Map of Arizona and Flag | Arizona detailed, Counties and Road Maps

Illustrated map of Arizona, USA. Travel and attractions
Illustrated map of Arizona, USA. Travel and attractions

Map of Arizona and Flag | Arizona detailed, Counties and Road Maps






Arizona is as diverse a land as any. If you’re tired of your daily routine and want to escape, there’s no better place than the state of Arizona.  You can do it all here, spend time in luxury with your loved ones or go outdoors and check out the amazing scenes that Arizona has to offer. Moreover, Arizona is known for its amazing food, so all you food lovers better get there as soon as possible. If you come to America and don’t go to Arizona, you’re truly missing the American experience. 

Map of Arizona

What is Arizona known for?

Arizona is the sixth largest state of the United States of America; it is also divided into two parts. If you’d like a hotter climate with endless deserts then Southern Arizona is the place for you. On the other hand if you prefer Mountains, forests and canyons then Northern Arizona is your place. Arizona is also a Four Corners State and shares a border with three other states, namely Utah, New Mexico and Colorado

Why is Arizona known as the Copper state?

Arizona is also known as the Copper state because of the heavily abundant Copper found in its crust and the heavily abundant Copper is also mineable. This copper-filled granite was formed over time due to the presence of Ancient volcanoes.

What is Arizona’s State Food?

Arizona is one of the States which has its own State food. How cool is that? The only official state food for Arizona is its state fish, the Apache trout. The state does also have some unofficial state foods, particularly Chimichanga. Chimichangas are a state staple, better known as deep-fried burritos, representing the Mexican-American tradition of that state.

Arizona Flag Facts

Arizona Flag
Arizona Flag

The state flag of Arizona is split into two halves. Thirteen contrasting red and yellow rays form the upper half. The rays display a setting sun. A solid blue field is the lower half of the banner, the same hue as the blue on the flag of the United States. In the middle of the flag, a large copper-colored star is overlaid.

Arizona Flag meaning

The thirteen contrasting red and yellow rays represent the thirteen original colonies of America. The rays representing a setting sun represent Arizona as a western state. The colors of the rays red and yellow represent Conrado’s flag when he first came to the area in 1540. The copper-colored star marks Arizona as the United States’ main source of copper.

Population of Arizona

The total population of Arizona is 7,278,717 people. Out of these 7,278,717 people, 82.6% people are White, 5.2% are Black or African American, 3.7% are Asian, 5.3% are American Indian and Alaska Native while the remaining can be classified as other. This data was sourced from the United States Census Bureau.

Languages spoken in Arizona

In 2006, legislation was passed and English was made the official language of Arizona state. But there is an element of Hispanic presence in Arizona since the start and hence Spanish is pretty commonly used in the region.  Other regional languages include:

  • Navajo
  • Chinese
  • Other Native languages

Interesting Facts about Arizona

  • There are 22 national parks and monuments in Arizona.
  • There are more than 100 wineries and 22 varietals of wine produced in Arizona.
  • Arizona chefs and restaurants have received more than 50 James Beard nominations since 2010
  • Arizona’s Sonoran Desert is the only place on earth where the iconic saguaro cactus grows
  • Two of the top-rated waterfalls in the United States are located in Arizona: Grand Falls and Havasu Falls.
  • The Grand Canyon National Park is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, and the only one located within the United States.
  • According to Travel + Leisure, three of the 10 world’s best destination spas are in Arizona (two in Tucson and one in Sedona).
  • The Arizona Trail is 800 miles long and is dedicated to hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding and cross-country skiing.

Places to Visit in Arizona

Arizona is filled with supreme locations that one can visit and have the time of their lives. Some of the best locations for tourists are mentioned below. 

Grand Canyon– If you’re going to Arizona you’ve got to check out the Grand Canyon. Like its name, it is definitely grand. It’s hard not to be fascinated by this natural marvel while peering out over the countless ridges of vivid cliff walls and deep ravines. In the late afternoon sun, the canyon glows, showing hues of brown, red, purple, and everything that is in between. 

Sedona- It is a unique town just 1.5 hours drive away from Phoenix. On the way you can check out the stunning red cliffs and mountains. Moreover the villages are equally mesmerizing. You can visit their pawn shops, psychics and have a truly mystical experience. Within easy reach of Sedona, popular day trip destinations include Flagstaff and Jerome. The scenic drives from Sedona to both of these towns make them worth the ride, but you can easily complete a day exploring any spot. At the Arizona Snowbowl, skiers can also find downhill skiing only outside Flagstaff.

Phoenix-Phoenix is a great metropolitan city if you want to have a truly luxurious experience. You can visit the spas and have a relaxing day. Shopping malls and high towers have everything that you may require during your stay. There are hiking trails, biking trails, golf courses and so much more. There are even some ghost towns to explore if you’re looking for some supernatural thrill.  

Hoover Dam– A fine work of modern engineering, Hoover Dam makes for an excellent spot. The biggest artificial lake in the United States is Lake Mead, stifled by the Hoover Dam. It is 110 miles deep, and carries the average of the Colorado River’s two years of flood. While there is a fee for parking, you can drive or walk over the dam for free. Another alternative is to take a tour of the Power Plant or Hoover Dam. The recreation area offers information about the dam and tours, and has a café with some simple food choices.


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