Premier Inn Meal Deal

Premier Inn Meal Deal






The Premier Inn Meal deal is an affordable and convenient option if you are planning to stay inside the hotel during your visit. You can ask for the meal deal option when you check into the hotel. Prices do not vary even if you pre-book. Premier Inn meal deal features Premier Inn Breakfast (see Premier Inn Breakfast Times) along with a 2 course dinner. This can include main course and dessert or main course and starter along with a drink. Please keep in mind that certain dishes incur an incremental charge and you must choose from the dinner menu in the associated restaurant only. The associated restaurants includes Brewers Fayre,  Beefeater, Table Table and Thyme. Meal Deal prices vary slightly. At Brewers Fayre the Premier Inn Meal deal costs £23.99 whereas in the remaining restaurants it costs a £1 extra at £24.99. Any extra items ordered in addition to the meal deal will incur a supplementary charge payable at the restaurant. The drink can also include a glass of alcohol however legal restrictions apply when serving alcohol and you may be asked to present an identification.

Meal Deal at Beefeater

At Beefeater the chefs chargrill most of the food, adding to its flavour and ensuring it’s cooked to your liking. The drinks menu includes J20, Fizzy Drinks, Pint of Carling Lager, Pint of Tetley’s bitter, White or Red Wine. From Food choices you can choose Spicy Chicken Wings, Beefeater Sharing Platter, Duo of Beef and Steak choices. You can also choose one item from the main menu.

Meal Deal at Table Table

Get ready to have your tastes buds tantalised at the Table Table restaurant with everything from steaks to chef’s specials. The drinks menu includes a selection of Fizzy drinks, Beer, Red and White Wine. The food menu features Fish Trip, Lamb Rump, Mixed Grill, 100% Rib-Eye Steak and British Beef Rib Wellington.

Meal Deal at Brewers Fayre

Brewers Fayre serves the very best of British pub food such as hand-battered fish and chips, grilled gammon steaks and chicken tikka masala. Typical drinks selection includes various fizzy drinks, Pint of Lager, Glass of Villa D’Elsa Bianco or Glass of Villa D’Elsa Rosso. Supplementary charges will be incurred for 14oz Ribeye Steak, Sharing Platters and Sharing Fondue Dessert

Meal Deal at Thyme

Thyme restaurant offers a mouth watering mix of contemporary and traditional dishes. You will have a selection of chicken salsa burgers, rump steak and hand-battered fish and chips. There is also a wide range of salads, sides, desserts and pizzas.

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