Where is the Atlantic Ocean located on the world map?

Atlantic Ocean Map. Vector map with white lands and blue water

Vintage Style Atlantic Ocean Map

Vintage Style Atlantic Ocean Map

Atlantic Ocean Map Vector Illustration


Atlantic Ocean Map Vector Illustration

Antique Atlantic Ocean Map from the out of print 1841 Goodrich atlas

Antique Atlantic Ocean Map from the out of print 1841 Goodrich atlas

The tremendous Atlantic ocean divides the continents, then it likewise supports hundreds of tiny islands. To do justice with its stunning beauty, we have chosen ten islands that draw in voyagers for different reasons. From transparent sandy seashores to distant and immaculate nature – look through the rundown and pick your top choice!

1. Tristan da Cunha 

The exclusive group of tiny islets of volcanic spring interests the guests with stunning nature and wilderness. Its name was put after Tristão da Cunha, and he was a Portuguese adventurer and found the island in the year 1506. The area has a population of just 302 individuals. 

Reasons for visiting 

An extraordinary spot, scarcely touched by human beings. The travel industry is not especially grown, consequently it could pull in globe-trotters who are looking for a life-changing challenge. 

2. Porto Santo Island, Portugal 

Around 43 km (or 27 mi) upper east from Madeira, the deserted Porto Santo was found in the mid-fifteenth century. Much the same as Madeira island, Porto Santo is filled with stones, with etched sand waves, wonderful rugged as well as sandy seashores. The metropolis Vila Baleira was homely for Christopher Columbus at one time. His historical centre is located in the city, and that is additionally the best spot to go out in the town and shop on the islet. 

Reasons for visiting 

The archipelago is called an “unexplored” European retreat and draws in guests, who need to relax in the lovely, however, quiet environment. Horse riding along with golf courses is amongst the most loved activities. In order to have the best time, stay at Hotel Porto Santo & Spa.

3. Fernando De Noronha, Brazil 

This archipelago is composed of 21 small islands, and it is 354 km (or 220 mi) far from the Brazilian seashore. Because of the South Equatorial Current, the ocean water is warm and snorkelling without a suit is only possible in the dept of just 40 m. The marine scenes highlight passages, gorges, and rocks, which makes your experience considerably a lot more energising. 

Reasons for visiting 

The water here is completely clear, transparency comes to about 50 m and the luxurious ocean life is amazing. What’s more, the greater part is that it can be enjoyed all year long, except the months March to August, because this is the rainy season which takes over this beautiful island. If you want to make the most of your stay in Fernando De Noronha, make sure to stay at Pousada da Germana.

4. Canary Islands, Spain 

This archipelago comprises a collection of islands dispersed in the ocean. La Palma, as well as Tenerife, are the most well known amongst the sightseers, who visit this exotic place to appreciate the various seashores, untainted nature, and perfect retreats. 

Reasons for visiting 

The islands possess an extraordinary hotel Chatur Costa Caleta along with its facilities just as untainted delightful nature which makes it an attractive get-away spot. 

5. Newfoundland 

A huge Canadian archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean flaunts amazing nature. From hills and touching coastlines to dense woodlands and jeopardised species – the sanctuary draws in those individuals who are committed to investigating and exploring. 

Reasons for visiting

The land draws in travellers, who are set up to wear their backpacks and set out on a transforming journey! 

6. The Azores, Portugal 

The island is among the self-sufficient locales of Portugal, discovered 1360 km (or 850 mi) far from the territory in the Atlantic Ocean. The volcanic origins of this island bring about the sensational scene, rich soil, and lavish greenery. 9 islands are dissipated in a 600 km (or 372 mi) arm of the sea and possessed by the Azores. Every one of the nine has amazing destinations and helped in developing the travel industry. But one thing common in all of them is its nature and it is the greatest fascination in the Azores. 

Reasons for visiting 

Guests can discover and appreciate different activities: snorkelling, bathing, climbing, cruising, voyaging on a safari, golf courses, fishing, getting a charge out of a chic nightlife in the greater urban communities or relaxing and appreciating the peaceful time in the towns. 

7. Barbados 

The flawless island flaunts a warm climate throughout the entire year. Its remarkable culture originates from English, West Indian, and African roots. In this way, Barbados possesses a particular design, food, music, and dancing. Visitors can discover chronicled legacy, shops, club life, just as its characteristic magnificence. 

Reasons for visiting 

In Barbados, summer may be very wet, whilst spring is the perfect time to visit – it is dry and cosy. 

8. The Faroe Islands 

Consisting of 18 islands, and all of them are under the dominion of the Kingdom of Denmark, so you will be absorbing all of its astonishing nature. Regardless of the dominion, 50,000 inhabitants have saved their language as well as culture. Urban communities are clean and fascinating with the bright houses, that signify the scenery. 

Reasons for visiting 

To get the best advantage, mark your stay at Beautiful house in Tórshavn with a great view because this is a really wonderful and distant spot, which gives some incredible scenes, calm climate, and serenity. 

9. Greenland 

The islet is far, dark, and cold. Furthermore, a nation that has saved its amazing nature, wilderness, and Inuit cultures. A spot where ice along with snow make a stunning scene and form the customs. 

Reasons for visiting 

The place where ice boasts, you won’t find such natural wonders anywhere else other than Greenland. Discover the island using a boat or a sled. 

10. Iceland 

The colossal island is among the most loved destinations – travellers, photographers, and voyagers come here to adore the magnificent scenes. It includes the icy masses, cascades, amazing mountains as well as volcanoes – Iceland is never going to stop dazzling. 

Reasons for visiting 

Set out on the ring street, which revolves around the whole island and flaunts various well-known destinations in transit.

In Summary

The Atlantic Ocean is filled with amazing scenic islands, so when someone voyages to explore its beauty, they won’t be able to forget the panoramic landscapes ever!

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