Map of Tacoma, Washington Area | What is Tacoma Known For?

Tacoma, Washington, USA skyline at night.
Tacoma, Washington, USA skyline at night.

Map of Tacoma, Washington Area


In this article, we’ll be covering Tacoma, Washington. Keep reading to learn what you can see in Tacoma and if it is a good place to live.

Where is Tacoma, Washington located on the US Map?

Tacoma, Washington is located on the Pacific Coast side of the United States. The city sits on Washington’s Puget Sound and straddles Commencement Bay. It is only 32 miles southwest of Seattle, and 31 miles northeast of Olympia, Washington’s capital. In the opposite direction of Olympia, Mount Rainier National Park is 59 miles to the northwest.

How big is Tacoma, Washington? Size and Population?

Tacoma, Washington covers 62.42 square miles of land and water. The water area of Tacoma is only 12.71 square miles of the city’s total area. 

As of the 2010 U. S. Census, 198,397 people were living in Tacoma. In the last decade, nearly 20,000 people have started living in the city as well. The 2019 estimate put the population at 217,827.

Is Tacoma, Washington a good place to live?

Tacoma, Washington is a good place to live because:

  • Affordable Cost of Living
  • Temperate Climate
  • Average Rainfall
  • Spectacular Outdoor Living space
  • Teeming Waterfront
  • Vibrant Arts Culture
  • Walkable City

What are the best areas to live in Tacoma, Washington?

You may be thinking about moving to Seattle but Tacoma is only 45 minutes away and is 40% cheaper than Seattle. Some of the best neighborhoods to consider are:

  • North End: This neighborhood offers a waterfront lifestyle. You’ll be a short away from Downtown and 6th Ave with its variety of shops and restaurants. It is considered to be one of the safest and a very family-friendly area in Tacoma. If you don’t want to go downtown, you’ll find charming boutiques and coffee shops,
  • Old Town is another waterfront neighborhood butting up against a stadium, and downtown district. This neighborhood has historic amenities and activities such as the Blues Festival and the Tacoma Old Town Rhythm in the summer. You’ll have lots of restaurants and taverns to choose from.
  • New Tacoma: This neighborhood is in the middle of the international trading economy and home to the Tacoma Port. You’ll easily be able to get to the LeMay Car Museum, the Tacoma Dome Arena, the Museum of Glass, and the Puyallup Reservation.
  • Lakewood: This neighborhood is affordable and features many lake areas with spectacular views.
  • Northeast Tacoma: This is an. incredibly safe neighborhood and has some amazing parks. It is separated from the rest of the city by Puget Sound. You’ll easily be able to get to Dash Point Highlands Park, Alderwood Park, and Norpoint Park. You’ll also be able to get to Downtown Tacoma and find lots of restaurants and coffee shops.

What is Tacoma, Washington known for?

Point Defiance Park is a large urban park. You will find great scenery as you walk, cycle, or run to Owen Beach, Fort Nisqually, and the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium. Take in all the historic structures while you’re there.

There’s a lot of public parks along Ruston Way, a waterfront area of Commencement Bay. You’ll find plenty of trails leading to restaurants and businesses as you explore the parks. You’ll have fun exploring Old Town Dock, Dickman Mill Park, Jack Hyde Park, Hamilton Park, Marine Park, Les Davis Pier, and Cummings Park.

If you like English-style parks, then you’ll want to visit Wright Park, near downtown Tacoma. It was built in the late 19th century and you’ll be able to explore the W. W. Seymour Botanical Conservatory as well as the Wright Park Arboretum.

If you’re looking to enjoy a local festival, you don’t have to look any further than this historic park. Join in the Ethnic Fest, the Tacoma Hempfest, and Out in the Park (Tacoma’s Pride festival).

There are plenty of historic landmarks that have been preserved that you can enjoy. These sites include:

  • Engine House No. 9: This fire station was built in 1907. This building was made a historic site in 1975. You’ll find a pub and microbrewery here these days.
  • Stadium High School and Stadium Bowl: the setting for the movie 10 Things I Hate About You.
  • Fireboat No. 1: This now sits on a public beach and is now permanently dry berthed. Built in 1929 by the Coastline Shipbuilding Company, the Port of Tacoma used this fireboat for 54 years on the waterfront for fire protection,  rescue missions, and harbor security patrols.
  • William Ross Rust House: A Colonial/Classical Revival style home built in 1905.
  • Murray Morgan Bridge: This 1911 steel left bridge crosses the Thea Foss Waterway. Due to deteriorating conditions, it was closed in 2007. But it has since been rehabilitated. It reopened in February 2013.
  • Other notable buildings: Rhodes House, Lincoln High School, Pythian Temple, National Realty Building, Perkins Building, and the Tacoma Dome.

There are quite a few cultural attractions to enjoy, including:

  • Museum of Glass: It’s not that far from the Thea Foss Waterway and has a glassblowing shop. The Bridge of Glass connects this to the rest of the museum district.
  • America’s Car Museum: It opened in 2012 and exhibits vintage to modern automobiles.
  • Tacoma Art Museum was founded in 1935 and is part of the museum district.
  • Tacoma Arts Live: Home to three theaters. Two of these are considered historic sites. These three theaters house the Tacoma Symphony Orchestra, the Tacoma Opera, Tacoma City Ballet, and the Tacoma Philharmonic.
  • The Tacoma Film Festival, which is an annual event at the Grand Cinema
  • Downtown Tacoma Farmers’ Market: This happens in the Theatre District from May through September every Thursday. The Proctor District and South Tacoma hold seasonal farmers’ markets as well.
  • Every April is the four-part Daffodil Parade.
  • Historical reenactments happen at Fort Nisqually.


Tacoma, Washington is a good place to live because of the affordable cost of living, temperate climate, and great cultural events. With so much to do, both indoors and outdoors, and excellent neighborhoods to live in, you’ll be able to settle down and enjoy yourself.

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