How Tall is Ryan Reynolds? Height of Ryan Reynolds, Weight and Much More

How Tall is Ryan Reynolds? Height of Ryan Reynolds, Weight and Much More
How Tall is Ryan Reynolds? Height of Ryan Reynolds, Weight and Much More





Known for the Canadian soap opera Hillside (and being a big movie star, we guess), Ryan Reynolds is regularly touted as one of the sexiest men alive. You will barely find a list where he isn’t in the top 10. But, how tall is Ryan Reynolds?

Ryan Reynolds is 6 feet, 2 inches. This is 1.88cm in metric. This means that he is considerably taller than the average person. We have no doubt that it is his towering height that has contributed to many people calling him so good-looking.

On this page, we will discuss a little bit more about Ryan Reynolds’ height. We also want to talk about his weight, and even give you a few highlights of his career.  

How Tall is Ryan Reynolds?

Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds is 6′ 2″, or 1.88cm. This is almost 5 inches taller than the average male! So, if you are an average male (and let’s face it, many people are compared to Ryan Reynolds), then he is going to be towering over you.

Since Ryan got started in the business when he was basically an adult, he has never been ‘shorter’ on camera, even if his early roles required him to act as a child (i.e. in the Canadian soap opera, Hillside). 

How Much Does Ryan Reynolds Weigh?

Ryan Reynolds at the Ryan Reynolds Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Ceremony
Ryan Reynolds at the Ryan Reynolds Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Ceremony

This is a bit more difficult to work out. As you can probably imagine, most actors don’t really talk about how much they weigh. This is because many actors, especially people like Ryan Reynolds, will often boost their weight, and then lose it again, in order to fill roles. With less successful actors, you will often find this sort of thing written on their resumes, but Ryan Reynolds doesn’t need that nowadays. Pretty much anybody that is going to have the cash to be able to afford to pay for Ryan Reynolds to act in their movies is already going to know who he is. 

Obviously, Ryan Reynolds is perhaps most famous for playing Deadpool. Although, this is not the only superhero he has played. While many people wish they could probably forget the movie (including Ryan Reynolds himself), he did have to buff up for the role. He claimed that he hit 190 lbs when he was getting in shape for the Green Lantern movie. That would have been almost all muscle. Barely a bit of fat in sight.

Since we know that he is about to start filming Deadpool 3, we would imagine that he is going to be close to 190 lbs right now. He needs to put on a lot of muscle for the role. Although, we cannot definitively say how much he weighs unless, like Green Lantern, he comes out and announces it. 

Ryan Reynolds: A Career in Summary

Ryan Reynolds was born in 1976, although his career didn’t hit its stride until 1991 when he was cast in the soap opera, HIllside (if you live in the United States, then it would have been called Fifteen). This show was broadcast on Nickelodeon in the United States, and it was such a success that it led to a major role in the Sabrina the Teenage Witch movie (another big thing happening in the 90s).

While Ryan Reynolds had a few roles here and there during Hillside, one can argue that his career properly started when he gained a lead role in the comedy show Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place (the name was later shortened). By now, he was already starting to gain a considerable amount of fame for being rather good-looking. He didn’t quite have movie money at that point, but you just knew that he was destined for the big time. 

While he had a bit of success in the movies, his mainstream success properly started in 2009. In this year, he managed to net his role as Deadpool in one of the X-Men movies (although, the Deadpool back then was completely different to the one that we know now), and he starred with Sandra Bullock in The Proposal, which is probably where the vast majority of people know him from at that time. The rest of the time period was dominated by low-budget and indie flicks.

It is fair to say that Ryan Reynolds didn’t really gain the fame that he deserved until Deadpool in 2016. The movie was the biggest-grossing R-rated movie of all time, and it led to a sequel Deadpool 2, just a few years later. He is now gearing up to star in Deadpool 3. We assume that this is going to be as good, if not better, than the previous Deadpool movies.

He is certainly picking up a ton of major roles nowadays, with children perhaps best knowing him for voicing Detective Pikachu in the movie of the same name, another role that he is likely to fill again in the near future.

In recent history, Ryan Reynolds has used his cash to buy a soccer club in Wales, and that comes with its own documentary. This has helped to catapult Wrexham onto the world stage and see the success that they haven’t enjoyed in decades.

This is barely scratching the surface of this tall actor’s career too. The man has had a lot of roles over the years and, based on the roles that he does select, it seems that this is a guy that isn’t just in it for the cash, but for the love of acting. 


Ryan Reynolds is one of the tallest major movie stars in the world, coming in at a rather hefty 6 feet, 2 inches. He has a ton of muscle too, thanks to the types of roles that he tends to fill. This means not only is he tall, but he is a 190 lb muscle machine.

Obviously, the guy is an adult. He is not going to be getting any taller in the future. However, watch him on the screen. Watch how he towers over everybody. 

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