Where is Seattle, Washington located on the map? Is Seattle worth visiting?

Seattle Ferris wheel, skyline and waterfront sunny day with blue sky and clouds.
Seattle Ferris wheel, skyline and waterfront sunny day with blue sky and clouds.

Seattle is famous for its ability to give you everything you will ever need. If you visit here you have access to mountains, lakes, oceans, rivers, rainforests, deserts, islands and even volcanos. There is simply nothing you cannot do in this city.

Seattle is definitely a city worth visiting while on a trip to the US and we are here to help you understand why. 

Where is Seattle on the Map?

Where is Seattle, Washington located on the map
Where is Seattle, Washington located on the map

Seattle is located in the state of Washington, on the west coast of the United States. The city of Seattle is a coastal city, surrounded by Lake Washington, Lake Union and Elliot bay with fantastic infrastructure, especially when it comes to bridges that link all the islands together. 

Places to visit in Seattle

Space Needle

Seattle in the Evening with Space Needle
Seattle in the Evening with Space Needle

This is a landmark that is famous all around the world and is often featured in images of Seattle. If you aren’t afraid of heights you can get to the top of the needle and experience 360 views of the city of Seattle and look down 560 ft through glass floors to the ground below. 

There are often festivals and evening films showing at the bottom of the needle, you should check for these before you travel. 

Seattle Waterfront

Seattle Ferris wheel, skyline and waterfront sunny day with blue sky and clouds.
Seattle Ferris wheel, skyline and waterfront sunny day with blue sky and clouds.

Probably the image that you have in your mind when you think of the city of Seattle is the waterfront. Although rather an expensive place to visit, it’s a must-see if you have a young family that you need to keep entertained. 

You can enjoy the view across Elliot Bay to the Olympic mountains from Seattle’s Great Wheel or a harbor cruise that takes you across the bay. 

Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market Seattle
Pike Place Market Seattle. Editorial credit: cdrin / Shutterstock.com

If you’re more into the hustle and bustle, then Pike Place Market is the place to go. This shopping center boasts incredible seafood as well as fantastic branded and unbranded shops for all the family. 

Often there are stalls that sell arts and crafts, but make sure you get there early as this is the most famous tourist attraction on the west coast. 

Olympic Sculpture Park

Red sculpture in Olympic sculpture park, Seattle
Red sculpture in Olympic sculpture park, Seattle. Editorial credit: Checubus / Shutterstock.com

The Seattle Art Museum’s Olympic Sculpture Park is a must-do if you are impressed by architecture. Located near the Space Needle, with the Olympic Mountains as a background, there is nowhere in the world that can showcase contemporary art like this place.

Where Can You Stay in Seattle?

Renaissance Seattle Hotel

Renaissance Seattle Hotel
Renaissance Seattle Hotel

Located in downtown Seattle and only 50 meters from the metro, this is a great place to stay if you want to visit many places in and around the city. It’s only a 10-minute drive from the Pike Place Market and Seattle Aquarium. The hotel itself is modern, recently renovated and pet-friendly. 

Seattle Marriott Waterfront

Seattle Marriott Waterfront
Seattle Marriott Waterfront

As you can guess, this is a waterfront hotel and is perfect for anyone that enjoys a sunset. It offers an in-outdoor connecting pool as well as most rooms offering large balconies with bay and mountain views. It’s also well-known for its all-day restaurant, the Hook and Plow, which boasts a range of delicious American cuisine. 

Lotte Hotel

Lotte Hotel Seattle
Lotte Hotel Seattle

If your budget can stretch a little more, then this hotel is the place to stay. It is pure, modern luxury! The freshly decorated rooms boast large balconies with sunset views as well as marble bathrooms and private parking. If you stay here you are close to the Columbia Center as well as the Seattle Great Wheel. 

How Do You Get Around in Seattle?

Car hire

Car is the best way to get around Seattle as it’s quite a large city. Be aware that due to this, bumper to bumper traffic is normal at rush hour so try to avoid traveling in and out of the city at peak times. 

Because cars are the best way to get around, that does mean that prices are relatively high; you can rent a small hatchback for around $500 per week and a minivan would be $900. However, if you want to rent a car, ensure that you book a hotel that has free private parking as overnight car parks can charge as much as $50 per night. 


There are bus routes in place within Seattle and to the surrounding suburbs but they are often relatively expensive, especially if you use the King County Metro Bus; it’s still cheaper than renting a car, however. Expect to pay at least $3 per adult for a single ride on the bus in Seattle and you must have the exact change, every time. 

Light Rail

This is a great way to get around Seattle, the light rail runs from 5 am all day long until around 1 am. Expect to pay $2.25 – $3.25 per ride, depending on the route you choose. 

It is one line from the airport down to the south part of downtown Seattle so be aware that if you want to use this mode of transport, your chosen attractions aren’t too far away from the line. 


The monorail is a fast and affordable way to see Seattle. The line goes from Space Needle across to the west Lake Center Mall which is a stone’s throw away from Pike Place Market. It costs around $2.50 for adults and $1.25 for children of varying ages. 

The service starts at 7:30 Monday – Friday and 8:30 on Saturday and Sunday. In the evening the service stops at 9 pm, occasionally later depending on the day. 

Ferry or Water Taxi

As Seattle is pretty much surrounded by water, it makes sense that water transportation is quite popular. It is actually the most advanced water service in the whole of the United States. The water taxis link Seattle city with surrounding islands such as Bainbridge Island and Vashon Island. 

They do tend to be more expensive but the mode of transport is much more comfortable. You can sit back and relax while enjoying the views of the bays, mountains and sea life that surrounds the city of Seattle. 

What Else Do You Need to Know about Seattle?


The language in Seattle is American English. 


The currency in Seattle is US Dollars.


Seattle is known for being a very safe place to visit, no major crimes have happened there for several years and tourists rarely report feeling unsafe while visiting the city. 


Seattle has a very temperate climate, with cold winters followed by hot and dry summers. The best time of the year to visit is spring when there is less chance of rainfall but the temperature isn’t yet very high. 

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