent factor of this beach is the number of beach huts that are available for hiring purposes. The huts are beautifully built and maintained. If you come from far away to visit Bulverhythe beach, then you do not have to worry as there are huts available which can be booked for a day. It is also a famous spot for a variety of water sports that are available for children as well as adults. Other than relaxing at the beach, one can participate in these sports and become active. Also, it is an ideal place for swimming. The beach also offers the service of a lifeguard so you can swim without any fear.

History of Bulverhythe Beach

The beach is of historical importance as well as it is the site of the shipwreck that happened in 1749. The sailors got drunk and the ship sank. The top of the ship is still visible whenever there is a low tide. If one wishes to see that, tide times must be checked so that the tip of the ship can be seen. This is the best-preserved East India company ship to date. The beach also provides a separate car park so you do not have to worry about where to park the car when visiting Bulverhythe beach. Other than that, there is a separate play area reserved for children where different types of activities and sports have been organised for children of all ages. It is a very exciting place where the children can enjoy to the fullest.

The beach also offers a café and a restaurant for the visitors to refresh themselves after being exhausted at the sports. The café provides snacks and refreshments. Towards the side is a cycle lane that takes the visitors from the Bulverhythe beach towards the centre of the town which is a hub of shops, restaurants and different exciting places like the pub. Also, the cycle ride is not to be missed.

Fair light Glen Beach

Another beautiful beach location in Hastings is the Fair light Glen beach. It is located in a secluded location and is predominantly sand and shingle. The beach allows swimming to its visitors however, one drawback of the beach is that there are hidden rocks in the water and the beach does not offer any lifeguard service. It is advised not to swim at the Fair light glen beach but if one still wishes to swim, then it must be done very carefully. The beach is covered by a huge cliff at its back and there is the only way to climb the cliff. It is advised to keep a check of the tide times before visiting the fair light glen beach because it might be dangerous to climb the cliff in case there is a high tide.

The beach is not a dog-friendly area throughout the year. Dogs are allowed but only for a specific time that is between 1st October and 30th April. It is important to consider the rules before bringing your dogs to the beach as they might not be allowed to enter the area and it might create a problem for the rest of the family. At the back of the beach is the Hastings Country Park nature reserve which is full of a variety of flowers found in different colours and shapes. The place is always crowded with people who arrive to achieve a glimpse of nature at the park.


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