Littlehampton Beach (East Beach)

Littlehampton Beach - East Beach


Littlehampton Beach – East Beach

England is the hub of beautiful beaches with mesmerizing views and entertaining activities. Every beach has its specialty that distinguishes it from the other beaches. Similar is the case with Littlehampton which has around 6 beaches in and around the area. The most famous one is the Littlehampton Beach, also known as the East Beach. Just like many other beaches, it also has a lot of activities integrated into a single space offering a little bit of everything at the seaside but what makes it different from all other beaches is that it has the United Kingdom’s longest beach running along the Littlehampton’s seafront. The beach is one thousand feet long and is a major cause for a great number of visitors in the area as they all arrive to have a look at the longest beach in the whole of the United Kingdom.

Places to visit near Littlehampton Beach

Mews Brook Park

Littlehampton is a town and a seaside resort in West Sussex, England with a population of 25 thousand. It is an ideal place for a holiday as there are many beautiful attractions that should not be missed and entertaining places for both adults and youngsters to go in their free time. One of these is the Mews brook park which is only within walking distance from Littlehampton Beach. This place is a perfect place to spend the day with friends and family because of the numerous options that are available such as a boating lake and miniature railway.

Along with this, there is a play area made for the little ones and a café for refreshments after actively participating in various sports. The boating area usually remains crowded as most of the people visit the park for boating. Other than this, the park is extremely beautiful with a large shrub and butterfly garden. These shrubs are a habitat for different species of birds that the visitors enjoy looking at. 

Harbour Park

Other than the Mews brook park is the Harbor park which is also very close to Littlehampton Beach. This offers a good selection of rides and water sports for visitors. There are many sports that are exclusively made for children who are thrill-seekers. With many opportunities to enjoy yourself at the water sports, the park also provides a harbor kitchen and Maritime Galley restaurant for a variety of snacks and refreshments such as coffee, fish, chips and much more. 

Windmill Theatre

Another famous attraction for visitors is the Windmill theatre. If you are fond of watching movies and shows on the big screen then this is the best place for you. It is capable of providing a clean and comfortable environment at a reasonable price. It is not very big and so it provides an intimate atmosphere to the viewers which is much more cosier than sitting in a multiplex theatre. There is a large space reserved for parking also, there is an online system to reserve the tickets. So, you can plan to watch the movie with your entire family without worrying about the availability of the tickets and the problem of where to park the car. It shows top movies and famous live shows with a comfortable environment for both couples as well as families along with extremely helpful staff. 

Littlehampton Beach Climate 

The climate of Littlehampton Beach is warm normally. The average temperature in the year is 10.2 degrees. Despite the high temperature, there is significant precipitation in the area throughout the year. The average rainfall recorded in Littlehampton is 750 mm. The temperature remains high throughout the year but the months with the highest temperatures are between August to January. On the other hand, the months with the lowest temperatures are between April to August. The highest rainfall is in the months from June to September.

To all those planning a trip to Littlehampton, it is advised to visit the town at the start of the year as the temperature is controlled. Towards the end of the year, the temperature is usually higher and it may not be enjoyable for the winters to visit the different attractions in the town. Also, the precipitation is controlled at the start of the year as compared to the middle.

Beaches near Littlehampton Beach

Along with all other attractions, Littlehampton is known for its beaches that are located in and around the area. These are approximately six in number with different characteristics. Other than the Littlehampton Beach that is the most famous one, other beaches include:

Littlehampton West Beach 

Closer to the Littlehampton’s East Beach is the West Beach across River Arun. Like many other beaches, it is a long stretch of sand as well as shingles. There are three sand dune systems in the whole of West Sussex. Out of the three, one of the dunes systems is in West Beach. This is one of those beaches which allows entry to dogs. Dogs get excited at such a place with pebbles and sand flats so if you are planning to visit the Littlehampton’s West Beach, you do not have to leave your dog back home. Also, there is a small café nearby for the visitors to grab snacks and refreshments in the middle of the day. 

Norfolk Road Beach

All the beaches in Littlehampton are at walking distance from each other and Littlehampton town. This beach has sand and shingle both but predominantly it is a shingle beach. Towards the low tide area, sand becomes prominent. Just like every beach has its speciality, the Norfolk road beach is recognised by the huts at the top of the beach that are coloured brightly.

The beach is very well maintained with a beautifully built resort and a range of activities that are offered at the beach. The harbour area has a restaurant that is known to provide locally caught seafood. If one wishes to eat freshly caught fish and prawns, then the restaurant at the Norfolk road beach is the ideal place to go. Other than this, there is a good viewing tower at the harbour which provides spectacular views of the beach from the top. Boat and ferry services are also available at the harbour for youngsters as well as adults to spend their day boating and enjoying the weather. 

Beside the beach is an area known as the Norfolk gardens that provide the opportunity for all the athletes to experience different sports such as golf and tennis. Many footpaths are also drawn to allow visitors to walk to nearby attractions. Also, there is a miniature railway that connects the beach to the Mesbrook park. With all the exciting locations connected to the beach, one can enjoy completely by viewing all the attractions in one day. 

Climping Beach 

Another beach located near Littlehampton Beach is the Climping Beach. Like many other beaches, it is also made up of pebbles and shingle. Only when the tide goes out, a stretch of sand is exposed. This area is protected by the Site of Special scientific interest so that the area is not ruined by erosion as previously there had been excessive erosion in many places. This beach provides a picnic area for visitors to enjoy their food in a calm and quiet place with their friends and family. As an alternative to this, there is also a café nearby to offer snacks and refreshments to the visitors after they have participated in the various sports. Another significant thing about the beach is that it has also been used as a location in a few episodes of “Doctor who”. 

Rustington Beach

Another beach close to the Littlehampton Beach is the Rustington Beach. Unlike other beaches, it is the most peaceful beach in the area. If you wish to visit a beach to relax your mind and listen to the waves of the water then Rustington Beach is the ideal place for you to go. It is the perfect place for families to spend a day together and enjoy a calm environment as the beach never gets too busy.

This beach is predominantly covered in shingle however when the tide goes out a large stretch of flat sand is exposed from underneath. Apart from the calm atmosphere of the beach, it is also a popular kite surfing spot. Whenever the wind is up, one can see the sky filled with kites at the Rustington Beach as people are fond of kite surfing and they come in groups to take part and enjoy this exciting activity. 

All the beaches in and near Littlehampton are of utmost significance and are unique in one way or the other. The mesmerising scenic location and well-developed infrastructure is not to be missed. They are some of the ideal places that the tourists must consider before planning a vacation with their family so that they can enjoy the most and the trip turns out to be memorable. 


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