Map of Barbados | Barbados Flag Facts | Should I go to Barbados?

Barbados Flag map
Barbados Flag map

Map of Barbados | Barbados Flag Facts | Should I go to Barbados?






Are you up for a journey to another island country? This time we will take you to Barbados, one of the finest Caribbean islands with turquoise waters, hidden caves, charming landscapes, beautiful weather and many fun activities. In this article, we are going to bring to the table some interesting facts about Barbados regarding its map and location, people, language, flag facts and much more. Make sure you stay with us throughout this virtual journey

Map of Barbados

Where is Barbados located on the World map?

The Barbados map is very intriguing. The island is on the extreme east of the Caribbean Sea in the Lesser Antilles. Map of the Caribbean showing Barbados exhibits it on the eastern side of Windward islands at the southwestern corner of North Atlantic Ocean. It is above the equator in the West Indies zone of Central America. Note that Central America is in the southern side of North America, so, technically speaking, Barbados is a North American Caribbean island nation. To the west is St. Vincent and Grenadines, to the southwest is Trinidad and Tobago. On its south is the continent of South America.

Is Barbados safe to travel to?

Caribbean islands have been notorious for pirates in the past. At present, though law and order have been restored, still some islands are very dangerous for tourists. But don’t worry, the good news is Barbados is the safest among these islands. You can comfortably visit this place. However, do not forget to follow the precautions to avoid any unwanted incident. Make sure you do not walk alone in isolated areas when it is dark. Choose a well-reputed hotel, arrange an official taxi, and everything will go fine. Barbadian people are friendly and welcoming. You won’t find any difficulty regarding your safety.

Barbados population size

Barbados has a population of about 287,415 people at present (at the time this article was published). This figure is calculated by Worldometer elaboration of the latest United Nations data. In comparison with all world countries, it makes a very tiny percentage of the global population. According to the United Nations list of countries (and dependencies) by population, Barbados sits at 183rd position. The island is stretched over 430 square kilometres with a population density of 668 per square kilometre. More than 30% of its population (about 89,695 according to a recent estimate) reside in urban areas. The median age is 40.5 years. The yearly change percentage in the last decade has reduced from 0.42% in 2010 to 0.12% in 2020. Bridgetown, Barbados capital is a majorly populated city with around 110,000 residents.

Barbados Ethnic Groups

About more than 90% of Barbados people are of African descent. The second majority is of mixed Afro-European race. A small portion from white ancestry also live here, that are mainly from British lineage. Traces of Asian heredity from Indian subcontinent also count in. Some other groups include the middle east and Chinese inhabitants. Other than that, some elites from the US also live and run their businesses here. Bajan or Barbadian is the term used for locals. The majority follow Christianity; however, some traces of other religions also exist including Baha’i, Jews, Hindus, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and Muslims.

Bajan Language

English: English is the official language here with a standard British accent. It seems surprising that the proximity of the United States has not affected the spellings. All the official and formal proceedings from education to media are strictly in British English. It is because the country has a rich history with British explorers who set their foot here, their strong impressions are alive in the standard official language.

Bajan Creole: Apart from official work, Bajan Creole is widely spoken among masses. Bajan has not gained the status of a language technically. It is a dialect of British English mixed with African languages. It came to use when slaves were brought here from western Africa by British settlers. The African speaking slaves learnt wrong English and mixed it with their local languages. As a result, the Bajan dialect appeared. It is very close to standard English, and with a little effort, you can surely master it. Since it is not a standard language, you may experience a difference in spelling from person to person, but there are various commonalities that one can infer as grammatical rules. For example, the term ‘wuna’ refers to plural ‘you’, likewise the questions are straight statements with a rising sound effect that the other person perceives as something being asked. For instance, in standard English, if you want to say, did you sleep? In Bajan, you will say, wuna sleep? 

Barbados Flag Facts

Barbados Flag
Barbados Flag

Barbados Trident Symbol

Barbados Flag has three vertical stripes in a sequence of ultramarine blue, golden yellow, and ultramarine blue. The yellow band has a broken black trident in its centre. The height to width proportion is 2:3. It was officially hoisted on the country’s Independence Day November 30, 1966, for the very first time. Before that the island had two flags; one of West Indies Federation and the other as of a British Colony. The trident in the present flag is from the Colony Flag in which a King riding water horse chariot held a trident in his hand.

Bajan Flag meaning

Like any other world flag, Barbados flag also has deep meanings hidden in its colours and patterns. The two blue stripes represent the sky and the sea. The golden yellow band is for sandy beaches and the earthly assets. The broken shaft of trident symbolizes independence from the British Empire. In mythology, the trident is an arm of the sea god, and it was commonly used by British settlers to show their power over the colonial islands. Now it represents the sea resources of Barbados and the nation’s strength. The three heads refer to three principles of democracy, that is the government of people, the government for people, and the government by people.

Who designed the Barbados flag?

As the country was near to be independent, the government held a flag competition. Participants from all over the cities came up with zeal and zest. More than 1000 entries got submitted, of which the present Barbados flag was selected. Grantley W. Prescod, a native artist, created this design. 

Rules for the national flag of Barbados

There is a set protocol for flying and hoisting of the national flag of Barbados nation. It includes the following rules:

  • The flag must be flown on public buildings and Trafalgar Square from 6 in the morning to 6 in the evening. It should also be waived on educational and official buildings as courts and other government institutes while they are in the procession. The flag must not be flown over the roof after 6 pm. However, one can wave the flag at night inside the building.
  • In the situation of mourning, the flag should be flown at half-mast. 
  • The flag with the inverted trident is specified only to wave over a confiscated property and cannot be used for usual proceedings.
  • While waving, it should not touch the items beneath it as ground, floor, table, etc.

Should I go to Barbados?

Snorkelling, diving, sunbath over white sands, giggling with locals, enjoying the feasts, there are so many reasons why you must visit Barbados. Here are some top recommended activities that you must do.

  • Make your Barbados holidays special by swimming with giant turtles. It is one of the best refreshing experiences. You can ask your hotel to arrange a boat tour or a dive in sparkling oceanic waters.
  • Take a short boat ride and visit Animal Flower Cave located on the northern side of the island. You will have a sense of terror and thrill seeing the ocean from its rocky under-roof.
  • Take your nature-loving side to the next heights by visiting Harrison’s Cave. Its miraculous presence will inspire your soul more than anything. It has a cliffy landscape and is very deep from inside. Take a tram and enjoy the ride.
  • Visit a restaurant and order fish. The jumping fried fish is very famous, and you can also eat mahi-mahi locally termed as the dolphin.
  • It is not only about visiting beaches and tourist points, but the people of Barbados are themselves a lovely portion to explore over.

Where to stay in Barbados?

Barbados villas are very luxurious, and if you stay there, they will add up to your comfort and enjoyment. Several resorts claim to be Barbados all-inclusive. However, if you are on a budget and cannot afford Barbados villas/resorts, do not panic at all for there is another opportunity that you can avail, and that is staying with locals. Natives are very jolly and open to compensate you for either of any service or money. They can also guide you about some heart taking Barbados attractions. But if you are not comfortable with strangers, book a lodging.


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