Map of Jacksonville Florida Area | What is Jacksonville Known for?

Jacksonville, Florida, USA downtown city skyline on St. Johns River.
Jacksonville, Florida, USA downtown city skyline on St. Johns River.

Map of Jacksonville Florida Area | What is Jacksonville Known for?







Jacksonville is the biggest city in Florida and the largest city by area in the contiguous United States of America. Visitors and locals know the city for boasting over 850 square miles of pristine coastline and beautiful beaches.

Jacksonville has a vast history – did you know that Jacksonville was a British settlement in the 19th century? Furthermore, before British colonial rule, the Timucuan Indians inhabited Jacksonville.

Jacksonville is a city popular with anyone who loves nature, arts, and the outdoors. Plus, a major U.S. city with a lower cost of living.  

Let’s take a more in-depth look into Jacksonville, Florida.

Where is Jacksonville located on the US map?

Jacksonville is in the Northeast of the state of Florida – and the city is in Duval county. If you want to visit other popular cities in Florida, you can take the two-hour drive to Orlando 

You can also drive to Miami in around 5 hours, and Orlando is only a 2-hour drive from Jacksonville. So you can get to all those other excellent spots in Florida with relative ease.  

Plus, if you want to go to Atlanta, you can drive there in five hours. Jacksonville also has an international airport that enables you to get around the country effortlessly.

How big is Jacksonville? Size and population?

The population of Jacksonville is 890,467 (2019). However, the city is massive and spans over 840 square miles, making it the largest city in the continental United States. Why is it so big? That’s because the city spans the entire range of Duval County.

Is Jacksonville an excellent place to live?

Jacksonville is the biggest city in one of America’s most influential states, so there are some excellent benefits from living in Jacksonville.  

The benefit of living in Jacksonville is the lower cost of living. If you’re in other major U.S. cities, you will pay considerably more for rent and living costs. Furthermore, living costs are cheaper than in other Florida cities such as Miami 

Another benefit is the superb weather, and you’ll get months of endless sunshine – that is why they call Florida the “Sunshine State.” Also, if you compare the winter and fall months – they are similar to a hot fall day in the Northern states.

Jacksonville has some downsides – just like any city – such as the disappointing public transport system. The city is still developing an effective public transportation system.  

The 2008 financial crisis hit the job market hard in Jacksonville, and although it has improved, it isn’t as strong as other major US cities. There are only three fortune 500 companies based in Jacksonville – considerably less than other big cities.

What are the best areas to live in Jacksonville?

Jacksonville has various superb living areas. If you’re a young professional, retired citizen, or a student, the city has a place for you.  

Let’s look at some of the best areas. 


Mandarin is an excellent area in Jacksonville’s far-south neighborhood, and locals have named the place after the Mandarin orange. It is a perfect location for someone looking for a quiet place, but it comes with excellent shopping areas, riverfront activities, and historical attractions.

Bartram Park

Bartram Park is one of Florida’s fastest-growing areas, and it is an excellent place to be in Florida. There are an array of residential and commercial buildings. You are close to nature also, with numerous cycling, hiking, kayaking, and outdoor spots.


Downtown Jacksonville is a highly-desirable place to live. The area is home to the best of what the city offers, such as shops, nightlife, and many great jobs. Plus, you’re only a few minutes away from the beaches – that is an excellent benefit of living here.  

It is more expensive than some of the previously mentioned areas, but it does offer significant benefits.


The Riverside Area is a fantastic area for people of all ages, backgrounds, and professions. It was voted one of the top neighborhoods in the United States, featuring in the top 10 areas.  

The area offers a majestic mixture of charm, culture, history, and modern architecture. Also, you’re close to Jacksonville’s best jobs and some of the best real estate investments.

What is Jacksonville known for?

Jacksonville Zoo & Gardens

The Jacksonville Zoo & Gardens are Jacksonville’s premier attraction. Thousands of people visit the zoo yearly because it offers the opportunity to see 2000 animal species and 1000 rare plants. The zoo offers animal feedings, a 4D theater, a wildlife carousel, and animal feedings.  

Also, you’ll have the opportunity to see tigers, giraffes, African elephants, snakes, and giant tortoises. It is the number one zoo in Florida – and one of America’s top zoo attractions.

The Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens

Do you love art? If so, you will have to visit The Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens because it is Northeastern Florida’s biggest fine arts museum. The city established the museum in 1958, and it exhibits a vast art collection of 5,000 pieces. Some of the vast art collection dates back over 3,000 years ago.  

Moreover, visitors adore the gardens at the back of the museum, and you can find the gardens at the backdrop of the St. Johns River. It is a top attraction in a city with an excelling artistic culture.

Florida Theater 

Florida Theater opened in 1927, and ever since, it has been a top spot for Florida arts. Rock and roll legend Elvis Presley had his first gig here, including many other world-class performers.  

Historically, the theater was a police precinct that housed many criminals. However, it quickly turned into one of the world’s most beautifully crafted theaters with some of the best performances.


Jacksonville is a city with many things to see and do. It is not as popular as other cities in Florida, such as Miami or Orlando, but it does have many great benefits. 

The city is home to some excellent weather, beaches, arts, and wildlife, and it has a relaxed vibration because of the small population and laid-back Florida culture.

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