Map of Winston-Salem, NC Area | What is Winston-Salem Known for?

Winston-Salem North Carolina NC Skyline Aerial
Winston-Salem North Carolina NC Skyline Aerial

Map of Winston-Salem, NC Area







Where is Winston-Salem, North Carolina located on the US Map?

Winston-Salem, North Carolina is just west of being in the center of North Carolina and is south of the Virginia border. You’ll find it within easy driving distance of Greensboro, and High Point.

How big is Winston-Salem, North Carolina? Size and Population?

Winston-Salem, North Carolina sprawls over an area of 133.82 square miles. Only 1.2 of those square miles is water. As of the 2010 U. S. Census Winston-Salem’s population was 229,617. Estimates in 2019 put the population up nearly by nearly 20,000 people, putting the population at 247,945.

Is Winston-Salem, North Carolina a good place to live?

Winston-Salem, North Carolina is a good place to live. There are many reasons to recommend this city to include:

  • Incredible Cuisine: There’s a range of excellent food to be had in Winston-Salem, from barbecue smokehouses to contemporary fine dining. There’s the Tavern in Old Salem where you can take in a little of the town’s history along with your food. There’s also Sweet Potatoes in the Downtown Art District. These are only an example of what Winston-Salem has to offer.
  • Museums: There’s a range of museums to entice all ages. You’ll find the Kaleideum for children and for adults there’s the Reynolda House Museum of American Art, located in the historic home of the Reynolds family, to name a couple of the museums.
  • Buena Vista: This beautiful neighborhood is centrally located and is part of some excellent school districts. You’ll easily be able to get to the Reynolda House Museum of American Art, Reynolda Village, and the Reynolds Auditorium.
  • Wine: Just outside of Winston-Salem is the 1.4 million-acre Yadkin Valley. More than 40 wine vineyards call this area home. The grapes produced here are great for vinifera wine because of the supreme soil quality and microclimate caused by the Blue Ridge Mountains.
  • Diggs Gallery: Located at Winston-Salem University, the Diggs Gallery is a great place to see the arts of Africa and the African Diaspora.
  • Bailey Park: This park is an urban green space that can be found in the Innovation Quarter of downtown. It hosts community gatherings year-round. There’s also a covered stage and a court for food trucks.

You’ll find that the cost of living here is low and there are great schools.

What are the best areas to live in Winston-Salem, North Carolina?

There are several neighborhoods in Winston-Salem that are great to live in. So, let’s dig into these neighborhoods:

  • Arcadia: This suburban neighborhood is in high demand and is not far from downtown and Interstate 40. The crime rate is low in this neighborhood and there are many places that are within walking distance. Favorites in this area are Washington Park Barber Shop, Slappy’s Chicken, and Southside Beer Garden and Bottle Shop.
  • Ardmore: This neighborhood boasts lots of parks that you can take your dog and children to. You’ll find Harris Teeter and a Food Lion nearby for when you need to go grocery shopping.  If you have children in school, then you’ll be glad to have some great schools nearby, like Bunsen Elementary School. A favorite in this area is Ardmore Coffee.
  • Old Town: You’ll find this neighborhood has a lot of history, and all you have to do is walk down the streets to see it, along with the historic houses. On top of that, this is a peaceful neighborhood that has above-average schools and lots of parks. Favorites in this area are the Old Salem Museum and Gardens, and the Old Town Country Club.
  • Sherwood Forest: This neighborhood consists of large yards, wooded areas, and schools, such as Sherwood Elementary School, that are within walking distance. You’ll find Fresh Market is close by for grabbing groceries. Favorites in this area are the Sherwood Plaza Shopping Center and The Sherwood Best Neighborhood Restaurant.
  • West Salem: This neighborhood is the second oldest in Winston-Salem. Its original use was as farmland. The neighborhood is close to downtown, and you’ll find a community garden where residents grow their own food. Favorites in this area are Granville Park, and the Crazy Crab Seafood and Grill.

What is Winston-Salem, North Carolina known for?

The origins of Winston-Salem date back to January of 1753. The city’s history includes it being a town where only members of the Moravian Church were allowed to live. By the American Civil War, this particular practice had ended. The town was known as Salem until 1913 when it merged with the neighboring town of Winston. It’s been known as Winston-Salem ever since.

There are many things you can see and do in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Here are some of the things you can do, including what Winston-Salem, North Carolina, is known for.

  • Old Salem Museums & Gardens: You can go here to see many of the original settlement buildings. These buildings have been restored or rebuilt.
  • Bethabara Historic District: This is where the Moravians first settled in North Carolina. On this 195 acres of land, you’ll find a museum, a Moravian church, plenty of hiking, and birdwatching.
  • Old Salem: This is the restored Moravian settlement. Seventy percent of what you see are the original buildings. You’ll find skilled tinsmiths, blacksmiths, bakers, and carpenters practicing their trades in this living history museum.
  • Wake Forest University Museum of Anthropology: This is an anthropological museum that Wake Forest University upkeeps.
  • Kaleideum Downtown: This was previously known as the Children’s Museum of Winston-Salem. This is, for the most part, an indoor playground for children. Children, born to eight, will enjoy the exhibits and programs that help develop creative thinking, encourage curiosity, and strengthen language skills.
  • Kaleideum North: Known previously as SciWorks, this is an interactive museum for children. SciWorks covers 25,000 square feet of area. It has a 119 seat Planetarium and a 15 acre outdoor Environmental Park. They have permanent exhibits including PhysicsWorks, Foucault Pendulum, SoundWorks, PhysicsWorks, HealthWorks, KidsWorks, and BioWorks. Also, you’ll find habitats for deer, river otters, and waterfowl at the Environmental Park.
  • New Winston Museum: This community history museum focuses on the city’s history from 1850 and on. It offers exhibitions and public programs.
  • Winston-Salem Fairgrounds Annex: This event venue hosts the Carolina Classic Fair, aka Dixie Classic Fair, every autumn.
  • Hanes Mall: This two-story shopping mall has over 200 stores. It serves 25 counties and is the largest shopping mall in the region.
  • Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art: This is a multimedia contemporary art gallery. It doesn’t have any permanent collections of art but does exhibit artists who have regional, national, and international recognition.

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