Map of Boise, Idaho Area | What is Boise Known for?

Idaho state capital building and city of Boise
Idaho state capital building and city of Boise

Map of Boise, Idaho Area







The city of Boise has been around since 1863. Since then, it has become known as the City of Trees and a favorite destination for nature lovers, kayakers, and skiers. Boise is also known for its wineries, cultural centers and attractions, and Boise State University. 

Discover all that Boise has to offer for tourists and residents alike! This gorgeous city has something for everyone!

Where Is Boise Located On The US Map?

You can locate Boise by glancing at the top left quadrant of a United States map near Oregon and Wyoming. Boise sits in the Southwestern portion of Idaho. The city is about 50 miles east of Oregon’s borders and about 110 miles north of Nevada’s border. 

How Big Is Boise?

The city of Boise is about 85 square miles. Its surrounding metropolitan area, known as Boise City–Nampa, Idaho Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) or The Treasure Valley, is about 11,833.06 sq mi.

What Is The Population of Boise?

Boise is the capital city of Idaho, and its population reflects that. The estimated population of Boise for 2020 sits at around 229,993 people. However, the Boise metropolitan area is far larger, with a population of about 749,202 people.

Is Boise, Idaho, A Good Place To Live?

Boise, Idaho, is an excellent place to live for families and singles alike. 


Boise has regional and local transit systems in place, with city buses, taxi systems, and adequate cycling pathways. The average commute for Boise residents to work clocks in under 20 minutes. The city also hosts the Boise Airport for regional U.S. travel.


Boise’s public school system is extensive and well organized. The city has over 90 elementary schools, 30 middle schools, and 20 high schools.

Higher education flourishes in Boise. Boise State University is well known for its sports programs and diverse academic programs. The University boasts an 18:1 student to professor ratio and a diverse student population.


Boise’s economy is going strong. The unemployment rate is 3.6%, well under the national average of 6%. 

Boise is home to several large companies, including Hewlett Packard, Albertsons, Micron Technology, and Microsoft. Additionally, small businesses flourish in Boise, with over 130,000 small businesses making the city their home. 

Cost of Living

Boise is 8% cheaper than the national average for the cost of living. For example, ag. A home in Boise costs about $250,000, with lower grocery, transportation, and utility bills than most places in the U.S. 

Health and Wellness

Citizens of Boise have an excellent quality of medical care and wellness options. Outdoor fitness and indoor gyms thrive in the city. In addition, Boise is home to three hospitals, including a VA.  

What Are The Best Areas For Living In Boise?

Boise has several popular neighborhoods, each with its benefits and highlights.

The North End

The North End neighborhood of Boise features some of the city’s oldest historic homes. It has several public schools, parks, and family-friendly restaurants nearby. 

Warm Springs and East End

Warm Springs and the East End neighborhood sit on top of hot springs that give the area its name. Warm Springs hosts many historic mansions. The East End is more expensive and has a public golf park and ample nightlife for young professionals.

Boise Highlands

The Highlands is a growing neighborhood in Boise. Arts and culture flourish here, and cafes and restaurants are growing as well. Schools and outdoor activities abound in this neighborhood.

Southeast Boise

Southeast Boise is the family and education-focused hub of Boise. Home to Boise State University and highly rated public schools, parents love the education in this neighborhood. Outdoor activities, nearby grocery stores, and easy commutes make this a great area.

What Is Boise Known For?

Boise has an impressive resume. The city grew during the era of the Oregon Trail, but French fur trappers and gold miners enjoyed the area long before that. Here are a few things Boise is known for:

It Is The Largest City In Idaho

Boise and its metropolitan area make up most of the state’s population! 

Zoos and Museums

Boise is home to Zoo Boise, an animal refuge and public zoo. The city also hosts the Aquarium of Boise, an aquatic center where visitors can explore ocean animals.

Boise is also home to the Idaho State Museum, the Boise Art Museum, and the Museum of Mining and Geology, with over a half dozen other museums and galleries in the city. 

Idaho Shakespeare Festival

Literature and theatre lovers celebrate the Bard annually at the Idaho Shakespeare Festival. This outdoor festival also hosts plenty of other non-Shakespeare plays and concerts in the balmy outdoor air of Boise. 

Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area

The Bogus Basin is a non-profit recreation area in the Boise National Forest. It has traditional outdoor activities like skiing, mountain biking, and hiking. Bogus Basin also has an outdoor mountain roller coaster, summer tubing, climbing walls, and more.

Boise State University

Boise is well known in the college sports circuit for its bright blue football field. In addition, the NCAA school has a huge fan following of the BSU Broncos. As a result, it’s not uncommon to see the whole city decked out in blue during significant sports games.

Idaho Botanical Garden

Boise is home to the Idaho Botanical Garden. The gardens often host live concerts, tai chi classes, and other culturally enriching events. 

Greenbelt/Boise River

The Boise Greenbelt is a 25-mile long park that sits along the Boise River. The Greenbelt pathway goes through the heart of the city, with ample parks, wildlife, and gorgeous scenery for visitors and pedestrians to enjoy.

Craft Beer Brewing and Wineries

Boise has become the craft beer and wine center of Idaho. Split Rail and Cinder wineries are popular haunts, and there are over a dozen popular microbreweries in the city. Brewery and winery tours are popular activities for visitors and locals alike!

Final Thoughts on Boise

If you’re looking for a fun, enriching place to visit or live, Boise is it! Families will love its educational and living amenities, while visitors and residents alike will enjoy the scenery and cultural activities year-round!

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