How Tall is Donald Trump? Height of Donald Trump, Age and Much More

How Tall is Donald Trump? Height of Donald Trump, Age and Much More
How Tall is Donald Trump? Height of Donald Trump, Age and Much More





Ex-President of the United States, Donald Trump, has always been somewhat sensitive about the appearance he gives the world. Most of his press conferences have focused on how he absolutely doesn’t have small hands, and he even called a press conference to discuss how much he weighed. However, let’s put that to one side. Instead, how tall is Donald Trump?

Donald Trump is 6 feet, 3 inches. For non-Americans, this would be 191cm. This means that Donald Trump is a rather lofty size, and it is no wonder he towered over so many world leaders in his photo and video ops.

Let’s tell you a little bit more about Donald Trump, including his weight and how he stacks up against previous presidents.

How Tall is Donald Trump?

45th President of the USA Donald J. Trump
45th President of the USA Donald J. Trump

Donald Trump is 6′ 3″. This is considerably taller than the average male in the United States. Although, do bear in mind that we are unsure as to how he was measured. We do not know whether this height is with or without shoes. We are going to guess the latter, since the information seems to come from his medical reports.

How Tall is Donald Trump Against Ex-US Presidents?

Donald Trump addresses supporters at the Peabody Opera House in Downtown Saint Louis
Donald Trump addresses supporters at the Peabody Opera House in Downtown Saint Louis

Donald Trump has often been billed as the tallest of the US Presidents, but is he? No. No, he isn’t. Although, he is certainly up there when it comes to his height. 

Do bear in mind that it is almost impossible for us to know exactly how accurate the measuring tools for Presidents over a century ago were, particularly since the way in which we measure has changed slightly since then (the US slightly shifted the imperial measurement system to bring it more in line with metric). However, we can take a guess. These are the Presidents taller than Donald Trump:

  • Abraham Lincoln – 6 feet, 4 inches.
  • Lyndon B. Johnson – 6 feet, 3 inches.

We then have Donald Trump after this. However, hot on his tail are both Bill Clinton and Thomas Jefferson who are just a fraction of an inch shorter than Donald Trump. So, if Bill Clinton stood next to Donald Trump wearing slightly different shoes, he may end up looking a lot taller. Not that we can imagine that Donald Trump is going to be standing next to Bill Clinton any time soon. They aren’t exactly huge fans of one another.

If you want to know the shortest president in history, then it is James Madison. He capped out at 5 feet, 4 inches. This means that he is a full foot shorter than Abraham Lincoln. If you stood James Madison next to Donald Trump (impossible but for other reasons), then you will notice that the two of them would be wildly different in size. It would be almost like a basketball player standing next to the average human! 

How Much Does Donald Trump Weigh?

This is one of the most Googled questions in relation to Trump’s stats. Mostly because various people have tried to push the idea that Donald Trump is overweight and obese, while Donald Trump has tried to push the idea that he is a completely fit human being (one of the fittest in history, as he would say) and that calling him overweight is a lie. As we said, he has called press conferences with his doctor just to discuss this issue.

Sadly, we won’t be able to clear up too much about how much Donald Trump weighs here. This is because the only thing that we know 100% for sure is what he has told us. This is that he weighs 190 lbs which would put him roughly in line with how much he should weigh at his height. However, do bear in mind that his weight wouldn’t be muscle, or most of it wouldn’t. This is why he may sometimes look considerably heavier when you look at him in photos.

You should remember that the last information that we managed to get about Donald Trump’s weight will come from his time as President. This is a few years ago now, and we can’t say 100% for sure how much he weighs now. There is no need for him to release that information. 

Donald Trump: A Career

Donald Trump was born to a rich property developer, Fred Trump in 1946. Almost all of his early life, pre-Presidency, was about buying up properties and boosting the Trump brand. This includes a whole host of products that made him some cash including Trump Hotels, Trump Golf Courses, and even Trump Meat. He is also one of the brains behind the TV show ‘The Apprentice’ which managed to spread around the globe.

Outside of the US (and probably inside the US, for that matter), Donald Trump is known for his Presidency. Although, we are not going to dwell on that part too much. It is fair to say that Donald Trump is up there with being one of the most controversial Presidents in history.

Since his Presidency, Donald Trump hasn’t really been doing a whole lot for himself. He has launched his own social media channel and disappeared from all of the other social media channels that he used to use. There is an indication that he is gearing up to run for the Presidency again, although it is unknown what path he is going to follow in order to get there.

Of course, this is just a brief summary of Donald Trump’s career. We urge you to look into it a bit more. Whether you love him or hate him, the guy’s life has been fascinating, even if it hasn’t always been what he claimed it to be.


At 6 feet, 3 inches, Donald Trump is the third tallest President in history. This is why, when you see photos of him from his Presidency, he has towered over pretty much every single other world leader. Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t because Trump wanted to make himself look tall. He genuinely is tall.

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