Map of Ohio and Flag | Ohio Road, Counties, Cities and Outline Map

Illustrated map of the state of Ohio with cities and landmarks

Map of Ohio and Flag | Ohio Road, Counties, Cities and Outline Map


Is Ohio a good state?

With one-of-a-kind chili dogs and the meaty meals of your dreams, Ohio might be a meat lovers heaven. Their food is not all that meets the eye. Ohio offers the perfect balance of city and nature, a great balance for all kinds of people. Enjoy unique food, welcoming people, history, technology and nature all in one place. Get to know more about Ohio and take a virtual trip with us and later a physical trip to this full-of-adventure state. 

What are the 5 major cities in Ohio? 


What are the 5 major counties in Ohio? 

  • Franklin County, Population 1,290,360
  • Cuyahoga County, Population 1,247,451
  • Hamilton County, Population 813,589
  • Summit County, Population 541,334
  • Montgomery County, Population 531,670


What is Ohio famous for? 

Home to the famous Ohio State University and a state with locals that are all about football, Ohio is known for a lot of things from the kind of people there are here to its food and what it has to offer. Ohio was also the first state to elect an African American to public office. It has always been progressive in terms of equality and racism. Oberlin College was the very first interracial and coeducational college. It was founded in 1833. 

 Why is Ohio called a buckeye state? 

 The buckeye state acquired its reputation from the buckeye trees that covered several areas of the state once. The nut of the trees was believed to resemble a deer’s eye. The nut was commonly known as ‘hetuck’ or even buckeye. The nut was poisonous but an acid was extracted from it to use in the manufacturing of leather. 

The title of Ohio came into being around 1840 when William Henry Harrison was running for president and he was told by his competitor that he was better suited to sit in a log cabin. This comment was given a positive spin by his supporters and he became famous as the log cabin candidate and the emblem used different components of buckeye trees. After the success of the candidate, the state acquired its nickname as the buckeye state.

Ohio Flag

Ohio State Flag
Ohio State Flag

Ohio might have been a part of the union for a long time but when it comes to the flag, Ohio arrived late to the party, a whole century late to be exact. It joined the union around 1803 but adopted a flag in 1902. The strange part about the flag was that it was first displayed in New York instead of Ohio itself. 

Then-governor, George Nash took the opportunity for Ohio to make the news at the Pan-American Exposition happening in New York which was a huge international fair with a lot of media attention. 

In 1901, for the very first time, Ohio Day was celebrated in honor of all the past presidents of America for being from Ohio state. The flag was designed by John Eisenmann, an architect known for his breath-taking design of Cleveland Arcade downtown.

Colors and Meaning of Ohio Flag 

The flag of Ohio is known as Ohio Burgee which is unique in terms of its shape since it is the only non-rectangular flag out of all the states. 

The flag has typical American flag colors with the same shades of red, blue and white. The flag has a swallowtail (a v-shaped cut). The horizontal stripes represent the waterways and roads. 

There are 17 five-pointed stars that represent hills and valleys. There is a red disc inside a white “O” on a blue triangular field. The thirteen stars around the “O” symbolize the original union states whereas the four added stars represent that Ohio was the seventeenth state to join the Union. 

Ohio Population

Ohio packs in a total of 11.69 million people with the most populated city being Columbus which is also the state capital. 

At first, only the nomadic people inhabited these regions but they slowly disappeared from these regions and later the Adena culture emerged. Now, there are huge numbers of Hispanic and non-Hispanic white people whereas people of colors like African Americans, Asians and American Indian people also make up a significant percentage of the population. 

Languages spoken in Ohio 

With the diversity that Ohio has to offer, it is no surprise that English is not the only language that is commonly spoken here. Following are some of the languages that are spoken in Ohio:

  • Spanish
  • Asian
  • Austronesian languages 
  • German
  • Chinese
  • Arabic
  • Slavic
  • French

 Interesting Facts about Ohio

  • The name of the state “Ohio” comes from an Iroquois word, O-Y-O which means great river referring to the famous Ohio river 
  • Despite being a part of the union since 1803 it officially became a state in 1953!
  • Famous inventors like Thomas Edison were born here. Cash Register was also invented by a salon owner here, James Ritty.
  • The famous, award-winning, mind-boggling movie, The Shawshank Redemption was also shot here at the Ohio State Reformatory.
  • Ohio has its reputation as a swing state. So far in the history of presidential elections in the US, only eight presidents have lost in Ohio and still moved on to the White House. The last such president was John F. Kennedy. 
  • Another title “The Heart of it all” is given to Ohio not just to promote tourism but also because within a 500 miles radius, more or less 50% of the US population is located.

Best Places to Visit in Ohio 

With people who promoted equality at a time where no one even thought about it, Ohio has always been full of warm, welcoming people who will ensure that you have the best time of your life here. Here are a few famous spots that you must visit on your stay in Ohio

  • Rock & Roll Hall of Fame – For all the music lovers out there, this museum is nothing like anything that you have seen or experienced before with a comprehensive look at decade-by-decade rock and roll history.
  • Cedar Point Amusement Park –Love crazy roller coaster rides? This is going to be your heaven! With more than 17 world-class roller coasters and other crazy rides and an adjacent water park, you will need an entire day to fully enjoy this.
  • Hocking Hills State Park –Your perfect getaway from the city to nature. The area has hiking trails, caves, cottages and several other facilities along with many events like bird watching, photography, hiking etc. to ensure that you get the most out of your visit here.


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