Barafundle Bay beach Full Guide with Pictures | Things to do in Pembrokeshire

Overlooking the stunning beach at Barafundle Bay on the Pembrokeshire coast
Overlooking the stunning beach at Barafundle Bay on the Pembrokeshire coast





In this article we will talk about Beaches in Pembrokeshire, in particular Barafundle Bay beach, brief overview of North beach, things to do in Pembrokeshire as well as the weather of Pembrokeshire.

Barafundle Bay Pictures 

Quick UK Overview

All the towns of the UK are different from one another and can be considered as unique because they have their qualities that are not found in the other one. This is one of the reasons why all of the towns are remarkable and are capable of attracting a huge number of visitors because they can not resist the beautiful attractions and the remarkable views that these areas have to offer. The beautiful buildings along with the picturesque beaches of these areas are the highlight of these small towns and also of the UK as a whole. This is why people wish to come again and again to visit as they can not resist the beautiful attractions that they have visited once. One such place is Pembrokeshire which is a county in Wales and is also full of some of the beautiful beaches and places that are worth visiting. 

Beaches in Pembrokeshire

Pembrokeshire in Wales is also loaded with a huge number of beaches that provide picturesque and aesthetic views to the visitors therefore, they visit in huge numbers to spend a perfect day with their friends and families. 

Barafundle Bay Beach

The journey to Barafundle Bay is beautiful in its own way as it crosses a forest and also a lake before you reach the beach itself. Barafundle Bay, unlike many other beaches in the United Kingdom, has a lot of greenery and is also surrounded by rugged cliffs as well as clear ocean views. The journey to Barafundle Bay features a 0.5 miles long walk through the trees that one has to pass before the beach arrives. The location is completely isolated and this adds to the adventure and fun. You might be worried about losing your way but the local residents are generally very helpful in this matter. They are kind enough to guide you with the proper directions that are required to reach the beach. 

In 2017, Barafundle Bay was included in the top 25 beaches of the United Kingdom because of the scenic views that it has to offer. If you plan to bring your car you can park up at the Stack pole Quay national trust car park. It is approximately 0.5 miles away from the beach which can be easily accessed by walking. It should be noted that the beach is a few steps down from the cliff top so it is not suitable for wheelchairs therefore, the beach is not friendly for the disabled individuals as its topography is such. 

Other than this, the facilities are also limited at the beach due to its location, therefore you must bring everything with you so that you do not face any inconveniences during your visit. Restrooms are available but the nearest toilets in the area are those that are located in the Stack pole Quay national trust car park which is approximately 0.5 miles from the beach. Although the facilities are limited the aesthetic views will mitigate this and make your visit memorable. 

North Beach

Another beautiful beach in the area is North Beach which is also known for the beautiful views that it has to offer. The view of the North beach along with the harbor that is located behind it is the most prominent highlight of the town of Tenby. The beach is a long, magnificent stretch of sand which is the ideal place for a stroll or sunbathing. It offers a car park facility which is in the North Beach car park located very close to the beach so that the visitors travelling with their vehicles do not face any inconveniences. Other facilities include toilets, cafes, and restaurants which are also located nearby. 

Places to visit in Pembrokeshire

Make sure to make a list before planning your trip to Pembrokeshire as there are so many beautiful places to visit and none of them are to be missed.

Pembrokeshire Coast National Park

One of the beautiful places to visit in Pembrokeshire is the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park which is also regarded as one of the highlights of the area. Those who are fond of history and historical places will find this very interesting as there will be many historic spots that will grab their attention. The coast national park was built in 1952 and has been maintained since then. For all those visitors who wish to explore the national park completely and visit all the amazing places nearby should consider the guided tour that the park has to offer. 

There is a two-day tour of the Pembrokeshire national park which allows you to explore the park and have a look at all the corners that may be missed otherwise. Make sure you check the details of the tour before you visit the park and it is advised to book it beforehand for yourself and your family members as they may have limited spots. 

Pembroke Castle 

Another exciting place to visit is the Pembroke Castle which is one of the impressive coastal fortresses in Wales. It is capable of attracting a huge number of audiences because of its beautiful architecture. If you are fond of historical architecture, then Pembroke Castle is the ideal place for you to visit. An interesting fact about this place is that this is the Castle that was used in the Hollywood movie “Me Before You”. This spectacular Castle was built in 1090 by the Earl of Pembroke. Another key highlight about this place is that there are many stories about the Earl of Pembroke written in this Castle. There is also a beautiful medieval banquet inside which is a key feature of the castle. One of the surprising facts about the Castle is that it even allows civil weddings to be conducted here with a guest list of up to 60 guests. If you wish to achieve that ultimate backdrop for your wedding stage then there is an interesting opportunity for you to avail. 

Carmarthen town

Carmarthen which is Merlin’s Birthplace is also present in Pembrokeshire. It is also a remarkable place to visit in Wales as it is known to be the oldest town in Wales. It is famous for being the birthplace of Merlin who was the Celtic Magician. There is an important town centre and also a seaport in the town which people wish to visit whenever they visit this area. 

Along with this, there is the spectacular Guildhall which is as old as 1766. Another important attraction in this area is the Carmarthenshire County Museum which is also one of the most amazing historic places that a huge number of visitors are interested in going to. Carmarthen attracts a huge number of people each year that are fond of history and architecture, 

All the places in the county of Pembrokeshire are worth visiting and people visit this area throughout the year due to the aesthetic places it features.

Pembrokeshire Weather – Best time to visit Pembrokeshire

The best time to visit Pembrokeshire is from July to September. This is because it will be the ideal time to visit as the temperature is also soft and pleasant in these months. Moreover, the rainfall is also limited which means there are greater opportunities for you to explore the various beautiful attractions in the town. Not to mention the climate of Pembrokeshire is oceanic. Rainfall is significant in all months of the year except the summer months from July to September which makes these months the ideal to visit.

The minimum recorded temperature is approximately 8 degrees Celsius while the highest temperature is approximately 17 degrees Celsius. The minimum temperature is recorded in the months of December and January while the highest temperature is recorded in the months of June and July. The average temperature of Pembrokeshire is approximately 7 degrees Celsius. Furthermore, the average rainfall recorded in the town is approximately 463 mm per year. The level of humidity is approximately 83 percent and the town remains dry for 122 days on average. In short, to enjoy the most, the ideal time to visit will be from July to September. 


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