Interesting Things Jacksonville Is Known For

Jacksonville is the biggest city in Florida and the largest city by area in the contiguous United States of America.

Visitors and locals know the city for boasting over 850 square miles of pristine coastline and beautiful beaches.

did you know that Jacksonville was a British settlement in the 19th century?

Furthermore, before British colonial rule, the Timucuan Indians inhabited Jacksonville.

Downtown Jacksonville  is home to the best of what the city offers, such as shops, nightlife, and many great jobs.

The Jacksonville Zoo & Gardens are Jacksonville’s premier attraction. Thousands of people visit the zoo yearly because it offers the opportunity to see 2000 animal species and 1000 rare plants.

Do you love art? If so, you will have to visit The Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens because it is Northeastern Florida’s biggest fine arts museum.

Rock and roll legend Elvis Presley had his first gig here in Jacksonville at The Florida theater