How Tall Is LL Cool J? LL Cool J Height, Age, Weight And Much More

How Tall Is LL Cool J? LL Cool J Height, Age, Weight And Much More
How Tall Is LL Cool J? LL Cool J Height, Age, Weight And Much More

LL Cool J continues to become a household name as a TV and movie star. Yet, many of his newer fans might forget that he started out at a very early age as a rapper in the music industry. But no matter where you know him from, it’s clear that he deserves every bit of the success he has.

LL Cool J stands 6 feet 1 inch tall, putting him well above the average for male actors in Hollywood. He weighs about 212 pounds thanks to the muscular physique he has maintained throughout his career. Still, his looks aren’t the only reason for his success. He also demonstrates a lot of talent in music and acting, taking on many roles in TV and movies.

In this quick article, you’ll learn everything there is to know about LL Cool J. You’ll discover his height, age, weight, and even a few details about his traumatic childhood.

How Tall Is LL Cool J?

How Tall Is LL Cool J?
How Tall Is LL Cool J?

LL Cool J is 6 feet and 1 inch tall, which is equivalent to being 1.87 meters. As both a rapper and an actor, he is considered to be of above-average height.

The average height for male actors in Hollywood is 5 feet 10 inches, and he’s clearly taller than that.

The best way to put his height into perspective is to compare it to other entertainers he’s often seen with. A perfect example is his long-time co-star Chris O’Donnell, who’s only 5 feet 9 inches tall (or 1.75 meters).

LL Cool J’s height is clearly one of many reasons for his success in the entertainment industry. 

Physically, he’s not only tall but also muscular. One thing that LL Cool J is well-known for is maintaining that muscular physique throughout his decades-long career. He has even used his appearance to promote workout plans in various fitness books and magazines.

Aside from that, LL Cool J continues to demonstrate that he has many different talents. He’s a successful rapper and continues to act in hit TV shows and films, with no signs of stopping anytime soon.

Overall, LL Cool J’s height is just one factor in a complete package that makes him a successful entertainer.

How Old Is LL Cool J?

LL Cool J is 55 years old. He was born in 1968 on the 14th of January in the Bay Shore area of Long Island, New York. His parents were Ondrea Griffith and James Louis Smith, Jr. (who also went by James Nunya).

Sadly, LL Cool J’s early life was a tragic one.

One day when he was 4 years old, he discovered that his father had shot his mother and grandfather. 

As a result, he was later moved to his grandparents’ home in St. Albans, Queens, where he spent most of his early life.

To make matters worse, LL Cool J was also mentally and physically abused by his mother’s then-boyfriend, a man named Roscoe.

Later at the age of 10, LL Cool J started rapping as a hobby, influenced by many of the rising musical talents at that time. He would later make his first demo tapes in his grandparents’ home at the age of 16.

How Much Does LL Cool J Weigh?

Earlier, you read that LL Cool J has always maintained a muscular physique. That’s certainly true, and it is reflected in his weight of approximately 212 pounds or 96 kilograms.

LL Cool J puts a lot of work into building and maintaining his physique, working out at least four times a week for 1-2 hours at a time.

Fans have always been interested in his workout routines, especially after seeing his muscles on show in his various music videos.

As a result, LL Cool J has appeared in many books and magazines to share the kinds of workouts he does. Similarly, he also shares a lot about his nutrition plans and how he eats on a daily basis.

Despite being well into his 50s, LL Cool J still looks just as muscular and strong as he always has throughout his career. There have been no dramatic weight gains or losses over the decades, giving him one of the most consistent physical appearances in the entertainment industry.

What Is LL Cool J’s Real Name?

LL Cool J’s real name is James Todd Smith. He adopted the LL Cool J moniker when he was 15 years old, given by one of his best friends who suggested it as his stage name.

The name itself stands for “Ladies Love Cool James”, and it has clearly stood the test of time. 

He continues to use it as his stage name for both music and acting performances, being credited as such for his TV roles.

How Did LL Cool J Get Started In Music?

LL Cool J started his career in the entertainment industry through music. As you saw earlier, he started rapping at the early age of 10 and eventually made demo tapes in his grandparents’ home.

All of that was possible because his grandfather bought him the necessary musical and DJ equipment. As a result, he used that equipment to make his demo tapes which eventually got him discovered.

LL Cool J was discovered when one of those demo tapes ended up in the hands of Rick Rubin, co-founder of the record label Def Jam. He says that the demo was given to Rubin by Ad Rock, a Beastie Boys rap group member.

As they say, the rest is history. LL Cool J was soon signed to the label and began making music, which later got him even more time in the limelight and shot him to fame.

Final Thoughts

Overall, it’s clear that LL Cool J is one entertainer who will be around for a long time to come. Despite his traumatic early life, he embraced rap at the early age of 10. He thankfully received support from his grandparents to do so, which played a significant role in his eventual success.

Later, one of his mixtapes ended up in the hands of a record label that gave him a shot and signed him up to make music professionally. Since then, he has built a successful rap career and even ventured out into acting, continuing to star in TV shows and movies even today.

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