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Columbus, Ohio, is full of small-town charm in a big city that continues to grow year after year. This crowning jewel (and capital!) of Ohio is impossible to resist, so when you come to visit, it helps to know the best places to stay. Columbus is bursting at the seams with hotels; some affordable, some boutique, and some downright luxurious. So, what are the most famous hotels in Columbus, Ohio? 

Two of the most famous hotels in Columbus, Ohio, are The Blackwell Inn and The Hotel LeVeque, Autograph collection. We’ve chosen these hotels based on history, popularity, and uniqueness. Read on to discover more about these fascinating abodes!

The Blackwell Inn 

The Blackwell Inn - Most Famous Hotels in Columbus, Ohio
The Blackwell Inn

Columbus isn’t just known for its amazing downtown and area district. It’s also well known as the home of one of Ohio’s most prestigious universities, Ohio State University. For anyone visiting Columbus for college-related activities at Ohio State University, you won’t find better accommodations than The Blackwell Inn.


The Blackwell Inn, also known as The Blackwell Inn and Pfahl Conference Center, is a hotel, conference center, and sometimes wedding venue located directly on The Ohio State University campus, making it perfect for Columbus visitors that are going to be spending some or all of their time visiting OSU. 

The Blackwell is a wonderful choice for potential students visiting the campus for the first time or for parents coming to visit their children since it’s located right on campus. When staying at the Blackwell, you don’t have to worry about confusing directions or the lack of parking.

The Blackwell Inn makes waves as one of the best hotels in Columbus not only because of its perfectly convenient location but also because of how many guests and residents of the city rave about the hotel. The Blackwell is a 4-star hotel with an exceedingly high rating on all the most popular booking websites.


The hotel features a comfortable, modern fireside lobby lounge and bar area, where you can enjoy a drink and unwind by a crackling fire after a long day of perusing the city. If you’d like something a little more substantial than a drink, The Blackwell Inn also has delicious on-site dining at the 2110 Bistro, which serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

As a guest at The Blackwell Inn, you have access to a complimentary fitness center. Also, you will enjoy a discounted rate at the OSU Recreational Facility, which offers:

  • Saunas (Coed)
  • Locker rooms
  • Four gyms with 12 multipurpose wood courts
  • Four squash courts
  • Ten racquetball courts
  • Extensive workout equipment
  • Jogging and running track
  • Full Aquatic center with exercise and leisure pools 
  • Babysitting services and dedicated kids zone 

The rooms all feature complimentary Wi-Fi, pillow top mattresses, 49-inch television with over 70 channels, and a Keurig. Can’t start the morning without some quality coffee! 

What Makes This Hotel Famous?

When The Blackwell first opened in 2002, it became the first and only hotel on the Ohio State University campus since the University first opened its doors in 1870. This alone makes it one of the most famous hotels in Columbus, Ohio.

OSU didn’t just build a hotel that would check all the basic boxes, either. With a beautiful wedding and reception venue, The Blackwell Inn is also one of the most romantic hotels in Columbus, Ohio. 

You don’t have to be visiting OSU to enjoy one of the best hotel suites in Columbus, Ohio, either. The Blackwell Inn caters to anyone visiting the buckeye state’s capital.

 It is well suited for business meetings as well, with numerous conference rooms and suites with business services, so no matter how large or small your meeting needs are, The Blackwell Inn can provide. 

Last but not least, the views of the OSU campus are incredible. Some rooms even have an excellent view of the OSU stadium. Go Buckeyes!

Hotel LeVeque, Autograph Collection

Hotel LeVeque, Autograph Collection - Most Famous Hotels in Columbus, Ohio
Hotel LeVeque, Autograph Collection

Located in the second tallest building in Columbus, the Hotel LeVeque plays into the idea of being high in the sky with its out-of-this-world starry sky theme throughout the hotel. A four-star accommodation, the Hotel LeVeque is one of the highest rated hotels in the city according to many popular booking websites and has a fascinating history that can’t be missed. 


When LeVeque Tower was renovated in 2012, one of the biggest changes was marking off floors 5-10 for Marriott’s boutique hotel, Hotel LeVeque Autograph Collection, which opened its doors in 2017.  

This hotel was built with a vintage vibe and luxury in mind. The tower was already a stunning location, with an incredible view of the Scioto River and the city, but with the addition of Hotel LeVeque, the tower became an even more sought-after tourist destination. 


Hotel LeVeque has a number of unique attributes that make it stand out from the crowd. 

The bathrooms are crafted with beautiful marble and feature designer toilets and a rainfall showerhead.

For sleeping, the rooms come equipped with pillow top feather beds for maximum comfort. You can also watch television from your bed on Hotel LeVeque’s 49 inch flat screen TV’s.  

The lobby is adorned with more marble and interesting modern art, as well as a large mural of the constellations above the check-in desk.

There is also onsite dining at the charming Keep Kitchen & Liquor Bar, an American concept restaurant. 

Hotel LeVeque’s stunning vintage visage and luxury rooms, all situated in a historically significant building, make it a must-see for connoisseurs of luxury hotels in Ohio.  

What Makes This Hotel Famous? 

When LeVeque Tower was completed in 1927, it was the tallest building in Columbus and the fifth tallest in the world. The tower is steeped in history and is a perfect example of the art moderne architecture style of the time. 

Over the years, LeVeque Tower has housed many types of businesses. Hotel LeVeque joined the ranks in 2017, giving visitors of Columbus a view inside of one of Columbus’s most famous historical buildings.

One of the biggest things that set Hotel LeVeque apart is its integration of space and constellations into every part of the hotel. There are star charts in the rooms, an enormous painting of the stars in the lobby, and most special of them all, a telescope in each and every hotel room so guests can gaze at the night sky to their heart’s content. 

Hotel LeVeque perfectly mixes history with the modern, making it one of the highest-rated and most famous hotels in Columbus, Ohio. 

Final Thoughts

Columbus, Ohio, is absolutely filled with fun overnight accommodations, ranging from hostels to upscale luxury hotels. Anywhere you look in this vibrant city, you’re sure to find a new place to stay.

If you’re looking for some of the best hotel suites in Columbus, Ohio, we recommend The Blackwell Inn and Hotel LeVeque. There’s a reason why they’re two of the most famous hotels in Columbus!

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