Map of Idaho and Flag | Outline, Counties, Cities and Road Map

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Idaho State Tourist Map, USA. Travel and attractions
Idaho State Tourist Map, USA. Travel and attractions

Map of Idaho and Flag | Outline, Counties, Cities and Road Map







The State of Idaho is located in the northwest region of the United States of America. On its northern border, the British Columbia of Canada is situated. Towards its’ west, there is Oregon and Washington, with Wyoming on the eastern border. If you see the southern border of Idaho, you will find Nevada and Utah, and on the northeastern border is Montana.

An interesting fact about Idaho is that it did not become a state of its own until 1890. Originally, Idaho fell under the territory of Colorado and it was actually known as ‘Colorado Territory’.

There is a total area of 216,431 square kilometers covered by Idaho. Out of this, the total land area is 213, 447 square kilometers whereas the total inland water area is 2,984 square kilometers.

Boise is the capital and the largest city of Idaho, and it is set in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. There is a total of 225 cities in the state of Idaho and the biggest ones include Meridian, Nampa, Idaho Falls, Pocatello, Caldwell, Twin Falls, Lewiston, Rexburg, Moscow, Eagle, Kuna, Chubbuck, Haydon, Ammon, Mountain Home, Burley, and Hailey.

Popular cities include Soda Springs, Eagle, Dalton Gardens, Ammon, Hayden, Boise, Rigby, Moscow, CottonWoods, Idaho Falls, Mackay, and a few more.

Living in the state of Idaho

What is it like to live in Idaho and is it a good place to live in? One main feature of this state is its safety. Generally, there are few chances of dangerous events occurring here that would compromise your safety. It is a peaceful state that promises a relaxing life. 

Another great aspect of living in Idaho is that it is very clean, especially its capital, Boise. You generally won’t see trash lying around and there is no pollution as such. 

People in Idaho also have a pleasing and friendly overall attitude and are usually helpful to others. 

One major benefit of residing in Idaho is the low cost of living here, when compared to other states. One can easily find reasonably priced apartments in Idaho. 

Lastly, there are a number of outdoor activities making life in Idaho quite happening and active for residents. At the same time, there is a lovely ‘small town’ feel here, with nature, peace, and a lot of activities to do. 

There are not many cons to living in Idaho. However, there are a few points potential residents should know about. As the city is growing fast, the amount of traffic here is increasing. Furthermore, being an open carry state, Idaho does not require one to have a license of any kind, in order to hold or carry a gun. 

One main drawback of Idaho is that shopping is a bit limited. If you want to go to fancy outlets, you might have to go out of the state.

Still, there are differences in the lifestyle within the state of Idaho. You can expect a different life in Northern Idaho compared to Central Idaho. And Southern Idaho will be even different than these two.

The bottom line about living in Idaho is that most people would enjoy life here. In 2017, Idaho was listed by SmartAsset as one of the best state capitals to live in.

What is Idaho famous for?

Idaho is a famous scenic location with stunning views. It is a classically beautiful state and there is an abundance of nature here. You will find hot springs, gorgeous mountains, and forests, and lovely lakes. In fact, Idaho is also known as ‘Gem State’ for its exquisite beauty and landscape. Even real gemstones and natural resources can be found here.

Silver, lead, zinc as well as lumber are extracted here. Opal, star garnets, jade, jasper, zircon, topaz and tourmaline are abundant in this region and are mined from here.

Agriculture in Idaho is also an important department and it is a multi-million-dollar sector. Interestingly, it is among the top 10 states in the nation producing a variety of 27 crops as well as livestock. Commonly grown vegetables are barley, beets, mint, onions, trout, peas, and potatoes. A number of dairy items are also produced here.

A number of famous attractions are present in Idaho and are very attractive to tourists. Shoshone Falls on the Snake river near Twin Falls is a must-visit. Why is it so popular? The Shoshone falls is even higher than Niagara Falls, at 212 feet.  The park is mostly open from March through September.

As mentioned earlier, plenty of outdoor attractions make Idaho stand out. Adventure seekers would love the world-class sports and thrilling activities that are brimming here. Fishing, hunting, camping, boating are just some of them. You can also enjoy summer sports like hiking, golfing, rafting, kayaking, and mountain biking. In the winters, you can enjoy skiing and snowboarding adventures.

There is more to Idaho than what meets the eye. One of the rare and expensive delicacies here is caviar and it is highly regarded here. Huckleberries are also largely available and are known as the state fruit of Idaho. 

Idaho State Flag

Adopted in 1907, the flag of the state of Idaho has a deep blue silk background along with shades of gold, green, and white. There is an image of the state’s Great Seal, which is surrounded by a gold band. The flag says “Great Seal of the State of Idaho.” Underneath the seal, there is a gold and red banner that reads “State of Idaho.”

The image on the flag represents a miner and a female symbolizing justice, liberty, and equality. Also depicted on the flag are the natural resources in Idaho like forests, mines and the wildlife. There are additional symbols like pine tree, grain, cornucopias, and an elk’s head; all representing the main features of the state. The Shoshone River is also depicted.

Best city to live in Idaho

Situated in the heart of Treasure Valley, Boise is the capital of Idaho and it is one of the highest recommended cities here. A good standard of living, education, and a high number of job opportunities, it is one of the best cities to live in this state.

Plus, Boise is only 20 minutes away from the wilderness. 

Another best choice is Moscow. This is a cozy city and is a comfortable place to live in for its affordability, so it is popular among millennials. It is a college town enriched with job opportunities, with plenty of hustle and bustle.

Best places to visit in Idaho

Idaho is a great place for a vacation. You can find high-end resorts for a luxurious time and the wildest of adventures here. The shimmering pristine rivers and gorgeous-looking mountains are a breath of fresh air for tourists. 

Stanley is one of the best places to visit, for some of the best scenery here. This town is situated on the bank of Salmon River and is surrounded by White Cloud mountain ranges. Sea-food lovers would also enjoy dining here. It is perfect for those looking for a dose of adventure as there are opportunities for fishing in the alpine lakes and a variety of hiking trails.

Another must-visit is Craters of the Moon. Here, you can practically walk on top of what used to be lava. Plus the underground lava tube can also be explored. This place has a unique landscape, as there is a gnarled, frozen terrain now. It can be super fascinating to hike here and is a popular spot for camping too.

And lastly, one must visit the Shoshone Falls, also known as “Niagara of the West”. The waterfall is extremely beautiful to witness. Plus, visitors can have picnics, hike on the trails and much more. There is also a boat ramp, swimming area and lush grasses.

That’s not all. Idaho is a place you can endlessly explore if you ever choose to come here for the holidays. The state of Idaho is ideal for living as well as tourism with its unique and unforgettable features.


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