Map of Buffalo, New York Area | What is Buffalo known for?

Buffalo City aerial view from the top of the City Hall in downtown Buffalo, New York, USA
Buffalo City aerial view from the top of the City Hall in downtown Buffalo, New York, USA

Map of Buffalo, New York Area







Buffalo, New York, was founded around 1789 as a trading town. This coastal city is known for its many historical events and landmarks, its proximity to Niagara Falls, and for inventing – you guessed it – Buffalo Wings!

You may think Buffalo, New York can’t hold a candle to its cousin, the Big Apple, but think again! Buffalo is not just a thriving metropolis but a great place to live, play and visit. Read on to discover all Buffalo has to offer and more.

Where Is Buffalo Located On A U.S. Map?

Buffalo sits in the northeast corner of the United States, east of Lake Erie. Southern Ontario in Canada borders the city.

How Big Is Buffalo?

Buffalo is a relatively large metropolitan city. It is the 89th largest city in the United States. The town itself is about 52 square miles in area, but its surrounding metropolitan area of Buffalo–Niagara Falls Metropolitan Statistical Area, is 718 square miles.

What Is The Population of Buffalo?

Buffalo is the second-most populous city in New York state. The U.S. Census Bureau estimates the population of Buffalo as being around 256,480 people. Its surrounding metropolitan area has 1,135,509 people living there.

Is Buffalo, New York A Good Place To Live?

Buffalo, New York, ranks highly as a place to live. Its cost of living, cultural attractions, and other features make it desirable for a diverse array of populations. Here are a few benefits of living in Buffalo:

Activities and Community

Buffalo always has something going on!

The city is home to several museums, including the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, the Buffalo Museum of Science, and the Buffalo & Erie County Naval and Military Park. It also hosts a zoo, the Buffalo Harbor State Park, and dozens of festivals and fairs.

The community of Buffalo is diverse, with a population of families, young professionals, and retired individuals living in the city.

Cost of Living

Buffalo boasts a relatively low cost of living compared to the rest of the country. For example, the average home costs less than $100,000, nearly half the price of the national average, and the median rent sits under $1,000.

Commute and Transportation

Commuting in Buffalo takes the average citizen under 30 minutes. The city also has a metro and bus system and biking and walking trails for pedestrians.


Dozens of premier primary schools, middle schools, and high schools populate Buffalo, New York. The city has several private institutions as well. Additionally, Buffalo is home to Buffalo State University, Erie Community College, and the University at Buffalo.


Buffalo’s unemployment rates are below the national averages at 5.3%. The city is home to dozens of large businesses, including M&T Bank, General Motors, and Seneca Gaming Corp. Small businesses and entrepreneurs also flourish in Buffalo.

Health and Wellness

Buffalo is home to four major hospitals. Additionally, it boasts dozens of urgent cares and plenty of private medical practices for your health and wellness. In addition, the city is home to many gyms, outdoor recreational areas, spas, and yoga parlors for your lifestyle.

What Are The Best Neighborhoods For Living In Buffalo?

Buffalo is a thriving city full of unique boroughs, but several options are more popular than others.


Allentown is a neighborhood of modern, hip restaurants and historic Victorian houses. The community is LGBTQ-friendly, has several excellent schools, and a vibrant bohemian culture for residents to enjoy.


Elmwood is a family-friendly neighborhood in northern Buffalo. It boasts some of the best pedestrian walking areas, several quality schools, and dozens of open-air cafes, fun restaurants, and more.

Central Park

This Buffalo suburb has a low crime rate, excellent schools, and local amenities. The Buffalo Zoo and Delaware Park are nearby for family fun. Homeownership rates are high in this neighborhood!


Albright is a wealthy neighborhood of Buffalo. It features the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, historic homes, and the gorgeous Hoyt Lake.

South Buffalo

South Buffalo is one of the best places to live in Buffalo. Home prices and rent are highly economical in this area. In addition, Irish culture thrives here in the restaurants and churches in the area.

What Is Buffalo, New York Known For?

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is in Buffalo’s backyard. The city is just 30 minutes away from the scenic waterfalls. As a result, Buffalo tends to be a home base for Niagara tourists staying stateside during their visit.

NFL Football

The Buffalo Bills have always had the loyal support of the city of Buffalo. This team has gained traction outside of New York in the last few years, thanks to some excellent seasons.

World’s Top Ten Food Cities – James Beard Award

Buffalo has been awarded as a Top Ten Food City by National Geographic for its many pubs and restaurants. And, the Black Sheep restaurant in Buffalo has earned the prestigious James Beard Award.

National Buffalo Wing Festival

Buffalo, New York, blessed the world with the Buffalo Wing, invented by the Anchor Bar Restaurant. The city celebrates the Buffalo Wing annually at the National Buffalo Wing Festival.

World’s Largest Disco

Buffalo hosts the world’s largest disco on the world’s largest dance floor for an annual retro bash.

Śmigus-dyngus and Polish Culture

Buffalo is home to a lively polish culture from families that immigrated in the eighteen and nineteen hundreds. Traditionally celebrated the day after Easter, Śmigus-dyngus in Buffalo is the largest festival of its kind in the U.S.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Work

Buffalo is home to Wright’s Martin House, the Fontana Boat House, and the Graycliff house. Few other cities in the U.S. have as much of Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture.


Buffalo has played host and home to many celebrities, including F. Scott Fitzgerald, President Theodore Roosevelt (who swore in as President in Buffalo!), Mark Twain, and musician Rick James.

Say Hello To Buffalo!

The vibrant city of Buffalo is perfect for families, professionals, and adventure seekers alike! Its rich history and cultural attractions, delicious restaurants, and superb living amenities make it great for anyone looking for a place to settle down or explore!

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