How Tall Is Nicole Kidman? Nicole Kidman Height, Age, Weight And Much More

How Tall Is Nicole Kidman? Nicole Kidman Height, Age, Weight And Much More
How Tall Is Nicole Kidman? Nicole Kidman Height, Age, Weight And Much More

Ever imagined yourself meeting your favorite celebrity? One of the key things to visualize is how tall that person might be. If Nicole Kidman is someone you’d like to encounter one day, chances are you’ve asked yourself the question: “How Tall is Nicole Kidman?

The Australian producer, singing star, and actress Nicole Kidman is 5 feet tall and 10 inches in height. She is quoted as having had apprehensions about being taller than the average screen star, but also feeling “self-assured” in her own skin according to an interview with

In this article, we’ll thoroughly answer the question: “How Tall is Nicole Kidman?” However, we won’t stop there; we’ll also examine not only the actress’ height, but her age and even her weight so that you can leave here knowing all you might want to know about your favorite American-born, but Australian celebrity, Nicole Kidman!

How Tall is Nicole Kidman?

How Tall Is Nicole Kidman?
How Tall Is Nicole Kidman?

As mentioned above, Nicole Kidman is five feet tall and ten inches in total height, making her around 6 inches taller than the national average height for women from America. In fact, according to Medical News Today, the average height for women in the United States is about 5 feet and only 4 inches!

Nicole Kidman shares this somewhat taller than average height with other celebrities, too. Paul McCartney, notable singer and bassist for The Beatles, is also 5’10. Comedian Chris Rock, internationally renowned rock star Mick Jagger, “James Bond” actor Daniel Craig, and fashion icon Charlize Theron are all around the same height as Nicole Kidman, too.

How Old is Nicole Kidman?

If you’re visualizing what it would be like to stand near and possibly meet Nicole Kidman in person, you’ll be needing to visualize how old she is, too. You may be interested to find out that this Australian actress is actually 55 years old!

That’s right; the “Nine Perfect Strangers” actress was born in the year 1967, on June 20th. Born in the state of Hawaii despite her citizenship being held in Australia, Nicole Kidman is a shining star among the ranks of celebrities for a variety of reasons.

She began acting in her teenage years and landed smaller television roles in miniseries’ made for television at the start of her career. She came to the United States and started a relationship with her co-star, Tom Cruise, while she worked on a film called “Days of Thunder” in the year 1990.

Since then, she’s appeared in big superhero blockbusters like “Batman Forever,” but also acclaimed musicals like “Moulin Rouge!” She’s been named one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World by Time Magazine. These are only a few highlights from the enormous range of her work and accomplishments in her 55 years of life!

How Much Does Nicole Kidman Weigh?

Now that you’ve got a clear mental picture of the age and impressive height of this incredible star, let’s take a look at how much Nicole Kidman weighs. Nicole Kidman is reported by Celeb Health Magazine to weigh 128 lbs, otherwise known as 58 kilograms.

In fact, Nicole Kidman is known through her interviews to adhere to what is known as the 80-20 diet. This kind of diet is named after a practice of eating 80% of healthy foods, but saving 20% of the diet’s room for less healthy or even processed foods.

This means that typically, Nicole Kidman will fill her day with fresh veggies and fruits, lean meats or sources of protein like eggs, and when she eats grains, they’re usually whole grains! On the other side of the coin, Nicole Kidman still reserves some of her room for fried food, sugary drinks, and processed food, too.

The average weight of someone Nicole Kidman’s height (remember, an impressive 5 feet and 10 inches!) is actually in a range between 132 to 173 pounds, when they’re considered healthy.

What Race is Nicole Kidman?

With such an interesting ancestry and place of birth versus her home country, it is common to also wonder what race Nicole Kidman is. Nicole Kidman could be considered Caucasian given her ancestry.

Technically, Nicole Kidman has ancestors from Ireland, England, and Scotland. Her parents, who are both Australian in citizenship, had Nicole when they were each on student visas in Hawaii, in the United States. This means that Nicole Kidman herself has dual citizenship between the United States and Australia!

Another interesting factor to realize about where Nicole Kidman came from is her name. Though she has ancestry in the European range, she was given a Hawaiian name at birth called “Hokulani,” which means “heavenly star.” As lovely as this sounds, it was technically inspired by an elephant baby that was born on the same day at the Zoo in Honolulu!

Does Nicole Kidman Have Any Biological Children?

It would be absolutely amazing to have a mom like Nicole Kidman, with such an impressive height both physically and in terms of range of accomplishments! You may find yourself wondering if Nicole Kidman actually has any Biological children. The answer is, yes!

Nicole Kidman has struggled with infertility issues, but overcomes these challenges to mother four children in total. Two of these are adopted; a son named Connor and a daughter named Bella. These were welcomed into the Cruise family when Nicole Kidman was married to Tom Cruise, her costar.

Eventually, Nicole Kidman split with Tom Cruise and remarried the country star, Keith Urban, in 2006. With Kieth Urban, Nicole Kidman first had a third child, a girl named Sunday Rose who was born in the year 2008. Two years later, Sunday Rose was followed by another little girl named Faith Margaret.

She has been publicly vocal about how much she enjoys being a mother, and considers it a dream come true after wanting a large family for most of her life.

In Conclusion

To sum it all up, Nicole Kidman is 5 feet and 10 inches tall in height! This puts her above average not just in terms of her acting and singing talent, but also in terms of the average height for women in America!

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