Most Famous Hotels in Denver, Colorado

Downtown Denver Sunrise
Downtown Denver Sunrise





The city of Denver has a history that spans back to the end of 1858 when it was founded. Settled as a gold mining town, it has been popular throughout its existence. Today, Denver hosts more than 30 million visitors every year. The city’s hotels stay busy much of the time, especially three of the area’s most famous–The Brown Palace Hotel & Spa, The Oxford Hotel, and The Stanley Hotel.

In this post, we’re looking at the most famous hotels in Denver, Colorado. We’ll look at some background information for each of them. We’ll also talk about some of the attractions in the areas surrounding these hotels. Keep reading to find out more about some cool spots to stay in Denver.

The Brown Palace Hotel & Spa

The Brown Palace Hotel & Spa - Most Famous Hotels in Denver, Colorado
The Brown Palace Hotel & Spa

This is a luxury boutique hotel and spa that’s located right in downtown Denver. It’s part of the Autograph Collection by Marriott. The Brown Palace Hotel & Spa first opened in 1892. It currently has 243 rooms and suites. For an extra special stay, the top two floors are full of the “Top of the Brown” rooms, which are all recently renovated.

Your Stay

Your stay leaves you feeling pleasantly spoiled. You’re served artesian water from the hotel’s own well. You’ll enjoy fluffy, plush robes in your room. Every part of the hotel and spa is decorated with an eye for elegance. Even the dishes are sophisticated with upscale style.

Property Amenities

The property boasts six different unique restaurants. They include:

  • Ellyngton’s – serves breakfast and brunch
  • Ship Tavern – serves lunch and dinner; includes Happy Hour
  • Churchill Bar – serves dinner
  • Palace Arms – serves dinner
  • Brown Palace Atrium Lobby – serves afternoon tea and cocktails
  • Brown Palace Coffee & Tea – serves breakfast and lunch

Each of the restaurants offers something special. You’ll enjoy dining experiences rather than just meals.

The hotel also includes a spa and salon, a large event space, 18 meeting rooms, a fitness center, and a social lobby.

Claim to Fame

Every Monday through Sunday from noon to 4 pm, The Brown Palace hosts afternoon tea under their famed stained-glass ceiling. Guests sip tea dressed with authentic Devonshire cream straight from England. You’ll also enjoy a variety of handmade pastries.

Also in the Neighborhood

The hotel is located close to many popular attractions. Some of the most well-known include Coors Field, the 16th Street Mall, Ball Arena, the Broncos Stadium, the Denver Art Museum, and Elitch Gardens Theme Park.

The Oxford Hotel

The Oxford Hotel - Most Famous Hotels in Denver, Colorado
The Oxford Hotel

The Oxford Hotel is an iconic landmark located in downtown Denver. It sits in the LoDo neighborhood in Lower Downtown. The hotel was established in 1891 at the height of the railroad surge. Denver’s population increased massively with the arrival of the railroads. The Oxford Hotel was to be a first-class hotel close to Union Station.

There are 80 rooms and suites at The Oxford Hotel. They’re decorated in a light and calming style. Each room is meant to give guests a peaceful place to rest in tranquillity.

Your Stay

Your stay includes free Wi-Fi and bottled water in your room. You’ll also receive discounts and coupons for drinks and appetizers at specified places. The rooms are modern but with a historical tone. The furnishings and decorations are all hand-picked. You’ll sleep comfortably on Egyptian cotton sheets every night, surrounded by light and bright colors.

Property Amenities

The Oxford Hotel houses a restaurant called the Urban Farmer. Its menu is full of foods made with ingredients sourced locally. There is also a cocktail lounge called The Cruise Room. It’s designed with an air of Prohibition Era style. From 5:30 to 7 pm, guests can enjoy drinks from the Bourbon Bar in the lobby, as well.

The Oxford Club, Spa & Salon is available for guests who want a little pampering. There’s a Tesla courtesy ride you can take to anywhere within two miles of the hotel. The Oxford also includes a fitness center, an events space, and meeting rooms.

Claim to Fame

Besides the luxurious atmosphere and the stellar location, The Oxford Hotel is also known for its haunted mysterious side. Guests have reported being locked in bathroom stalls, and sinks which turn off and on by themselves. The Cruise Room is said to be frequently visited by the ghost of a postman from the long ago past.

The most famous haunted stories, though, are surrounding Room 320. The story goes that in 1898, a woman murdered her lover and then shot herself in that room. Men staying in the room report having their sheets ripped from the bed. They also report having their arms pulled by something they can’t see.

Also in the Neighborhood

The Oxford Hotel is located in one of Denver’s most popular neighborhoods, LoDo. This area is known for its restaurants and good shopping. You’ll have easy access to many museums, sports arenas, and concert venues. The 16th Street Mall is blocks away. You’ll have plenty to do that’s easy to get to from The Oxford Hotel.

Bonus: The Stanley Hotel

The Stanley Hotel - Most Famous Hotels in Denver, Colorado
The Stanley Hotel

The Stanley Hotel is the most famous hotel in Colorado. It’s about an hour and a half from Denver. It’s located in the mountain town of Estes Park. The hotel overlooks the town from its perch on the northern side of Estes. It’s backed by a stunning rock wall and is moments away from Rocky Mountain National Park.

The Stanley Hotel has 140 rooms and is steeped in history. It had lost its luster in the 1970s but saw a comeback after Stephen King stayed for a night and was inspired to write his best-seller, The Shining.

Today, The Stanley Hotel is visited by travelers from all over the world. It’s a premier wedding venue in Colorado and an important piece of Estes Park’s history and identity.

Final Thoughts

Denver, Colorado is a beautiful city with the Rocky Mountains flanking one side. These are three of the most famous hotels in this landmark city. Each has its own claim to fame and is sure to give you a stay you won’t soon forget.

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