Interesting things to Know about Ohio

Interesting things to Know about Ohio

With one-of-a-kind chili dogs and the meaty meals of your dreams, Ohio might be a meat lovers heaven.

What are the 5 major cities in Ohio?

– Columbus, Population 878,553 – Cleveland, Population 385,282 – Cincinnati, Population 301,394 – Toledo, Population 276,614 – Akron, Population 198,051

The name of the state “Ohio” comes from an Iroquois word, O-Y-O which means great river referring to the famous Ohio river

Why is Ohio called a buckeye state?

The buckeye state acquired its reputation from the buckeye trees that covered several areas of the state once. The nut of the trees was believed to resemble a deer’s eye. The nut was commonly known as ‘hetuck’ or even buckeye.

The flag of Ohio is known as Ohio Burgee which is unique in terms of its shape since it is the only non-rectangular flag out of all the states.

Famous inventors like Thomas Edison were born here.

 The famous, award-winning, mind-boggling movie, The Shawshank Redemption was also shot here at the Ohio State Reformatory.

Cash Register was also invented by a salon owner here, James Ritty.