Best Hotels in Seattle Washington 2022

Seattle is a multifaceted city where everyone is going to find something to their liking (hotels included). 

Whether you decide to go for Thompson Seattle, The Edgewater Hotel, The Inn at the Market, Hotel Theodore, or Sorrento, your stay is going to be mind-blowingly good.

The glass-lined floating staircase and the green wrap-around sofa turn the space into a fantastic spot where you can enjoy your morning coffee or go through your social media feed.

Thompson Seattle

This five-story inn is located in the heart of the historic district and features views of the iconic neon market sign, the Great Wheel, the waterfront, and the snow-capped peaks. 

Inn at the Market

Hotel Theodore

The Theodore is an Art Deco skyscraper that spears through the heart of Seattle overlooking Westlake transit station and the Nordstrom department store.

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