Map of California and Flag | California Outline, Counties and Cities Map

State of California Flag
State of California Flag

Map of California and Flag | California Outline, Counties and Cities Map






Known for its trendsetters and iconic life that is often the mainstream life portrayed on social media. California is one of the most famous places on earth for the social life that it has. With immense diversity, beautiful beaches with a great number of surfers, you get the best of the best city life here in California. Nature lovers might not get amused by this state but we all love movies and California gets you close to behind the scenes of it all with its significance due to the presence of Hollywood in Los Angeles.

Map of California


Is it always sunny in California?

California is known for being sunny and hot which makes the beach an ideal thing to exist in a state like this. However, it is a common misconception that California is often sunny, more like it is almost always sunny. The weather of California can be unpredictable at times that even leaves the locals surprised. California is rumored to have extreme weather conditions and we will say that it definitely gets hot but the state rarely deals with storms, tornadoes or hurricanes. During winters, you might have to deal with a little fog and no sunshine but throughout most of the year, all you’ll get is bright sun and beach weather every day.

What is California known for?

We have all seen American chick flicks glorifying California and its influencer or fashion culture. Even now in recent days with the rise of social media and its influencer culture, every other person moves to LA. California has been glorified to the rest of the world as the perfect place with just the right food and people. On the other hand, it is also famous for its agriculture and its cultural institutions. California also has its reputation for having one of the hottest places on Earth, the Death Valley.

Why is California called the Golden State?

California obtained its nickname as the Golden State and it was made official in 1968. The origin of the nickname can be traced back to 1848 when gold mines were discovered in California by James Marshall. After this, several miners moved to California and it greatly increased California’s population from 14,000 to 250,000 and in just a short time of 9 years around 28,280,711 ounces of fine gold was extracted which is now worth around billions today. Production of gold is a lot less now but the name remains.

California Flag Facts

State of California Flag
State of California Flag

Several people even Californians do not know about this but previously around 1846, California used to be a part of Mexico. There was a revolution against Mexican rule due to which the rebels were able to declare California and the south of San Francisco, a free state. This rebellion did not last long and failed to separate California and make it independent but the design of the bear flag was inspired by this. The people who flew this flag for the first time quickly gained popularity as “Bear Flaggers”

Colors and Meaning of the Flag of California

The bear on the flag is called Monarch. The bear became a symbol because of how common it used to be in California. The red star on the flag is inspired by Texas and it represents freedom. The Californian flag was ranked 13th for being the most beautiful flag by the North American Vexillological Association (NAVA).

Population of California

California is known to be the most populated state in the US having a population of around 39.5 million. The best thing about this state is the immense diversity that there is and a culture that ties it all together, people from several ethnic and racial groups. There is no ethnic group that forms a majority in California.

Languages Spoken in California

More than half of the population speaks English only but a large chunk of the population is also bilingual. With such immense diversity, you are bound to find someone from California who speaks the same native language as you. Following are some of the commonly spoken languages in California

  • Spanish
  • Spanish Creole
  • Chinese
  • Tagalog
  • Vietnamese
  • Korean
  • Armenian
  • Japanese
  • German
  • Persian

Interesting Facts about California

  • California is known as the ‘Avocado Capital of the world’ and an avocado festival is held every year in Fallbrook.
  • Miss the old times? San Francisco still has the only operational cable cars in the U.S. and it is regarded as the very first moving National Historic Landmark.
  • Do you think that every other person lives in California? If yes, then you won’t be wrong since due to its population 1 in every 8 US residents live in California.
  • The land of trendsetters, this is where it all started. The Internet started here and the very first ARPANET message was sent from a UCLA site.
  • The world-famous Golden Gate Bridge was actually initially deemed to be ugly before it was famous and loved by everyone.
  • The beloved windows wallpaper of the green hills was taken here in Napa Valley.

Places to visit in California

California has a lot to offer from beautiful farms to amazing nightlife and a great culture that anyone can easily fit into. Here are some of the most famous places in California that you must visit on your stay here

  • Yosemite National Park – It is one of the most visited national parks of the US and for a good reason because of the view that it has to offer and all that nature offers a great getaway from the usual city pollution.
  • Disneyland – No one can miss this when they are in California. Revisit your childhood memories in the best possible way with amazing rides and food.
  • Lake Tahoe – The way to the lake makes up for a great hiking trip and the view is worth all of your efforts to the way here with clear waters and beautiful stones.
  • Universal Studios Hollywood – The ideal place for any movie lovers, this amusement park is one of the famous attractions in California. Get to live inside your favorite movies.


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