Where Is New Jersey, NJ Located? Where is New Jersey on a US map?

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New Jersey is known for its beaches, promenades, and mix of cultures.

Though not as famous as its neighbor, New York, the state has received plenty of exposure through music, film, and TV, making it known to an international audience. Cities like Hoboken and Atlantic City are known the world over, and the TV series Jersey Shore gave the state a huge injection of fame.

Known as the Garden State, New Jersey is brimming with attractions and cultural landmarks. It remains a popular vacation spot with tourists and nationals alike.

Where is New Jersey Located?

Where Is New Jersey, NJ Located
Where Is New Jersey, NJ Located

New Jersey is located on the east coast of the United States. Located only a short distance away from New York, the state of New Jersey is a coastal area with many beaches found on its shores.

New Jersey is also close to the state of Connecticut. Due to its location, New Jersey boasts a typical coastal climate with hot summers and prominently cold winters.

Where is New Jersey on a US map?

Where is New Jersey on a US map
Where is New Jersey on a US map

If you’ve dusted off your old globe and want to find New Jersey on a map, then remember that it’s located a short distance south of New York. Hoboken, New Jersey is located opposite Manhattan – giving you an idea of how close together these two states are.

Interesting Facts About New Jersey

New Jersey certainly has a lot going for it. Unbeknownst to many, the state is full of interesting facts and figures. Let’s take a look at some in more detail:

  • New Jersey is home to the world’s longest boardwalk – located in Atlantic City
  • Hoboken hosted the first-ever game of baseball
  • The ‘Garden State’ nickname stems from a 19th-century speech given by lawyer Abraham Browning 
  • Cape May, New Jersey, is the United States’s oldest seaside resort
  • The state is also home to the largest amount of diners in the country 
  • The world’s tallest water tower, the Union Watersphere, is located in this state 
  • New Jersey was the birthplace of cheerleading in the 19th century 
  • Thomas Edison, the famed inventor behind the lightbulb, was based in New Jersey

As you can see, New Jersey has no shortage of history and culture. It continues to make its name in the modern world, despite its glory days as a busy seaside vacation spot being behind it.

New Jersey’s Capital City

Trenton is the capital of New Jersey. The city was also the capital of the United States for a brief time in 1784.

How Many People Live in Trenton?

Trenton’s population was 84,913 in 2010 – making it a small to mid-sized city.

What are the Main Attractions of Trenton?

Trenton is home to several cultural landmarks including the New Jersey State Museum, the New Jersey State House, and the Trenton War Memorial.

Despite being a small town, Trenton packs a lot of cultural punch and is also the home of the Thomas Edison State University – named after the legendary inventor who lived in the state.

Is New Jersey a Good Place to Live?

New Jersey is considered a safe, healthy state to live in and continues to rank high in public polls.

This is due to its landscape, climate, and crime rates. It also houses the world-famous Princeton University, one of the most prestigious institutions in the world.

Pros of New Jersey

Let’s take a look at some of New Jersey’s selling points and examine its greatest strengths.

Low Crime Rates

New Jersey is an incredibly safe state to live in. Though the East Coast used to be considered dangerous, it’s really cleaned up its act over the last few decades and New Jersey is one of the safest, most family-friendly states in the whole country.

Cultural Attractions

New Jersey is bustling with cultural attractions including the aforementioned beaches, museums, country houses, and art galleries.

Another pro of living in New Jersey is its proximity to New York City – one of the busiest and most diverse cities in the world. If you’re dying to take the family on a sightseeing trip to Manhattan, then you’ll be assured knowing you’re only a short distance away. The historic city of Philadelphia is close by, too.

Seasonal Climate

Being a coastal state, New Jersey is subject to four distinct seasons. From sweltering summers to colorful falls, New Jersey boasts a diverse climate offering different things.

If you’re bored of the cold of the Midwest and the perpetual sun of the West Coast, then moving to New Jersey would be ideal for you.

Cons of Living in New Jersey

No state is perfect, however, and New Jersey is certainly no exception.

High Taxes and Higher Cost of Living

Low-crime rates come at a cost and New Jersey possesses some of the highest taxes on the East Coast.

The cost of housing can be almost 50% higher than the national average and property taxes remain high, at almost 2%.

Goods, services, and other expenses are high compared to surrounding areas – meaning that New Jersey is most certainly an area for the affluent.

Underwhelming Student Test Scores

Despite being home to the famed Princeton University, some of New Jersey’s schools are a little below the national standard.

This is despite New Jersey having more teachers than students and the state’s dense amount of educational institutions. However, this isn’t to say that there aren’t good schools in New Jersey, just that student test scores leave something to be desired.


New Jersey is one of the United States’ cultural and commercial hubs. Whether it’s gambling in Atlantic City or walking along the Jersey Shore, the Garden State has everything you could need out of a state.

If you’re looking to move to a safe, clean, and honest place, then the unique New Jersey is a great option. In its long history, it has established itself as one of the country’s most famous states and its reputation continues to grow in the modern day.

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