Map of Kentucky and Flag | Kentucky Outline, Counties, Cities and Road Map

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Map of Kentucky and Flag | Kentucky Outline, Counties, Cities and Road Map







Kentucky is the 37th most extensive in size, and 26th most populous of all States in America, with the city of Frankfort acting as its capital right in the heart of the state.

Where is Kentucky located on the map?

The state, or rather the commonwealth of Kentucky, as it is called, shares its borders with seven other states: To the east lies West Virginia, and southeast, Virginia. Tennessee lies to the south, Missouri to the west, Illinois and Indiana to the Northwest. Finally, to the north and north-east lies Ohio, with the Ohio River forming the northern border, and Mississippi River forming the western border.

Is Kentucky a good state to live in?

If you’re wondering just how feasible it is to live in Kentucky, then perhaps the following list of pros and cons can help you make up your mind.

1. Cost of Living

The cost of living in Kentucky is lower than the national average.

The housing market, in particular, is affordable and well-priced, allowing you to benefit from the state’s lower median property tax rate of 0.72%. This is mostly because the housing market took a rather direct hit during the 2008 recession, which results in relatively much cheaper housing, even in large cities like Louisville.

A recent increase, albeit a slight one, in the healthcare, business, tourism and tech sectors have created a resulting influx of jobs, raising the employment rate in the state. Kentucky is #8 in the country for affordable health care, food and transportation.

2. Five seasons

Kentucky sees a colourful autumn, a hot and beautiful summer, a reasonably cold, albeit wet winter and the fifth season: Derby Season.

3. KFC

It seems prudent to add Kentucky’s world-famous fried chicken to the list of pros of living in this state. If you’re fond of wholesome, southern, stick to your bones, comfort food, then Kentucky is the place for you to be.

4. Agriculture and Manufacturing

Kentucky boasts a wide variety of agricultural products ranging from tobacco, soya beans and corn to horse and beef cattle and, of course, a booming broiler sector.

With over 76,500 farms across 13 million acres of land, agriculture in Kentucky state contributes around 46 billion dollars to the state’s economy every year. It is the largest source of income to the state, followed by manufacturing.

Manufacturing might be second in terms of revenue and income generation, but it is the primary source of employment in the state, providing jobs to around 15% of the population. Coal mining has historically been a major source of income in Kentucky, and remains so to this day, despite reformations that it is facing under the Environmental Protection Agency,

5. Location

With where the state is located geographically, and with the seven other states that border it, Kentucky is but a short distance away from major cities. St.Louis in Missouri, Nashville in Tennessee, Cincinnati, in Ohio and Indianapolis, Indiana are but a short distance away.


Poor Public Education

The State’s public education, according to data collected, is pretty underfunded, with 40 % of the schools in the Jefferson County Public Schooling system suffering from lack of funded-research and facilities.

Most of the people living here choose to eschew education and go out-of-state to get a college education.

What is the state of Kentucky best known for?

1. Derby

I feel the need to bring up KFC again. But amazing fried chicken aside, Kentucky is also known for its Derby Season as we read about earlier. Held annually in Louisville in the first week of May, the Derby draws hordes of people from all around the country on the first Saturday of the month, to be a part of the long-standing tradition.

Kentucky breeds its own horses on the sprawling horse farms in-state.

2. Bourbon

Next up, Kentucky is also known for its superior bourbon whisky.
Kentucky Bourbon Trail, Kentucky Bourbon Trail Craft Tour and Bourbon Trail are trademarks of the Kentucky Distillers’ Association. The main reason why Kentucky Bourbon is as good as it is is because of the high pH and mineral proportion of the hard water used, all of which are particularly favourable to make good bourbon.

3. The Bluegrass State

A rather distinct feature of the Commonwealth of Kentucky is the bluegrass that can be found in the many sprawling fields, lawns and pastures, particularly in the northern part of the state.

Bluegrass is not really blue. Bluegrass, like all grass, is green, both on this side and the other. But, when seen from a distance the purplish-blue buds of the bluegrass lends a bluish tinge to the landscape, ergo the name bluegrass and ergo the nickname Bluegrass State.

Kentucky Flag Facts

The flag of the Commonwealth of Kentucky is set on a navy blue background, with the words ‘Commonwealth of Kentucky’ and sprays of goldenrod encircling the season the top and bottom half, respectively.

The seal itself depicts two people- a pioneer and a statesman, both of whom represent all the people of Kentucky.

Where is a good place to live in Kentucky?

While Louisville is definitely the most populous city in the state, followed by Lexington, it is Fort Thomas, which is the third city in the list that ranks first, in terms of popularity.

The city has the lowest unemployment rates in the entire state and a high-adjusted median income. Additionally, it has been reported that Fort Thomas ranks in the lowest 10% of all cities in Kentucky in the rate of crimes committed.

Furthermore, it is strategically and scenically placed on the banks of the Ohio River, which make for great property values, and even greater farmlands, with a good water source nearby to make the lands fertile.

Best Places to Visit in Kentucky

The Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area is a good place to visit if you are looking to explore the Great Outdoors. It offers tourists and natives alike, miles of hiking trails, rock climbing, rafting adventures, horseback riding and camping.

You can also visit the Natural Bridge State Resort, where, in addition to the Red River Gorge, you will find spectacular sandstone formations.


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