Map of Philadelphia Area | What Is Philadelphia Known For?

Independence Hall in Philadelphia
Independence Hall in Philadelphia

Map of Philadelphia Area | What Is Philadelphia Known For?







Many people have at least heard of Philadelphia, as this city has played a crucial role in American history, and it was the hub of the thirteen original colonies. What all is Philadelphia known for, though, and is it a good place to live or visit?

Aside from its colonial history, Philadelphia is known for various mediums of fine art. These things alone make the City of Brotherly Love worth a visit, and it is one of the most affordable cities to live in on the East Coast. A thriving job market also adds to Philadelphia’s appeal.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about Philadelphia before you decide to pack your bags and head east.

Where Is Philadelphia Located on the US Map?

The city of Philadelphia is located in the southeast of Pennsylvania, right in the bottom corner of the state. This state is in the northeastern portion of the United States. Philadelphia is about 95 miles to the southwest of New York City and 105 miles to the northeast of Baltimore.

Philadelphia is also about 50 miles west of the Atlantic Ocean. They are separated by the state of New Jersey. This city is bordered by the Schuylkill and Delaware Rivers.

How Big Is Philadelphia?

Philadelphia is a pretty big city. As a matter of fact, it is the largest city in Pennsylvania in both physical size and population. It was once the fifth-largest city in the US in terms of population, though it was recently beaten for that spot by Phoenix, Arizona.

The City of Brotherly Love is still the sixth most populated city in America, though, which is no simple feat. Approximately 1.5 million people call Philadelphia home.

Philadelphia also has a large physical size with an area of about 143 square miles. Nearly 135 square miles of the city are made up of land, while the other eight are composed of water.

Is Philadelphia a Good Place to Live?

Overall, Philadelphia is a great place to live, especially compared to other cities on the East Coast in terms of affordability. There are many excellent institutions to visit, work for, and experience as well, including museums, large corporations, and universities.

The cost of living in Philadelphia is a little bit lower than the national average, about four percent. The average cost of housing is close to $147,000, which is over three times less than median housing costs in New York City or DC.

A growing job market also contributes to Philadelphia’s status as a good city to live in. Some of the major employers in Philadelphia include Wells Fargo, Trinity Health Corp., and Comcast.

The combination of affordable living, available jobs, universities, and things to do or see make the City of Brotherly Love an excellent place to live for university students, recent graduates, families with young children, and even retirees.

What Are the Best Areas to Live in Philadelphia?

Since Philadelphia is so big, it is made up of several neighborhoods, and each of these areas is unique. Different areas tend to attract different types of people depending on what amenities are nearby, and there is something for everyone.

For university students, Powelton Village, Cedar Park, Spruce Hill, and University City are some of the best areas to live in, as these neighborhoods are close to Drexel University and the University of Philadelphia, and they are often bustling with activity.

For recent graduates and young singles, Fishtown, Washington Square West, and Point Breeze are popular areas thanks to the urban housing, lively nighttime and restaurant locations, and their proximity to Center City.

Finally, many retirees and families feel that Fox Chase, Bella Vista, and Rittenhouse Square are the best neighborhoods to live in for being friendly, quiet, and close to good public schools.

What Is Philadelphia Known For? 

Philadelphia is still mostly known for its critical involvement in the history of the United States. It was the social, political, and geographical hub of the thirteen colonies, back before America became an official nation.

Several important meetings were held in Philadelphia that led to the momentum of the Revolutionary War, and the Declaration of Independence and US Constitution were both drafted and ratified in this city. Several battles occurred in and around Philadelphia, and this city was the capital of the United States throughout the 1790s.

Many of the historical sites and locations in Philadelphia have been preserved, including Independence Hall, where those iconic documents were created, and the Liberty Bell.

The City of Brotherly Love also boasts of an active fine arts scene. The most noteworthy forms of fine art that are associated with Philadelphia are the vibrant murals, the city’s orchestra, their museums, and the Mummer’s Parade.

Philadelphia’s murals came to be in the ‘80s as a response to graffiti, and they have grown into a large gallery that has impressed even the likes of British royalty. The Philadelphia Orchestra, meanwhile, is just as famous as the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

While Philadelphia has a few popular museums, the Philadelphia Museum of Art is the most well known, and they have an extensive collection of impressionist works by the likes of Monet. The Mummer’s Parade is a fantastic collection of musicians and dancers who parade through the streets to celebrate the New Year.

What Are the Best Activities to Do in Philadelphia?

If you are interested in America’s origins, you will probably want to check out the historical sites first. The Liberty Bell is the star of many selfies, and visiting this iconic symbol is completely free. You can also tour the Independence National Historical Park, which houses Independence Hall.

Checking out Philadelphia’s museums is another activity that you will not want to miss. Many of them are located on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, including the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Also, while Philadelphia is not incredibly renowned for its waterfronts, there are many parks and piers you can explore, such as the Cherry Street Pier and the Blue Cross RiverRink.

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