Map of St. Petersburg Florida Area | What is St. Petersburg Known for?

Aerial view of St. Petersburg, Florida
Aerial view of St. Petersburg, Florida

Map of St. Petersburg Florida Area






St. Petersburg is one of Florida’s many beautiful beach destinations. It is known for its sunny, warm, and pleasant weather and legendary beaches, as well as a variety of other attractions like the city’s vibrant arts and culture scene.

All of these things, as well as the low cost of living, have made St. Petersburg a popular place to retire, although, in recent years, the city’s younger populations have been growing as well.

The Basics: Where is St. Petersburg? 

St. Petersburg is located in the center of Florida’s western coast, between the Gulf of Mexico and Tampa Bay. It is Florida’s fifth-largest city by population and one of the major cities in the Tampa Bay area, with a population of around 300,000.

St. Petersburg also forms a larger Metro area with the cities of Tampa and Clearwater. The metro area has a population of around 2.8 million, and combines the attractions of urban life with the area’s iconic beach destinations.

What is St. Petersburg known for?


Although all of Florida is known for its sunny and beautiful weather, St. Petersburg has a special place of honor. It is nicknamed “The Sunshine City,” and it has around 361 sunny days per year. It has even won a Guinness World Record for having more days of sunshine in a row in one year than any other city.

St. Petersburg’s beautiful weather has attracted a number of people to the city over the years, and the population has been growing as even more people come to experience the beauty of constant sunshine.


What would Florida be without its beaches? St. Petersburg provides a variety of opportunities to relax in the sand and sun, with close access to St. Pete Beach, as well as beaches in Tampa and Clearwater.

The area boasts not just beaches with nice weather, but exciting attractions like the white-sand beaches, as well as opportunities to see dolphins up close.

St.Pete’s beaches are also great places to relax and have fun. There are tiki bars, restaurants, and dessert spots wherever you go, and people of every age enjoying the weather and atmosphere.

St. Petersburg also offers a beautiful array of hotels right on the beach where you can spend the night after watching a beautiful sunset over the Gulf of Mexico and walk right out your door to the beach the next day.

The beaches are perhaps what St. Petersburg is most famous for, but they’re just one of the many things that makes it a popular getaway for travelers around the U.S.

Arts and Culture

One of St. Petersburg’s more unexpected attractions is its art and culture scene. St. Petersburg is home to the largest museum of surrealist painter Salvador Dalí’s work outside of Spain, giving visitors and locals an opportunity to experience the world without leaving the comforts of Florida. They even have a Spanish-style café where you can eat lunch.

In addition to the Dalí museum, St. Petersburg also offers a variety of other art destinations, like the city’s Museum of Fine Arts, or the Chihuly Collection of beautiful glass sculptures. St. Petersburg has also been called one of the world’s best cities to see street art.

The best part? You can walk from museum to museum along the water, enjoying the best of the indoors and outdoors, and stopping for delicious meals and snacks along the way.

Retirement Opportunities

St. Petersburg is known for its beautiful weather, laid-back atmosphere, and variety of activities, making it a great place to live and retire. CNN has even ranked it one of the 25 best places to retire in the U.S.

In addition to the attractions that draw tourists, St. Petersburg also offers a variety of advantages to people looking to live there. It has a lower cost of living than many other cities, while still having a variety of things to do, including shopping and art and cultural activities.

St. Petersburg also has unique opportunities for seniors to continue learning and engage with the local community, through programs where you can audit classes, advise students, and even teach at one of the local colleges.

In a time in your life when so many new possibilities are opening to you, St. Petersburg is a great place to look.

Laid Back Urban Life

St. Petersburg combines the best aspects of living in a bigger city with those of a smaller town, with a vast array of things to do and a more chill, pleasant atmosphere. It has been named “One of America’s Hottest Cities to Live and Visit” by the Huffington Post in 2016.

Downtown St. Petersburg is the perfect place to enjoy the fun of the city, with independent shops, delicious restaurants, bars, and breweries, as well as art galleries.

The St. Pete Pier district is also a fun place to visit, a huge public space along the water with a variety of restaurants, beach activities, and entertainment you can enjoy along the shore. St. Pete is also home to fun events like the largest weekly fresh market in the southeast of the U.S., as well as street art festivals year-round.

St. Petersburg is also home to a great nightlife scene, with cocktail bars, breweries, live music venues, and clubs around the city.

Outdoor Activities

In a city known for its amazing climate and landscape, the natural environment has a lot to offer. If you ever want to break up your time on the beach, the Boyd Hill Nature Preserve offers around six miles of walking trails showing off the area’s natural beauty.

You can also take advantage of the water with activities like canoeing or kayaking, and even opportunities to look out for wildlife like dolphins, water birds, and alligators.

St. Petersburg is known for its beaches and perfect weather, but it’s also an amazing place to visit and live with a variety of activities, beautiful sites, and events to explore. The city also offers a variety of hotels at any price range, as well as restaurants, tours, and transit options to make your trip a breeze from start to finish.

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