Map of Tonga | Tonga Flag Facts | Things to do in Tonga

Map of Tonga | Tonga Flag Facts | Things to do in Tonga

Ever wanted to experience a nice serene beach with no one around you, just you and nature? Well, this is your chance to get just that. Tonga is breathtakingly beautiful when it comes to what nature has gifted it and you can go there to enjoy, unwind and take a break from the pollution, skyscrapers and experience nature differently.

Map of Tonga

Simple Map Of Tonga With Flag
Simple Map Of Tonga With Flag
Tonga, Tongatapu map
Tonga, Tongatapu map
Modern Map of Tonga
Modern Map of Tonga
Administrative map of Tonga
Administrative map of Tonga


Which country owns Tonga?

Tonga is now completely independent. It used to be under the British rule but it was never properly colonized. Around 1845, all the islands were operated under just one chief. In 1900 Tonga gained the title as a protected state through a Treaty of Friendship with the UK. This Treaty of Friendship came to a halt with ending Tonga’s protection in 1970 but Tonga remained a part of the Commonwealth. Tonga recognizes 4th June 1970 as the day it acquired independence and now is one of the very few countries in the Pacific that solely runs its own government making this place very unique out of the bunch.

Where is Tonga located on the world map?

Tonga is always confused to be a part of New Zealand because its geographical location is very close to the borders of New Zealand. Tonga is situated in Tasman bay which is towards the northeastern coast of the South Island of New Zealand. Tonga is 2652kms away from New Zealand.

US relations with Tonga?

With so many countries in the Pacific considered to be under US territory after the Second World War in which a lot of these countries were badly affected not just in the terms of the lives lost but also economically and the US helped them with getting back on their feet. In the case of Tonga, they maintain good and healthy relations with the US and actively work on several social and climate issues.

How many islands are there in Tonga?

The friendly country is made up of a total of 176 islands with only 40 out of them inhabited leaving a lot of empty islands full of nature and unique wildlife for you to explore carefully. Who doesn’t love secluded beaches and unique spots of findings that are exclusive to you? With so many empty islands you can get to experience exactly that. Beautiful clear water with one-of-a-kind marine life that will leave you in awe.

Tonga Flag Facts

Tonga Flag
Tonga Flag

Tonga’s flag is really old and has not changed after its independence since the flag perfectly encompassed the country the way they wanted and now it holds great significance for being so ancient yet keeping up with the times. The Tonga flag was first adopted in the 1840s. The King then worked with Shirley Waldemar Baker who was a Britisher and worked on a new flag that represented Christianity. The designer of the flag later became the first Prime Minister of Tonga.

Meaning and Colors of Tonga Flag

The majority of the population of Tonga has been Christians since the old times which is why the flag holds a cross on the top left corner. The flag has a red field across with a smaller white section on the top left containing a red cross in that area. The white part of the flag represents purity whereas the red color is used to represent the crucifixion, sacrifice and the blood of Christ.

Population of Tonga

Tonga is known as the Friendly Island throughout the world because of its unbelievable hospitality. With a population of 103,197 Tonga is not considered to be a big country and Tongans themselves are the biggest ethnic group present in the country with a very small percentage of Euronesians.

Languages of Tonga

Bigger countries require more languages but in places like Tonga with the majority belonging to the same ethnic group and even the religion, the place only has two official languages; English and Tongan. English is spoken due to its previous relations with Britain and Tongan is used as a local language commonly.

Interesting facts about Tonga

With so many island countries in Oceania, making a decision is very hard. Knowing more about the country helps in choosing which place speaks to you more so here are some interesting things that you probably didn’t know about Tonga!

  • It is the only Monarchy in Oceania.
  • Due to 99% of its population being Christians, Sundays are very specific for Tongans as the country shuts down to observe the Sabbath.
  • Want to be the very first ones to be able to celebrate the New Year? Tonga is one of the very few countries of the world who happen to be the first ones to celebrate New Year and they get to see the first light of every day.
  • A whole new island called the Hunga Tonga-Hunga came into being in 2014 after a volcano eruption.
  • You might get to witness the Flying Fox which is an indigenous animal that is only found in Tonga.

Things to do in Tonga

Tonga offers hospitality like you have never seen or experienced before with people that will make you feel like you are a part of them. With great hospitality, there are also some really great places to visit in Tonga with exceptional beauty and architecture. Here are some of the places to visit during your stay in Tonga:

  • St. Joseph’s Cathedral – For what might seem like a long walk to just a church, it is a lot more than that. Built in the initial times of when Tonga was inhabited, the place not only holds architectural significance but also historical.
  • Nuku’alofa – Unlike capitals of other countries, the capital of Tonga is completely different with no skyscrapers to be seen, and everything is at a walking distance.
  • Ha’atafu Beach – A picture-perfect beach except it is not photoshopped at all. With white sand and clear turquoise water, this beach is on the main island of Tongatapu and is considered to be one of the hidden gems of Tonga.


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