Map of West Virginia and Flag | Outline, Counties, Cities and Road Map

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Tourist map of West Virginia
Tourist map of West Virginia

Map of West Virginia and Flag | Outline, Counties, Cities and Road Map







In 1861 after Virginia succeeded during the civil war, West Virginia broke away. It formed its own state, making it the 35th state to enter the union. West Virginia was one of the states at, forefront in leading the way into the industrial revolution. They developed bituminous coal, which was a much cheaper alternative to wood.

West Virginia is a beautiful sight to see, with mountains sprawling through the entire state. There are also several rivers and countless other waterways. It is the only state in the country that is located entirely within the Appalachian mountains. West Virginia is also known as the mountain state, and the slogan is wild and wonderful, West Virginia.

West Virginia’s location on the Map 

On the map, you will find the state of West Virginia in the country’s southeastern portion. It sits within the Appalachian and Mid-Atlantic regions. The territories that border the mountain state are Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Kentucky, and Ohio.

Thinking of Moving to The Mountain State?

West Virginia is known and adored for its beautiful scenery, lower cost of living, and cheap housing. However, for years the coal mines were the states’ primary source of income. The job market in West Virginia took a massive hit as America began turning to other energy sources.

While the cost of living and housing is lower, so is the medium income. The state of West Virginia also has a higher than average unemployment rate.

What are West Virginia’s Most Famous Attributes?

As the slogan goes, West Virginia is most famous for being a wild and wonderful place to visit or live. The state offers a long list of outdoor activity possibilities and gorgeous landscapes. West Virginia is known for being a top-rated tourism destination. In fact, tourism became the states leading money-maker as the demand for coal began to dwindle.

The West Virginia State Flag

After several other designs, the state adopted the current official state flag of West Virginia in 1962. Its flag has a pure white background with a picture of the ‘Coat-of-Arms’ in the center. There is a wreath made from rhododendrons flowers around the Coat-of-Arms, West Virginia’s state flower. Within the Coat-of-Arms, there is a boulder inscribed with June 20, 1863, the date it officially became a state.

In front of the sketched boulder are two crossed rifles and a liberty cap. The West Virginia state flag is the only state flag in the United States to have rifles. The crossed rifles represent the state’s liberty during the Civil War. Two men are standing on each side of the boulder, and they stand for industry and agriculture.

The flag also features the state’s motto, “Montani Semper Liberi,” which means “Mountaineers Are Always Free.”

The Finest Places to Live in the State of West Virginia

The town of Hurricane, located within Putnam county, is thought to be the best place to live in West Virginia. The city is part of the Huntington-Ashland metropolitan and has one of the state’s lowest unemployment rates. The small town has one of the most progressive communities in the state.

The city of Hurricane offers plenty of activities, both indoors and out, and access to better employment and entertainment. Some of the other top-rated cities in the state are listed below.

  • Bridgeport, West Virginia
  • Morgantown, West Virginia
  • Dunbar, West Virginia
  • South Charleston, West Virginia
  • Vienna, West Virginia

What are the best places to visit in West Virginia?

West Virginia is packed with beautiful places to visit, including the most amazing landscapes you’ve ever seen. You can view the vast rolling mountains, lovely flowing creeks, and historical landmarks. Five of the most visited places in West Virginia are listed below.

The New River Gorge Bridge 

Standing on top of this bridge will make you feel like you’re standing on top of the world. The bridge is the lengthiest steel arch bridge in the Western portion of the United States and its second-longest steel arch bridge.

The New River is the longest globally and flows south to north, which is the opposite direction of most other rivers. The river flows backward because it formed before the Appalachian Mountains that the rivers flow through was formed.

The Appalachian Trail

This trail is the longest and most well-known hiking-only trail in the United States, and it runs from Georgia to Maine. West Virginia’s portion of the Appalachian Trail is relatively short but includes one of the most famous sections. This portion of the trail consists of the Appalachian Trail Conservancy. Many hikers stop here to rest and for photos.

Gauley River National Recreation Area

The Gauley River National Recreation Area sits near the towns of Summerville and Fayetteville, West Virginia. You can only get to most of the river’s attractions by water as it isn’t accessible by vehicle. This river is well-known by adventuresome white-water rafters because it contains fast-moving, class-V rapids.

Historic Harpers Ferry

When you visit the quaint town of historic Harpers Ferry, you will feel like you’ve taken a step back in time. You can wander the streets, visit museums and civil war landmarks, or take in all the natural beauty the place has to offer. The Blue Ridge Mountains view from Harpers Ferry is one of the most beautiful sights you will ever see.

Black Water Falls State Park

Black Water State Park is in the Allegheny Mountains, which is in Tucker County. Black Water Falls came from the park’s amber waters tinted by tannic acid from the fallen red spruce and hemlock needles. There are beautiful sights to see here year-round, and you can take them in from the viewing platforms.

Other than the Black Water Falls, you can also visit Lindy Point, Elakala Falls, and Pendleton Point Overlook, some of the most photographed landmarks in the state.

West Virginia is a beautiful state to plan your next vacation or take-up permanent residency. The state offers gorgeous, mountainous landscapes and a long, rich history. If you love adventures, the outdoors and are amazed by nature’s beauty; West Virginia may be the perfect place for you.


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