Map of Washington DC Area | What is Washington DC Known for?

US White House
US White House

Map of Washington DC Area | What is Washington DC Known for?







Washington D.C is the United State’s capital city, and it attracts over 25 million visitors yearly. The city is home to over 175 embassies, and 15 percent of Washington D.C residents are multilingual, making it a cosmopolitan hub!

 Did you know that every single road in Washington D.C. leads to the White House? There are also hundreds of tunnels underneath Washington D.C. for members of the house and senators that the public has never seen! Also, citizens of Washington D.C consume more wine than any other US city.

 If you want to visit a place with numerous global landmarks, an international hub, and a city that preserves a small-town ambiance, you’ll love visiting Washington D.C. It is arguably the world’s most influential city – let’s learn more about it! 

Where is Washington D.C. located on the US Map?

Washington D.C is on the East Coast of the US. The city lies between Maryland and Virginia, and about 40 miles south of Baltimore City and 108 miles north of Richmond.

You can get to Washington D.C. quickly from neighboring cities such as New York City and Philadelphia. The train from New York City takes around 3 hours, and the train from Philadelphia is about 2 hours.

Washington D.C. is a travel hub – you can quickly get to the city from anywhere in the US and worldwide.

How big is Washington D.C.?

The US founded Washington D.C. in 1790 – and the city has grown ever since. Today, the population of Washington D.C. is 692,683 and growing yearly. The total size of Washington D.C is 177 square kilometers.

Is Washington D.C. an excellent place to live?

Washington D.C is an excellent place to live because it is one of the United States’ cultural and economic hubs. A considerable proportion of government jobs are in Washington, D.C, and there are various top-class career opportunities in the city. The city is home to great restaurants, outdoor areas, and shopping facilities.  

The climate of Washington D.C. is relatively good for living because it rarely has extreme cold or hot weather. During the winter, temperatures can drop below freezing during the night. However, the summers are long and warm, and conditions are often above 80 degrees Fahrenheit.  

What are the best areas to live in Washington D.C.?

Downtown DC

Many people opt to live in Downtown Washington D.C. because it offers the best location – and it is close to many jobs. There are various attractions within Downtown DC, such as restaurants, historical attractions, boutique shopping facilities, and museums. 

Although hotel and rent expenses can be higher in Downtown DC, you are next to some of Washington D.C’s best things to do.  

Adams Morgan

Adams Morgan is an excellent place to live for younger students and people looking for an international vibe. It is a perfect location for young professions because of the vibrant nightlife.  

There are rows of display stores throughout the area, and visitors and locals love the selection of international cuisine from Asian to Hispanic.  

Pentagon City

The Pentagon City is a quiet and up-and-coming area for people looking to escape the craziness of Washington D.C. You can walk around the neighborhood and enjoy various local restaurants, including international cuisine options. 

The area is fantastic for those looking for a place to raise a family. Plus, there are excellent shopping options in the area too.  


Rosslyn is a relatively new business and residential area – it is a beautiful neighborhood if you’re looking for cafes, nightclubs, and popular restaurants. There are some excellent cultural opportunities in the Artisphere houses or the Rosslyn Jazz Festival, offering events to keep the area lively.  

Also, it is the closest area to Downtown Washington D.C. – so it is an excellent spot for young professionals.  

What is Washington D.C. known for?

The White House

The White House is the most significant building in the United States – and the most popular attraction in Washington D.C. It is the official residence of the president of the United States, and the building has 132 rooms, six levels, 32 bathrooms, 412 doors, and seven staircases.

Although it is a popular attraction, only 6000 visitors can visit per day for security reasons. The building dates back to 1792, when construction began, before finishing in 1800.

Designers created the White House in a neoclassical style, and Irish architect James Hoban designed the White House in 1791 after George Washington selected it as the site. The White House has largely remained the same since, with the only major renovations taking place under President Theodore Roosevelt. 

The Capitol Building

The Capitol Building is the home of the United States’ democracy and a principal landmark of Washington D.C. The original building dates back to 1800, although the British destroyed much of the building in 1814 – the government rebuilt it within a few years. Architects designed the Capitol Building in a neoclassical style, offering awe-inspiring architecture.  

Furthermore, the building is 751 feet in length, 350 feet in height, and costs around $133 million to build. Did you know that the Capitol building’s construction started after a design competition between America’s greatest architects took place? 

Lincoln Memorial 

The Lincoln Memorial is one of Washington D.Cs principal landmarks, and it has a statue of the 16th president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. Although visitors can enjoy this spectacular and culturally significant landmark today, did you know that it took over 50 years to build the statue and open it to the public? 

Also, the Pantheon in Athens was the inspiration behind the building’s design. The architects believed that a memorial for a president who defended democracy needed to be designed like the structure from the birthplace of democracy.


Washington D.C. is one of the most significant cities worldwide because of the political, cultural, and economic significance that the city holds. If you visit the city, you must check out all the prominent landmarks that Washington D.C. offers.

There isn’t a better place to appreciate American history and global history than Washington D.C.

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