Map of St. Paul Minnesota Area | What is St. Paul Known for?

St. Paul, Minnesota night skyline along the Mississippi River
St. Paul, Minnesota night skyline along the Mississippi River

Map of St. Paul Minnesota Area


Where is St. Paul, MN located on the US Map?

St. Paul is located on the east side of the state of Minnesota, and it shares its fame with its immediate neighbor, Minneapolis. Together, these two cities form what is known as the twin cities. 

How big is St. Paul, MN? 

In 2019, Saint Paul, Minnesota had a population of 304,547. 

Is St. Paul, MN a good place to live?

St. Paul, Minnesota is ranked as number 29 in a list of  Best Cities for Young Professionals in America. The bigger a city gets, the harder it is to win that kind of score, but on, St Paul has landed a walloping Grade A and an overall score of 4 out of 5 stars.

You won’t have to go to the bureau of tourism in order to hear that St. Paul is one of the best places to live in the entire state.

The overall school system is well above average, compared to the rest of the country. Like any state that is colder longer than other places, there are plenty of things to do indoors.

There is no lack of coffee shops, restaurants, bars, and parks. The city is predominantly the home of families and young professionals.

Warm and Cozy

Some residents have affectionately referred to Saint Paul as St. “Small.”

One born-and-raised St. Paul native said that they had moved to California for 2 years and realized it was a mistake. They came back as quickly as they possibly could.

There are plenty of people that boldly state that the food in St. Paul is the best in the entire midwest, and that’s a claim they have made after factoring in Chicago. Hey, we’re just reporting.

Most cities brag about having something for everyone, but St. Paul really has the clout to back it up. Its close proximity to Minneapolis plays a part in this. 

St. Paul is described as being the perfect balance of urban and rural. The nightlife is alive and well and the residents have more than their share of “Minnesota Nice” in their veins.

Should the day come that you’re no longer young and restless, you can easily bed down and raise a family in St. Paul and rest easy, knowing that your children are growing up in a good city.

Art and Heart

St. Paul and Minneapolis both share a thriving arts community that includes painting, photography, and beyond.

You don’t have to go too far in any direction to find something different. The diversity of St Paul is one of their biggest bragging points. The diversity is reflected not only in the people, but also in the businesses, restaurants, and events.

What are the best areas to live in St. Paul, MN?

The number one ranked neighborhood in St. Paul Minnesota is MacAlester-Groveland. It’s ranked as a solid A+ on All the other details of the community also get A’s: the housing, the nightlife, the crime and safety, with B’s reserved only for public schools and diversity.

MacAlester-Groveland is described as having a dense suburban feel where most residents live in their homes. The neighborhood by itself has its share of bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks.

Million-dollar homes are not uncommon in this neighborhood. Virtually all other homes are at least $100,000.00

One long-time resident fondly reflects on having lived in MacAlester-Groveland for 34 years, during which time they raise their kids and have helped to raise their grandkids.

They all love the neighborhood, and their only misgiving about it is the lack of money to afford a home in the neighborhood. That same resident says that it feels like living in a small town.

The runner-ups to MacAlester-Groveland aren’t behind by much, and these include Saint Anthony Park, Summit Hill, and Union Park. All of those neighborhoods have an overall score of A+ on

What is St. Paul, MN known for?

St. Paul began its life being known as Pig’s Eye, MN. It was named after a one-eyed fur trader and bootlegger named Pierre Parrant. He put down roots in a tract of land in front of Fountain Cave and opened a tavern called Pig’s Eye Tavern.

He put food on the table by selling liquor to the soldiers stationed at Ft. Snelling and also the rough crowds to be found at the squatters’ camps.

If you’re in love with the Mississippi River, St. Paul has more riverfront of the Mississippi than any other city. 26 miles to be exact.

Quite a few famous people have come out of St. Paul. Author F. Scott Fitzgerald was born on Laurel Avenue in 1896. From his home on summit avenue, he wrote This Side of Paradise.

While his father ran a barbershop at Snelling and Selby, Charles Schultz grew up in St. Paul who would later go on to create the world-famous Peanuts gang that unleashed Snoopy and Charlie Brown on the world.

Not necessarily a native, famous pilot Amelia Earhart resided in the Summit Hill neighborhood for a while, at least as long as she attended St. Paul’s Central High School.

The largest African American festival in Minnesota is held in the Rondo Neighborhood. The neighborhood has thrived over the decades even in the midst of a culture rife with racism.

There was a period of time when notorious gangsters virtually owned St. Paul. Gangsters could freely roam St. Paul as long as they stayed out of trouble and paid a percentage of their earnings to the police department, thanks to city police chief John O’Connor. You would have never guessed such a past, considering the friendliness of the St. Paul that we know today.

Those big names in crime included gangsters like John Dillinger, Babyface Nelson, and Ma Barker’s gang. They weren’t alone. The city’s past reputation as a shelter for murderers, train-jackers, and bank robbers remains a dark spot on the city’s history, but also a fascinating point of learning for visitors.

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